Indiana Co. Amish Woman Dies After Laundry Accident

SMICKSBURG (KDKA) — An Amish woman from Indiana County died this week after an accident while she was doing laundry.

Ella Miller, 32, was doing laundry in a pot over an open flame early Monday morning.

State police say she threw some kerosene on the fire in an attempt to intensify the heat, but that caused an explosion which caught her clothing on fire.

Miller suffered first, second and third degree burns. At her request, she was treated with home remedies by family and neighbors.

Miller died Wednesday morning after an infection set in. The cause of her death is listed as septicemia and severe thermal burns.

State police say no foul play was involved.

People in Smicksburg say a viewing was held Thursday afternoon and a private funeral is planned for Friday.

Neighbors say Miller leaves behind a husband and six children.

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One Comment

  1. JustSaying says:

    Yes but you have to remember, Dutchies are called the ‘plain folk’ for a reason. They don’t like to be dependent on anyone else and prefer their own ways to the ‘English’ ways. This concerns every part of their lives, not just medical. Their kids work in the fields, in sawmills and at other dangerous jobs at an age our society wouldn’t even let them walk alone. The young girls mow grass, using a reel mower, in their bare feet. It’s their beliefs and upbringing and who are we to say they’re wrong? It’s just a tragedy this young woman died.

    1. Sigve says:

      … and as a sufferer of an infection the hospital didn’t treat, bad things also happen at hospital.

    2. Jason Wallis says:

      Where does it say she was in the workplace? She was in her own home, doing the family’s laundry. Do you have safety laws inside your house? Please stop demeaning the dead woman because you don’t understand the Amish way of life.

    3. Iben Hadd says:

      Empty craniumlogos
      Your right to be a Fascist a@hole, my right to wish you to drop dead.

    4. Crystalina Ketterman says:

      this is true. it is important to allow people to follow their own beliefs, even though she MIGHT have survived had she gone to a conventional hospital. these people are stronger than most of us, so who knows if our medicine would have even worked?

      1. no says:

        Stupidity is not strength. I don’t admire you for your “faith” in a stupid mythical sky-being.

      2. YES says:

        THANK YOU K.E. You are so right! Let “NO” return to the dust of the earth… soon, only to find out pronto and forever,,, that there is a GOD!

      3. Mike S. says:

        Stupidity is your strength no. No one is admiring you for your faith in yourself only. Its called tolerance, learn about it.

      4. Dallas Roarke says:

        Actually, Amish can and do go to the hospital. We have a very large Amish population here in Indiana (state not county). They go to the hospital, use cell phones, drive tractors and backhoes, use gas powered weedeaters, and have propane run generators to run electricty in their barns, but not their homes. It is OK for work, but not the home, as long as they are not caught. (Yes, we have seen power cords across the roads running from a barn to a house)

        A lot of the decisions are made by the elders, if it is OK with them, they do tend to pick and choose which part of the “Bible” they want to follow ever since they split off from the Mennonites. Mennonites are more easy going, will drive cars, etc, but still wear close held together with pins vs buttons.

        The Amish believe that it is God’s will when bad things happen. They will try and take care of things themselves, but I know of a family down the road that lost their farm because they spent all their money on cancer treatments for one of their daughters. They are human, and all medicines would work on them, and for them, but they might have simply thought it was a burn, and an infection as something else. She might have died anyways. There are some bad things in the hospitals and around their farms.

    5. Dolores E Leeson says:

      Because they do not take any funds from goverment and are self sustaining.They chose a way of life that is independent of outsiders. This is part of their faith. They trust in God. If tradgedy strikes they accept that it is the will of God and happens for a reason usually makes them stronger. I admire them tremendously.

    6. The Bruce says:

      Murder charges? Interesting. There isn’t a prosecutor on the planet that would take a case like that. I suppose it has something to do with the glaring fact that they hadn’t murdered anyone.

      How about this? What if they had told her to go to the hospital and the wagon in which she was riding got hit by a bus, killing her. Should they be brought up on murder charges because their advice turned out so badly?

    7. Diane Emmerich says:

      Did you actualy read the article? She is an ADULT. This was her decision and her belief.

    8. Mike says:

      Because they are amish, now shut it.

    9. David D says:

      I think they should be exempt. I think a lot of us should be exempt. There are too many laws.

    10. Debin Texas says:

      And when our country falls apart they will be the only ones prepared and survive!

      1. Jon D says:

        Actually I think when the bottom falls out they will not defend themselves.If some one knows otherwise, i would like to know, as I too admire their moxie .

    11. Bryan says:

      3 words, Freedom of Religion.

      Come up with a valid religious excuse and you to will be exempt from any and all laws. Just like American Indians are allowed to grow, sell, and consume Marijuana and Pyote cactus

  2. Suzykues says:

    This is a very sad story. Amish try to lead the simple life. She probably didn’t want the added expense of a hospital bill. Figured they could heal her. Alot of home remedies work well. Redrock100 and Koko, you are just showing your immaturity by making comments like you have. This woman lost her live, the children no longer have a mother, she never did anything to you.

    1. Dave C says:

      It has nothing to do with not wanting the expense. As was clearly stated in the article, the Amish prefer living their lives their way. As an adult, she had the right to make that choice, and for now, all Americans enjoy that right.

  3. Nic says:

    Terrible, what a tragedy for her little children. The Amish are peaceful, gentle and very hard working people. The simple life really isn’t simple at all, it’s toiling from morning to night just to do the most mundane things. Can you imagine doing laundry by hand for a family of eight? More lke “the hard life”.
    You’ve got to admire such work ethic. My heart goes out to her family.

    1. Crystalina Ketterman says:

      the woman was accidentally LIT ON FIRE. as strong as these people are, she probably never would have survived in a hospital anyway. it’s not ignorance on THEIR part, but yours.

    2. diane says:

      No excuse for an ignorant comment like yours.

    3. Grandfunkkrr says:

      And it’s a shame that you are so ignorant that you don’t accept the religious beliefs of the Amish. Her children will be just fine, thank you. The reason is that their faith in God is more than the ignorance of people like you pushing your lifestyle and beliefs on others, demanding that people be like you.

      1. dude says:

        I don’t accept the beliefs of any religion that aren’t based on fact or common sense. The Golden Rule for example makes a lot of sense. “God helps those who helps themselves”, that one makes a lot of sense. The part about “have faith and you’ll be healed” makes no sense to me. Mind over matter only works over long time scales, it doesn’t stop cancer and it doesn’t make burns heal. This woman should have gone to the hospital, but if she didn’t want to then that’s her right I suppose. However, that doesn’t mean I have to say it’s a smart move. I believe in Science and Minds that God gave us to use. Technology isn’t evil.

      2. D says:

        She was being treated by known methods to heal her burns. How ever did people survive before modern hospitals? People practically treat doctors as Gods, but they aren’t anywhere near. Who’s to say that the treatments they were using are worse than what the hospital could have done for her? I have personal experience with the method the Amish were using for her and saw the results. It is unfortunate that an infection set in and killed her, but that may very well have happened at the hospital too.

  4. Wendy Miles says:

    Sounds like she didnt have a chance anyway. God Bless her family. By the way kdka just because she died doesnt mean she doesnt have children anymore.

  5. Ed says:

    God Bless the Amish and this woman’s family!!!

  6. Bella says:

    This is a tragedy. I have one question: Why must the women do their laundry over an open fire while the men are out making money using computers and cell phones? Simple life? How about enslavement?

    1. Dave says:

      Enslavement? Seriously? Give it a break, Fembot.

    2. Gavin says:

      You obviously know nothing on their lifestyle choices. Pitiful. Do some research.

    3. craniumlogos says:

      As one ex-Amishman said to me, “their life would be a lot ‘simpler’ if they just got electricity.”

    4. Marbran says:

      What Amish man uses a computer or a cell phone in his work? I am around Amish all the time, and I’ve never seen them use either. If they have a need for either, they usually have non-Amish neighbors that they ask assistance from, as they do when they need a vehicle for something. Their choice is a religious choice: they toil with their own hands under the sweat of their own brows. It’s how they believe God wants them to live. At least they have morals and a work ethic.

      1. kal says:

        I live in lancaster county pa. and many amish men use computers and have cell phones for their work. They also have Regular phones on the property. Those little outhouse buildings on their property are not out houses but actualy is where the landline telephones are. They just cannot be in the house. There are amish men in the volunteer fire departments here and they do carry the pagers for the fire companies. THey use modern ways for both personal and work related.

    5. Reality Sandwich says:

      Do you even know what Amish people are and what they stand for?

    6. Dee in Pa says:

      You are obviously totally ignorant about the Amish. Ther are no cell phones,computers etc.
      Time to go to the library to read uo on the subject.

      1. rannetk says:

        Go visit a construction site where the Amish have a subcontract to do work… Sure, they arrive in a van with a non-Amish driver, but as soon as they hit their “job”, they jump right in the fork-lifts, tractors, etc. They use electric saws, generators, nail-guns, you name it. And yes, the Foreman, or owner of that company HAS to have a cell-phone or he gets no work. While I have much respect for the Amish and their ways, they understand that they will not continue to survive without “giving a little” here and their… plus, they LOVE their store-bought smokes! Just like any religion… the people are not perfect, some sin more than others…

    7. The Bruce says:

      Thanks, Bella, that made me laugh out loud.

      You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

    8. swissik says:

      Is Bella a feminazi? Sounds like it and extremely ignorant too.

    9. John M says:

      Etremely ignorant you are.

    10. Kingfish says:

      I think Bella Dbag suits u better, i know you got an A+ in ignorance!

  7. Jack says:

    It’s quite possible that she would have rather died than go to a public hosptial and incur the expense on her family.

    1. angry says:

      what is wrong you with. corporate medicine? doctors in burn units save lives every day you ignoramus

  8. dc23 says:

    thecdn – you might want to investigate in the Amish rate of murder, rape, suicide and divorce and then make a comment about “religion being the worst thing that was ever created to control each other.” It’s that believe system that gives them their freedom from this earthly world.

  9. dc23 says:

    They receive no government financial support. They are totally independent and work for everything that have withou government help. What a wonderful life style that a community like this gives everything that it has to take care of each other without any hesitation.

  10. LEL MN says:

    Would you have Government step in and regulate the Amish, or would you prefer “community” action ? I can assure you the six children will not become wards of the State.
    PS – Religion was not created to “control” anyone.

  11. AmishParadise says:


    I agree about your comment about religion and control but I don’t think it really played a major role in this incident. People die in fires all the time. Doesn’t not matter if they are “modern” or not.

  12. usa348902 says:

    Do the Amish refine their own kerosene?

    1. Jack says:

      They wouldn’t refine their own kerosene but they would buy it with hard-earned money they made selling their farm produce and hand-made furniture. That’s more than I can say for most Americans who either live off or cheat the government in one way or another.

  13. Henry says:

    Bless this woman and her family.

    Not being heartless but I do have a question. Why was she using Kerosene? Kerosene is a product of industrial refinery. Aren’t they aginst that? Why not use more wood or coal to intensify the heat? I appreicate the Amish quaker and mennonite people. Some of it is backwarks but some of it is very beneficial. Just asking the question what makes some technology and products offlimits and what makes others acceptable.

    1. Mike says:

      The Amish use kerosene in their lamps. Their lifestyle doesn’t mean they give up using ALL industrial products or modern conveniences (I’ve seen Amish purchasing laundry detergent in bright orange boxes, for example). It’s more a case that each community decides to place restrictions on whatever they feel is necessary to keep them close to their beliefs and from become too worldly. One community may restrict certain things while another community several miles away may not.

    2. Johann says:

      Kerosene has been around for a very long time. The Persians knew about distilling petrolueum into kerosene in the 9th century.

      1. CarlNB says:

        Sounds like it was gasoline, not kerosens

  14. Tony Williams says:

    As for me and my house, we will believe the Lord. I thank God for my healing in the Name of Jesus. I still take my little girl to the doctor because God has and does perform miracles through medicine and surgery. In Jesus Name.

    1. Jack says:

      Going to the doctor is biblical because one of the first commands that God gave to mankind was to subdue the earth and rule it. Ruling the earth means that we learn that we develop medicine and learn how to fight disease, amongst other things.

      1. Crystalina Ketterman says:

        but if i were to learn all i can about home medicine and natural healing (aloe helps heal sunburns, and whatnot) then wouldn’t that be my way of ruling my part of the earth? if everyone learned as much as possible about medicine and important things in life, rather than just their OWN career, occupation, etc, then wouldn’t that be a better way to rule the earth? as a more educated, enlightened race? not dogging your beliefs, because you’re right, but if you know a ton about treating yourself, then why go to a doctor?

  15. Laura says:

    And, ironically, her husband and family would be the first ones to forgive you for your harsh words against them.

  16. Al says:

    Way back in 1988 I was in Lancaster, PA and happened to be stopped at a stoplight next to an Amish buggy. I glanced over and then did a double-take. The young wife in the buggy was, without question, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She had no makeup, was wearing a bonnet, and her young husband was talking to her and looking at her with pure adoration on his face. I’ve never forgotten how sunningly beautiful she was.

  17. JeddMcHead says:

    This is either God’s will or George Bush’s fault.

  18. woodNfish says:

    The Amish are hypocritical idiots. They will use a diesel engine to provide power for belt driven power tools, but they will not use electricity. I wonder if they use battery-powered starter motors on those diesel engines?

    Even so,it is too bad about the poor delusional woman and the family she left behind.

    1. The Bruce says:

      You might be confusing the Amish with the Mennonites.

  19. Rupert Pupkin says:

    The Amish are probably the last Americans in existence that are truly living as free and liberated citizens as envisioned by our Founders under our constitutional republic. And you expect them to trade that all in because of one tragic accident. That’s the difference between you and them, you will sacrifice God given liberty and freedom for a little bit of “security”. Workplace safety??? :-\

    1. dude says:

      No they live in a patriarchial society led by elders. You are not welcome to exercise you right to free speech there if it is contrary to the bible or what the Elder Men say. They have a right to lead their lives the way they want but it is certainly not democratic and women only have sway in the household, they have to voice in the way the community is led. So no, it is not how the forefathers envisioned society

      1. Jocelyn says:

        Ummm, that’s not exactly true. Every Amish persona, male and female, have a time period in their teens where they are encouraged to explore the “English” or “fancy” world before they take a kneeling vow and “join church”. Once they do join all members are part of the voting body of the district. The women vote in the church during the spring and fall membership meetings and during other specially called membership meetings. It really does depend on the district leaders as to what warrants shunning or disciplinary action and what doesn’t. I also think that most Americans are very ignorant as to what the word influence really means. Just because women aren’t the elected leaders of the church doesn’t mean they don’t have influence. It is most often the women in patriarchal societies that have the most influence because they run the home and raise the children. Also, in my experience, the men in patriarchal societies value their wives and daughters and think of them as precious. Just because they don’t follow what fancy culture espouses doesn’t mean that they don’t have liberty or aren’t living out what the Founding FAthers envisioned. After all, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what it says. When I look around at the culture I live in I don’t see many people looking like they are experiencing liberty, I see a lot of distracted, angry people who feel free to judge a religion and society they neither know anything about nor understand. It is tragic that this young mother died when she was not banned by her religion from going to a hospital, but no one made the choice for her. We don’t know that the Church Elders or her husband didn’t try to make her go to the hospital. Because the Amish don’t really speak to the media all we know is what’s printed above. Maybe you could try learning more about a culture before you decide they need liberating to you way of thinking.

  20. Spellcheck Nazi says:

    You mean “She should have [GONE] to a hospital.”

    1. illererate sam says:

      I be thinin she shudda went to the hospital two.

    2. looser says:

      guss u bin a loooser alll your life

    3. jamie says:

      get a life spwllcheck nazi..seriously

    4. Prince says:

      Spellcheck Nazi..

      The poor grammar on these posts will drive you crazy. I wonder whether some of these people ever went to school.

      Some more bloopers… ” Your ” instead of ” You`re” , “real smart” instead of ” really smart “, ” Definately” instead of ” definitely”. I could go on and on,

    5. David Sparkman says:

      Sie haette in Kranknehous gegangen. so there!

      1. swissik says:

        It is: Sie haette in das Krankenhaus gehen sollen, or: Es waere besser gewesen waere sie in das Krankenhaus gegangen. There are a hundred ways to make that statement in German.

  21. Rafer Hoxworth says:

    Of course, famous Theists like Mao and Stalin were never dangerous to anyone else.

    1. Gavin says:

      You have named political theists, not religious. Carl Marx is an example of a societal theist that only theorized. If you would have said Mohammad I would have agreed, though.

      The amish cannot be classified in the same boat. They are a pacifist religion.

  22. Rights First says:

    “Just Saying” “The young girls mow grass, using a reel mower, in their bare feet.”

    We know what you are up to. Conform to our ways or the next thing we will do is imprison you people for your backward ways.
    They can’t say it, so I will say it for them. “Just Saying” … you phoney, go @&%$ yourself!
    Arcsholes like you would like to see everyone under the jack boot.

    1. JustSaying says:

      No, I have more respect for the Amish than for most ‘English’ folk, especially ones like you! I have been interacting with the Amish my entire life and have nothing bad to say about them. You on the other hand post one comment and I’ve had my fill of you!

  23. Infidelephant says:


  24. Infidelephant says:

    Mao and Stalin were crazy. Genocide is NOT a rational act.

  25. Gavin says:

    That community will show those children more love and care than you will be. I will pray for you.

  26. Janet says:

    It is very sorrowful that this woman died. Had she gone to a hospital she may have had a fighting chance. I know she is against hospitals, but for the sake of her children she should have gone. I realize that these children will have a great deal of support, but in the end, they will not have their mother.
    Kerosene is very dangerous and it should never be poured on a fire. I am not criticizing her, by any means, but as a Registered Nurse, I truly believe she should have been forced to go to the hospital, if not for her sake, then for the sake of those children who were left without a mother

    1. Michael says:

      Well, if you ARE a Registered Nurse, then you know you cannot force someone to go to the hospital. Everyone has a right to refuse treatment. That is part of the Freedom that many people today seem so willing to take from those around them.

      1. mama says:

        Not if you’re a child, and parents can go to jail for following their beliefs in not taking their children to the hospital when they are sick or hurt.

    2. swissik says:

      A family friend who worked in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation picked up an unknown infectious disease of which he subsequently died after he returned to the US. He was a Christian Scientist and shunned conventional medical treatment. The Amish are not alone in their beliefs in their own ways and prayer to heal illness.

    3. SueB says:

      My dad went to a hospital after a stroke. He has recovered from the stroke, but he will NEVER recover from the staph infection he got while at the hospital. I admire the conviction of the Amish, they trust in God and let the Great Healer decide who should be healed and who is ready to spend eternity with Him as their reward for living a good life in this world.

  27. Chris says:

    It’s hard at the people that are being critical of the Amish. Yeah our culture is really something to brag about. I would feel alot safer living in their “neighborhood” than moving into an Urban enviroment. Yeah, they are real danagerous. Give me a break and think for a half a second. OMG their kids have a work ethic instead of expecting somehting for nothing. What is world coming to. They must all go. Gee I wonder why they have choosen to do things their own way.

    To be honest I am jealous of the Amish. The older I get the more I see the wisdom of simplicity. Stuff makes you a slave.

    1. Jocelyn says:

      I agree with you, Chris. When I look around the mainstream culture I see a lot of angry, distracted people who don’t value family and friends but stuff. Many men don’t see their wives and children as precious or important and many women don’t see the value in relationships either. It’s rather miserable out here unless you can find a way to be liberated from the mainstream society, which, thankfully I have without becoming Amish, though it is tempting as you say.

      Also, sorry, I accidentally hit the “report” button when I was trying to reply to your comment.

  28. Hank Reardon says:

    Stop, drop and roll…..

  29. Jay says:

    This will be on the new season of “1000 Ways to Die”

  30. Jacquelyne says:

    I am glad she lived her life her way up until the end. That is how it should be.

  31. U NO HOO says:

    Condolences to the woman’s family and friends.

    That’s all.

  32. faith says:

    God’s mad they turned to puppy mills instead of agriculture.

  33. OLder Guy says:

    Some many of these comments are off subject and nonsense.

    There are wise people in the world. There are foolish. People make honest mistakes. It’s a miracle that children survive to adulthood sometimes. The lady did a foolish thing. There were consequences.

    1. swissik says:

      There are also consequences when drunk mothers or fathers drive their children around and into an accident. Parents who leave their babies locked up in cars because they forgot that they had them in the car…..Unfortunately this happens all too often. At least the Amish mother didn’t burn her children.

  34. dr michael says:

    These people are among the nicest, most sincere people I ever met. They dont take anything from the outside, meaning they take care of their own, no unemployment or other government handouts.

    She did as her people have done for generations. We may view this as tragic but to them she is in Gods hands.

    1. woodNfish says:

      They don’t take anything from the outside? Really? Where do you think she got the kerosene?

      1. happydots says:

        They don’t TAKE anything. They earn it. You poop of nincome.

      2. swissik says:

        Clearly woodNfish could use an enema as well as a mouthful of soap!

  35. XPIOLT says:

    Freedom of Religion for some means 24/7 and not just a an hour or so once every Sunday morning. I have many Amish friends, men women and children. They came to this country for the same reasons my ancestors came here, freedom, freedom to be born, freedom to live the way you want and freedom to die the way you want. I don’t believe in a Nanny state, being taken care of by the government from the cradle to the grave. There are some people that run to the ER every time they get a scratch and use an ambulance to get there! I have a lot of respect for the Amish.

    1. Foolish Recreation says:

      Full commitment to a belief, even in the face of dire consequences, is not something easily understood by a Society of TAKERS who:

      1. Do not work to care for themselves or family
      2. Consume resources without any means to repay debt
      3. Believe that Government exists to PROVIDE for individuals
      4. Have an overwhelming sense of ENTITLEMENT – they are “owed’ Something
      5. Exploit and needlessly over-use state benefits and services
      6. Sadly believe that if is costs THEM nothing – IT IS “FREE”
      7. Willing to FORFEIT their freedoms in exchange for avoiding RESPONSIBILITY

      Out of fear and Ignorance, these TAKERS discredit opposing values to maintain compliance with status quo.

  36. sam says:

    Guess when you do laundry don’t do what she did. How primitive and with kerosene that is Known to be cancerous too. What are these people thinking? they kill themselves in one way and then fight other ways …. Hmmmmm…. being a caveman would be safer.

  37. Emma says:

    So now six children don’t have a mother because of her “simple” ways and refusal to get modern medical treatment.

    1. The Bruce says:

      You’re assuming she would have survived had she gone to a hospital. Burn victims die all the time in hospitals for the very same reason (infection).

      I don’t think you know this, but the average Amish lives longer than their “modern” counterpart. Look at how they live. They live cleanly and naturally. They don’t have a bunch of chemical ridden garbage in their food. They don’t smoke. I’ve never seen a fat Amish in my life. They’re not sucking down the Prozac and drugging themselves up to treat the latest, faddish “disorder” of the month. They not sitting in bumper to bumper traffic during rush hour sucking the back of a tail pipe.

      And here’s something that’ll bugger you to no end; they’re the only people in the country that truly live green. Technically, they’re the only people that can.

      1. The Bruce says:

        Add to the end, “or ever will.”

      2. cdraft says:

        I personally know many obese Amish, mostly women. The vast majority of Amish men do smoke. Many are on prozac… it’s not uncommon for suicide attempts within the Amish community. It’s just most are quickly covered up. I respect the Amish just as I respect all people even though I do not share the same beliefs. I’ve attended the wedding of an Amish friendly and was the only non-Amish there amongst many other events throughout the years. The Amish are perhaps the friendliest people around, as long as you’re human. I’ve also witnessed great cruelty done unto their animals to which they turn a blind eye to. There are good and bad just as there is with any other group of people.

  38. isnrblog says:

    You should have went to school

  39. blahblahamish says:

    If it had happened to her daughter while doing laundry, the parents would be in jail for refusing treatment.

  40. James says:

    I truly respect the Amish.. they hold to their faith with a granite like grip.. however.. I truly believe GOD has blessed us with DOCTORS & HOSPITALS and with the knowledge and MEDICINES to heal us.. To continue to believe that we as a society (including all the religious among us) have not risen past the early 20th century is ABSURD. God heals in MANY ways and through many means.

    Its the same as a man who gets caught in a flood.. he climbs to the roof of his house exclaiming “God will Rescue me!”.. a boat comes by and offers to help.. he says “NO! God will Rescue me!”.. a little while later a helicopter came over him and lowered down a rope ladder he said “NO! God will Rescue me!”.. .. the water rose higher and covered the roof.. the man drown..

    When he got to heaven he said “God.. I am so disappointed that you didnt rescue me”… The Lord looked at him in disbelief and said.. “I sent a Boat AND a Helicopter to rescue you .. you fool”..

  41. The Dude says:

    Did anyone notice the Millers Seafood House “Deal of the Day” to the right of the article…..Great advertisement Placement! CBS Pittsburgh

  42. Woe is me says:

    Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it. Who the hell pours kerosene on an open fire?

  43. Reality says:

    Religion makes intelligent people say and do dumb things. Too bad that doesn’t mean that the opposite is true… It’s just what happens when you stop thinking for yourself and let a book, a church, a political leader/party, etc. do all the thinking for you.

    1. The Bruce says:

      Wow, are you suggesting religion was the reason she put kerosene on the fire? “Modern” atheists die all the time doing stupid things.

      And what is this nonsense about “stop thinking for yourself?” The Amish are the epitome of thinking and doing for themselves. I’ll tell you what. We should try an experiment. We should shut down the national power grid for one month. “Modern” people would be killing each other off for whatever garbage they can scrounge out of a dumpster, eventually resorting to cannibalism, and eventually dieing off. Some might commit suicide with a week because they’ve been separated from their precious television, Facebook, or twitter account.

      Meanwhile, the Amish wouldn’t have noticed that anything happened. They’d just continue to plow/plant/harvest their fields, and look after one another.

      1. Reality says:

        I was actually referring to avoiding going to the hospital as being stupid. Like Jehovah’s Witnesses that refuse blood transfusions.

        You are clearly not aware of the Amish lifestyle. Why do they do what they do? They are the epitome of not thinking for oneself. They not only go by a bible written in a language that none of them understand but they are forced to not question it and follow exactly what their church leaders tell them or risk eternal damnation.The church tells them how to cut their beard, the church tells them how to dress, how to talk, how to work, how to live. It is a very extreme “follow the leader” mentality. Being a good boyscout doesn’t prove anything.

    2. Jocelyn says:

      You are the one who doesn’t know anything about the Amish religion. Maybe you should read up on it, or, worse, actually go to Amish country and talk to some. Those things you mentioned below are out of context. Their faith in God comes first, they live as they do because they believe they are called to it by God. And, it is the pot calling the kettle black to talk about who tells the Amish how to dress, etc, at least they believe that their leaders are men of prayer and can admonish them to seek God’s will, our fashion trends include push up bikinis for 7 year olds and turn little kids in status symbols for their parents. Try being a thinking person yourself before you start arguing against decisions you have no knowledge or understanding of.

      1. Reality says:

        Two wrongs do not make a right. Their faith in their church and their leaders comes first as it is more direct. Their faith in God is indirect. That is why they do not understand the very Bible they THINK they abide by. Their philosophy is basically, our forefathers acted this way and they were holy so if we do EXACTLY what they did hundreds of years ago then we will go to heaven (whatever that is). Having blind faith is just that, blind. The stronger the faith the more blindly the person will act (it’s not limit to just religion but to all aspects of life).

        As far as your other comment below, they are taught to FEAR. Fear for their soul, fear for being shunned by their friends and family. That is why by the time they are teenagers and go out to do their thing, if the parents did a good job indoctrinating their children, the children will return (the vast majority do return for this reason). Parents who did not do a very good job scaring their kids can end up “losing your kids on the devil’s playground”. I do not mean to pick on the Amish as I feel this way about many groups of people but it just so happens that that is the topic.

  44. yarply says:

    Who say’s you can’t fix stupid. This just shows the stupidity of people. I saw a woman once pour gas on a bush once and then tried to use her cigarette to light it. She held the cigarette against one branch which had gas on it and then BLEW on it trying to get it to ignite. Stupid is as stupid does.

  45. taosuntzu says:

    Did not read them all, so this may have already been mentioned, but the Amish community rallies around their own. So despite the tragic fact of the loss of wife and mother, the father and children will have that to help them get through this catastrophe.

  46. Lenny Marshman says:

    Not to diss their religion, but where exactly in the Bible does it say, “Thou
    shalt not use electricity…which hasn’t even been discovered yet, or buttons?”
    Seems like immolation is a worse sin than using 115volts. I’m just saying….

    1. TheBruce says:

      You don’t understand the Amish, obviously. Yes, they’re very religious. But religion doesn’t tell them not to use electricity. They simply believe that the best way to live is the simplest way, and through hard work.

      And, as I said to a previous poster, they’re the only people in this country that actually live green (or ever truly could).

  47. Irene Matthews says:

    My understanding is that they wish to live “off the grid” – no telephone lines, electric lines, etc. They don’t forbid hospitalization. Several of the children who were shot in the Nickel Mines school incident (2006, Lancaster County, PA) were taken to area hospitals.

  48. MM says:

    Someone lost their life, a husband lost his wife, children lost their mother and you people have nothing better to do than point fingers on who’s more right than the next person? Don’t think you’re making your intelligence credible by calling other people ignorant. Get over yourselves. Seriously.

    1. Reality says:

      I can’t speak for everyone but people can be a bit angry because they feel like this wife and mother could still be alive if she received the proper medical treatment, which she refused for at best, questionable reasons.

      1. The Bruce says:

        “Could still be alive” is the operative phrase here. As long as one’s beliefs don’t impede the personal freedoms of another, I’m fine with them.

    2. Reality says:

      You are thinking in a legal right’s sense. I agree, I think koolaid drinking cults should be perfectly legal as long as they do not force anyone to do anything against their will. But surely you can see how it could anger some people. You are too stuck on politics and liberty and I am talking about ethics and compassion.

      1. Jocelyn says:

        You’re not talking about ethics or compassion in this case, because she could have chosen to go to the hospital. It’s not against her religion, after all. It was her choice not to go to the hospital, no one else’s. Compassion would be people leaving behind their closed minded finger pointing and uneducated assumptions about this story and remembering that a human being made a mistake that is often made at campsites and barbecues around our country everyday and died as a result. Ethics would be not using this tragedy as an opportunity to advance your agenda and call a legitimate religion a “cool aid drinking cult” when the reality is that Amish men and women don’t “join church” until they have decided to. And that is often after their rumspringa or running around time where they are encouraged to explore the mainstream culture. You are the one who has been drinking the cool aid of the mainstream culture and doing too little reading about the Amish religion to judge it. So, by your own statement, this woman made her own decision, by her own will and beliefs. Last time I checked the Amish were more open than the American culture to people making their own decisions.

  49. MustafaJohnson says:

    Very sad to hear this happen to anyone but don’t worry, when Obumbo gets done with America there won’t be any thing like Kerosene or Gasoline to harm anyone else. Everyone will be using windmills to do their laundry.

  50. dinerosdeb says:

    reading these comments reminds me why I am glad I don’t live in SW PA anymore….

  51. Ron says:


    More people die in hospitals every day from ‘DR. Accidents’ than do laundry accidents every year.

    I guess if you are in a hurry to meet your maker than by all means go to a hospital and play Russian roulette …

  52. StandingO says:

    In Obama’s world, everybody will be doing washing in kettles over open fires. Except there won’t be any kerosene to use to stoke the flames.

    1. swissik says:

      There will not be any flames. Remember the environmentalist wackos will not permit wood to be burned, nor gas or oil to be drilled, nor coal to be mined. Clothes will have to be washed in cold water, or by the river if it will not harm some tiny fish or other critter. Certainly no detergent either. We may all go to the Amish to solicit their advice and wisdom for survival.

  53. Really says:

    I used to have a lot of respect for the Amish until I saw the report about their unGodly puppy farms. Anyone that can treat living creatures like they do cannot, in all reality, be very Godly.

    1. cdraft says:

      This is the problem I run into. I’ve grown very close to a handful of Amish families throughout the past several years. I’ve been there holding their hands while their daughter slowly recovered from her attempted suicide (she shot herself) and I’ve been there to celebrate the wedding of another daughter. We’ve shared many laughs and planned fishing trips together but the road block has always been the horrible treatment of their animals. Spay/neuter will never be done yet they actively shoot unwanted dogs/cats/puppies/kittens. Horses are as disposable as one’s trash. Vet care is unheard of. It’s not surprising that this Amish woman did not seek hospital care.

  54. Alexander says:


  55. stevuys says:

    If these people want to live without medicine they shoudl go back to IRAN!!!

  56. John Edwards says:

    Six children???????????????

    Maybe it’s better she was eliminated from the gene pool. Stupid people die in stupid ways.

  57. Whiteoake says:

    Anyone can make a mistake. Kindness and compassion are what is needed in this sick, sad world.

  58. Loopdee Lou says:

    I think I just went brain-dead from reading this comments section.

  59. tWISTED lOGIC says:

    This is a perfect example of people putting God to a foolish test. Sadly, the losers are the children.

  60. Dave says:

    To all the athirst fools: why do you even care? Life and death are meaningless, death creates better life according to your prophet darwin. Quit picking and choosing which christian morals you want to live by because you have no standard except your own to be accountable to, and it makes you sound foolish. Be consistent

  61. Freedom says:

    Sounds to me like she walked the walk and talked the talk. With freedom comes responsibility. Although it is a tragic story for her and her family, I assure you her family won’t need public assistance or expect it. In a truly free society we have choices, her choice, her responsibiliy. In our current mainstream society, most people want a bailout. It is only in modern history in this nation that we expect someone else to bail us out….. (great society, LBJ). God bless her and her family, R.I.P..

  62. Johnny Gold says:

    So the Amish are refining Petrol to make Kerosene now? Oh, right, I get it. It’s ok to use THAT technology from the outside, but not others. Just like it’s ok to molest little boys, but not support gay marriage. This is what happens when you lead a life based on fairy tales. Good riddance.

    1. Jocelyn says:

      they don’t refine the kerosene themselves. And “good riddance” seems like a pretty harsh thing to say about a fellow human being who had a family (and not just her children) and suffered a great amount of pain during her death (the point I’m sure you’ll make is that she could have gone to a hospital and gotten pain medications so let’s just acknowledge that and move on because it’s past the point of helpfulness). Just because you find someone’s beliefs hypocritical (which everyone has some hypocrisy in their lives) doesn’t mean you have to abandon all human decency and compassion. Everyone bases their lives on belief systems and I could just as easily call yours fairytales as hers. Sounds like you’ve ceased caring about human beings at all and just judge them on whether they agree with you or not.

  63. Tubby says:

    What people seem not to understand about the Amish is that they are the way they are for a reason. They choose the “simple” life or hard life depending on how you look at it because it causes them to not be distracted by the ways of the world. They rely on God, family, and community. They are busy tending to their farms and families, which keeps them from being led astray by having too much time on their hands. Has anyone ever heard the saying: Idle hands (or minds) are the devil’s workshop? Well that is what they are trying to avoid.

  64. Jakub Longwanger says:

    The poor Amish children in this tragedy! Now, as is Amish custom, they are consigned to the sex-trade, made “Openrumpa” for the use of young single men. Both the male and female children enter “Bairnrumpen,” while their father is free to pursue and marry another wife, as long as she is under the age of 18.

    The Amish are wonderful people. God’s people. Leave them alone!

  65. Susan says:

    It is so embarrassing and disappointing to be American sometimes. Go to any board and so many of the comments are mean and cruel. It says a lot about us as a country. We are not the people we used to be.

  66. nickel says:

    Sad situation. I am sorry for their loss. As far as some of the comments go, I would say that the communist takeover of our public school education in order to dumb us down enough to create an economic and society collapse in the US is right on schedule.

  67. FN Cee says:

    This national crisis definitely calls for another 2,000 page law and congressional action called The National In-Home Safety Act, which sets up the National In-Home Labor Safety Agency, which hires 150,000 new federal employees and enables them to enter any home at any time to check out the safety practices of homemakers when they cook, do wash, bathe children or adults, garden, make beds, etc. and allows the “inspection of anyone’s person,” like the TSA does at airports. While this new national safety/police force is in your house they must be enabled to legally take anything they see which may be unsafe, like sharp knives, step-ladders, three-legged stools, bicycles, guns, golf clubs, sharp pointed objects and cars more than two years old or horse drawn equipment of any kind. Surely, this would put an end to all in-home accidents and injury … and Ella Miller would not have died in vain while serving her family. This is another crisis not to be wasted!

  68. Cathy says:

    Very sad story. The Amish are very isolated, by choice. My big objection to their way of life is the fact they do not educate their children past 8th grade level. The adults can live and die as they choose. However, deliberately making sure that their children are ignorant of math, science, history… Unqualified to do anything else but follow in the Amish way.. Is just wrong. The kids deserve a high school education, like any American kids. Sadly, the Amish are exempt from having to ensure their kids are educated at higher levels. Wish this issue would be revisited in the courts…

    1. JustSaying says:

      Cathy, please understand that your objection(s) do not matter in the least to the Amish who are following their own beliefs. To suggest that the courts/government step in to force a change in their lifestyle does nothing but confirm you to be a meddlesome individual. You think they should be integrated into our ‘English’ society when in reality, they want no part of it! Live your own life and leave theirs alone.

      1. cdraft says:

        Actually, I know of three Amish, now grown adults, who have admitted to me that they would not have joined their church had they felt they could have survived in modern society with the little education they received. Their lives seem peaceful to outsiders but once you grow close to some, you realize they have just as many problems as everyone else.

    2. Jocelyn says:

      Many Amish children are better educated at 8th grade than most high school graduates, FYI. Also, They have a better work ethic. And, during their “running around” years they can choose to get a higher education or leave the church and become “fancy.” I don’t think these kids “deserve” the supposed HS education we are giving to society. A bunch of kids who don’t even know which form of “your” to use, and most often write their papers in text language, educated by underpaid teachers who don’t have the time and attention to give to them, let alone the resources to teach them how to succeed in society. The only type of education that is given enough attention is the sex miseducation mixed messages we mandate high schoolers to take. Yeah, these poor kids are missing out on unemployment, STD’s, bullying, brain dead politicians making decisions about their lives and a culture that couldn’t care less about their families because they don’t pay social security. In return their being taught skills that can support their families for a life time, in a culture that values them and supports them and pitches in to help them out when they’re in need. They’re allowed to be kids (just because they work doesn’t mean they miss out on a childhood, as any farm kid), play games, learn responsibility and be taught how to make good decisions. They can read, add, use applied mathematics, and know more about science than anyone short of those with a PhD (they use a lot of it in farming, quilting, baking, carpentry, construction and making soaps, jams and candles) and will never be a drain on society. You’re right, too bad they’re not better educated so they can spend years on unemployment.

  69. ed says:

    As backward as they are I am sure they will attribute the death to “Gods will”.

  70. Virgil Hoffstettler says:

    You libs convinced me, she missed out on internet porn, sensitive training, promiscuity, belligerence towards her parents, trying gay lifestyle, rap music.Katie Couric, MSNBC. Man she really missed out on life.

  71. Boomer says:

    A sad, tragic story, founded on religion.

  72. THE TRUTH says:

    If a certain minority in the inner city learned to be self sufficient like the Amish this country would be out of debt immediately

  73. dude says:

    Then you should become Amish if you hate modern life so much. I don’t respect the needless loss of life, this woman could probably have been saved at a burn center. She could have gone on living her life and been saved, instead close mindedness as a result of blind faith there are now motherless children.

  74. real talk says:

    The Amish are disgusting polygamists who marry their underage teenage girls at like ages 13-17 when they probably don’t want to get married and then basically rape them and make babies and make them do housework for the rest of their lives. Terrible way to live. Religion is the worst thing to ever happen to our world. Almost every war we’ve ever had was based on it.

    1. Boomer says:

      Polygamists? Really? Sure you’re not confusing them with the renegade Mormons? Yeah, it’s a terrible way to live, but the women CAN leave if they want to.

    2. jocelyn says:

      Ummm, excuse me “real talk” but you clearly have no idea about the Amish. They do not marry their underage teenage girls. they get married according to the law just like everyone else. They arent allowed to get married unless they have “joined church” which is their choice, regardless of their gender and they aren’t allowed to join church until they are at least 16 years of age. Just because you have no knowledge or understanding of the Amish religion or culture doesn’t mean that your twisted assumptions are reality. All Amish have a running around time in their teens where they are encouraged to explore the “English” world and make a choice about whether to get baptized or not (hence “anabaptist” they don’t do infant baptisms). Sounds like you are an ignorant, closed minded person who has decided to speak out against all religions regardless of whether you know anything about them. I’m sorry that you have obviously been grievously hurt by religion of some sort, or maybe just brainwashed by radical feminism, but the Amish are gentle people who live in a community and help each other out. Mainstream society could learn a lot from them. Maybe you need a trip to Pennsylvania Dutch country.

  75. Mr Burnakop says:

    We should throw a cop on the fire as a sign of respect for her choices. If you can not find a cop to toss on the fire then at least shoot at a few cops to show your support for a free people.

  76. Illini says:

    I think what happened to the woman is terrible and I especially feel for her children but I live by some Amish. Biggest moochers I’ve ever known. Got to keep my doors locked otherwise they’ll just come on in and make long distance calls on my phone and forget about letting them borrow anything, you’ll never see it again.. Always trying to bum rides too. To bad the bible didn’t say anything about throwing kerosene on a fire…

  77. Ken mars says:

    It is a tragedy. Another tragedy is to realize that these people will be forced to buy into Obamacare-less. That in itself lets one know it is illegal. Amish cooperatives will be forced to pay penalties for their employees.

  78. J A says:

    I admire those who follow their faiths so devoutly. I’ve become “lazy” in my ways. Along with that comes some guilt.

  79. R. Bartovics says:

    I must comment, since i live in SW Wisconsin with a very high concentration of Amish. To characterize them or any large group of people, no matter what their religious intensity or beliefs- as gentle, is very naive. There are many cases of incest and rape, physical and sexual abuse among this group, just as there are among us “English”.
    Often this does not make the papers but believe me, it does make it to the social service agencies- and there are arrests and convictions.

    1. jocelyn says:

      There are those cases in every society, no one is saying that they are exempt from sin. But, to characterize them is gentle is not to say they don’t have the same struggles as American society does, it just means that they don’t go about pressing charges against anyone who dings their mailbox. I lived in SW WI also, and what I mostly remember is the intolerance people expressed towards the Amish and Mennonites because they dressed or talked different or, God forbid, were human and had the same struggles we all do. It is pretty bold to call someone naive when all you have to say about them is something negative and meant to tarnish people’s appreciation for the rest of their religion. All societies have sin, because we live in a fallen world. And, yes, of course the rapes, incest, abuse (sexual, physical and otherwise) should be reported and prosecuted, but just because it exists doesn’t mean that the culture itself isn’t gentle, it just means that there are those within it who exercise violence towards others, a sad state every culture.

  80. unowhoitsme says:

    Her choice, her life. her religion. We all want to be able to exercise the “freedoms” we have left.

  81. Dwight says:

    God bless technology!!!

Comments are closed.

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