Former Braddock Borough Manager Gets Probation

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A former Braddock Borough manager, accused of stealing more than $170,000, was sentenced Wednesday morning.

Ella Jones was put on probation and will have to pay $17,000 in restitution, while the borough’s insurance company will pay $150,000.

Jones was arrested last August and charged with theft and forgery for allegedly stealing the money from the borough.

KDKA’s Paul Martino reports Jones gambled most of the money away, admitting to a serious gambling problem for which she’s now seeking help.

Her attorney, Phillip DiLucente, believes probation is a just sentence.

“I think that the way it’s been publicized, but if they had all the facts as it was presented today, I think they would understand more about some of the things she had gone through and how the borough will not be damaged any further,” he said.

Jones could still face a civil lawsuit.


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One Comment

  1. Glen says:

    If it was an ordinary working stiff that took the cash, you can bet our butt would have been tossed in jail for a year or two.

  2. Steve says:

    sheesh, where can i get a job, steal $170k and only get probation and pay back only 10%?

  3. Dr. Heffner says:

    What a disgrace, probation.

  4. Thomas J Duttine says:

    This is why they do it….They get away with it!!!

  5. Dub says:

    Judge-“SMACK” Don’t do that again.

    Ella- Oh I won’t I promise!! You can believe me Judge…I will pay back $17K…No problem…I have the money!!!

    What a joke.

  6. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Look at her smile..I’d smile too if I got away with $153,000.00!!!

  7. Zaraz says:

    No wonder politicians and civil servants are despised.Zara

  8. Dave says:

    Judges are politicians…what would you expect for a trial over one of their own. What a disgrace.

  9. Big Lou says:

    All the snide racist remarks have nothing I happen to be a Brother who know Ella personally I used to have a contract with the boro. I’m as taken aback as any of you about her getting probation. Its a slap in the face to ALL taxpayers regardless of race.I didn’t see all this racist backlash when Neil Bush thata right George W brother was head of the savings and loan and over a Billion dollers went missing and he never did 1 day in jail.Oh I guess that’s a white mans right !

  10. ELLA says:


  11. dansuxs says:

    This lady forged 153 checks totaling more than $170K and was only charged with 3 counts of theft?? District Attorney Zappala needs to look around and try and lind his set.

  12. will g says:

    i did not know that you could buy insurance to protect yourself if you got caught stealing. unbelievable

  13. Matthias says:

    The White World of Wall Street bilked the tax payers, like the idiots replying her, for billions of dollars, yet the overwhelming majority of the got off “Scott Free.”

    They are not living it up in the Carribbean and other exotic places.

    Where is the outcry?

    Oh, wait, she happens to be a black lady.

    LOL at you white cracker racists.

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:

      Yeah…Read the last line you wrote and call everyone racist!

      1. Amazed says:

        Mr Duttine, I notice you post a comment to just about every story on here. Must be nice to sit and do nothing. Its amazing reading all the comments on here with the racist overtones from white and black alike. she was wrong and so were the likes of Bernie Madoff. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but you know what the say, there are like @#&holes…everyone has one!!

    2. Disgusted says:

      Are you that ex Steeler that only played in two games Mathias?

  14. FedUp says:

    It’s hard not to bring race into this discussion but the fact is no matter what the color, black, white, yellow, brown, etc. it’s just plain wrong that she only got probation and only has to pay back 17K out of her own money. Even if ‘her own money’ used to belong to the Braddock borough!

  15. jimmy says:

    i’m going to disneyland

  16. braddock resident says:

    as a braddock resident, whose children directly felt the impact of her theft (community day had to be canceled because the money for it was stolen by ms. jones) – i am in absolute disbelief that all she received was probation. you steal from the poor and you are rewarded? shameful sentence. complete disappointment with our judicial system.

  17. ELLA IS A THIEF says:


  18. James Kid says:

    Interesting … so she was in bed with Save Our Community Hospitals AS the hospital was closing? Something fish is going on here!

    And like others, borough administrator Ella Jones was especially exasperated that the hospital did not give the community more advance warning so that they might have been better prepared for its departure. When she and other public officials learned of the closure on Friday, they were told the facility would be shuttered Jan. 31.

    “How much thought was put into the community as a whole? The people, not the doctors, not the buildings,” she said.

    Local filmmaker Tony Buba agreed, and wondered if there was anything that could be done to extend the hospital’s life until the community was prepared for it to leave.

    Read more:

  19. One small voice says:

    Now she is qualified to run for Political Office as a Democrat.

  20. Charles Bronson Kurzy says:

    I love when they put criminals pictures on here.

  21. The Holy Blowfish says:

    It seems to go right up the ladder……All levels-local,state,and right on up to the executive…..It really is true,they’re all crooks

  22. Morganic says:

    Absolutely disgusting!

    At least they are slowly cleaning up – boro manager and council president, out!

    Unfortunate no real sentence for her. Where is the justice?

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