Caught On Tape: Ice Cream Man Attacks Boss With Bat

NORTH UNION TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — An ice cream truck driver accused of trying to run a rival off the road is now charged with attacking his boss with a baseball bat.

Police say 29-year-old Bernard Geisel, also known as B.J., got into an argument with 63-year-old George Swaney, owner of F&S Ice Cream.

He later went to Swaney’s house with a bat, broke in and assaulted him.

Geisel was apparently upset that his route had been moved to Greene County. He was losing money – $15 to $20 a day.

On Tuesday, Geisel went to Swaney’s home in North Union Township with a baseball bat and started swinging.

Surveillance video shows Geisel shattering the back windows. Swaney, in his kitchen, calls 911.

Then the door glass explodes and Geisel enters the home and goes after Swaney who in turn wrestles Geisel to the floor.

He held him until state police got there.

“At 63 years old, he was able to not only fight [him] off, but get the upper hand on B.J.,” Frank Swaney, the victim’s son, said.

Geisel has worked with the Swaneys for years. They think the attack was out of character.

“He’s been a great, loyal employee and really a friend of mine for a decade, so, total shock,” Frank said.

Geisel is charged with burglary, simple assault, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

Last week, Geisel was accused of trying to force a driver for Miss Polly’s Sweet Treats in Uniontown off the road

“It didn’t surprise me that violence happened,” Ted Finnell, with Miss Polly’s Sweet Treats, said. “Like I said, he’s been harassing us for two years.”

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  • G2

    Glad he wasn’t the ice cream man in my neighborhood.

  • Rod James




    Maybe he should try out for the Pirates? They need some aggressive hitting on the team. If he sucks at that, he can always sell ice cream in the stands.

    • Dan

      If he sucks, he’ll definitely make the team!

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    There are too many cases of workplace violence going on in this country some even resulting in death.
    Employers turn a blind eye to this because they are to worried about getting involved and there are no real laws to enforce this bad behavior.
    I think TIMSTER should pass out some weed to these aggressive individuals so they can chill out .


      Touche !
      You never hear of anyone on weed creating problems.
      They’re too mellow to care of today’s B.S. societies issues.


    Kids will drive ya crazy!

  • Lawyer

    The Good Humor Ice Cream Company has been notified that their logo has been used in a news story thet doesn’t invole them.

    • T

      Who cares about that…Did you read the story? If you’re going to comment make it relevant please.

    • comment

      Glad your not my lawyer. How many years of school did you go thru? Did you take spelling? Two misspelled words in the same sentence.

      • Awesome

        He’s not perfect but he is also not claiming to be a lawyer now is he. Ted Buckland.

      • spelling bee

        Like ur so perfect in all you do

  • dr michael

    He was undecided, it was between an ice cream sandwich or an orange push up that caused him to spaz out. You gotta give the guy some slack, the heat was unbearable.

  • pittgirl

    That is one crazy ice cream man! lol

  • Big Daddy Kahuna

    What is the world of ice cream coming to?

  • Mark Madden

    I like ice cream..

  • Miss Polly

    Hi All, Miss Polly here from Miss Polly’s Sweet Treats…this is the driving that ran my husband off the road last week. We called the police and were told if we cant get along we would both have to leave the city. This man has been harrassing me for two years. I feel really bad that Mr. Swaney had to deal with this..however I am thrilled that this man is off the street. I feel safer and soooo extremely happy that the children of Uniontown will be able to get ice cream without worrying about his maniac. Have a great day everyone!

  • this guy is an idiot. let him rot in jail


    people dont change. they are who they are. blame the guy who hired him.

    i bet his wife has two black eyes (no wife? imagine that)

  • botched

    He needed to be off the road for more reasons than just this, that’s for sure. It was a matter of time before this happened… Glad the Swaney’s had surveillance set up. There’s no way he can try and weasel his way out of this.
    & his boss took him down LIKE A BOSS! Pwnd. lulz

  • frank swaney

    Maniac isn’t accurate, bj was a good employee and personal friend for ten years. he was having some personal problems and just snapped, partly because he felt I wrongly punished him for the incident the police reprimanded he and the miss Polly people for. I’m sure you could ask any customer on his routes and they’d say he was courteous and great with kids. the incident was very much out of character. miss polly’s has a driver who has swore at me and a few other of my drivers, but I don’t believe police intervention is the solution to childish squabbling.

    the real crux of this story is that a 63 yr old man with a bad foot and a heart condition overpowered and pummeled his 29 yr old assailant. let’s not bury the lead

  • Primetime Editorials

    so sad this guy is a loser

  • sara

    How many other news stories did KD pass up on the long deive to Uniontown?

  • Wing Nut Joe

    I think I’ll have a drink before church.

  • pubber

    Very Happy, I can tell you made this up. Your two comments are not written the same. This is a horrible thing, but making things up about someone you don’t know doesn’t help. I almost feel like you are someone who means well, but goes about it the wrong way. Next time, stick to commenting on the story and don’t make things up. We can tell this guy has issues without you coming up with something. We never know, this guy could’ve had something terrible happen in his life that we don’t know of, or he may just be an a$$. Either way, it is not for you to tear down a person’s character with lies.

  • A Friend for over a Decade

    I have know BJ for over 13 years and this is totally out of character for him. I have also know Mr. Swaney for over ten years . My main concern is that all parties get some sort of resolution to this incident. I feel that BJ does need to be held accountable for his actions but also to receive the treatment that he needs. I am also very happy that George was not injured in the attack. Please know that BJ has had some very trying things occur in the past year that I feel have helped cause the incident and that this horrible occurence is not an indicator of who BJ is.

  • bura

    so i’m the only one who’s known this guy a decade or so also who says I saw this coming? all a matter of time. You people who say this is out of character must be doing the same drugs he is…or you’re the ones selling them to him………

  • MustafaJohnson

    If the boss had had a gun, Mr. Baseball would have been OUT as soon as he stepped over the threshold. Another good case to be packing.

  • concerned

    He is just someone who needs a lot of help. I know what he did was wrong, but he has had much trouble in his life. He was there for me when I had an emergency surgery and there was no one to take care of my child as I was restricted to my bed for 6 weeks. We no longer talk because of personal reasons, but I think he just needs some help and prayer. There is a good side to him, unfortunately, it seems that possibly drugs and other things have taken hold. My heart goes out to his family and his boss.

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