Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino took a deeper look inside the issue of legalizing of marijuana.

He was joined by Erik Altiere, the communications coordinator of NORML, and David Borden, the executive director of

Both of these gentlemen explained how marijuana use is not addictive and if legalized and maintained by the government, could actually help our economy.

  • will g

    this is silly that we are still debating this. of course it should be legal

    • sean

      absolutely. Rush/Reagan Conservative here saying MJ prohibition is stupid, failed economically… complete idiocy. defunding gangs and cartels = smart. why are Democrats and Republicans in lock step on this issue? they don’t agree on anything, ANYTHING except MJ prohibition- that tells me it’s a lie. and lumping in cocaine, x etc with MJ is a problem. those substances are dangerous- MJ is NOT. i do NOT advocate legalization of all drugs, ONLY Marijuana. why is MJ legalization always tied in to legalizing cocaine, acid, etc? this was a good intwerview/monologue and i appreciate the dialogue.

  • Cali Livin

    How many people smoke to many joints and kill a family of 5 compared to alcohol? How many men get so stoned they come home and beat their wives? If anything they should be talking about alcohol! DUMB

  • chevelle64

    it is the same as prohibition, there is too much demand for it to ever succeed , may as well legalize it and benefit from additional tax revenue and decreased load on prison system and enforcement , way overdue on this.

    • Anyonomus

      Obviously their teasing us about legalizing it because every once in a while it is brought up in a conversation on a news story

  • Lindsey

    It should be legal, especially for medical purposes. You’ve never heard of any serious or long term side effects. Im a 6 year cigarette smoker and i can even say its more logical to ban cigarettes and alcohol rather than marijuana. Even asprin is more dangerous than weed. So if its not for the safety and health reasons why wont they legalize it?

    • Buc-eye

      Linds, Linds, Linds…Putting anything into your lungs other than O2 is a risk

      • Gypsy

        But you don’t have to smoke it in order to use it- you can eat/drink it or absorb it topically.

  • Bob Sip

    If they if they make it legal then only the tabacco company would be a load to grow it and not you.

    • .................

      Even if that were the case, it isn’t a good enough reason not to legalize.

    • Noneya

      That’s not true, do your research before spouting false truths. You’d be allowed to grow it for self use just like you’re allowed to do with tobacco and much like you’re allowed to home brew your own beer. You just won’t be allowed to distribute it without getting into trouble.

  • mc

    legalize it!

  • Denny

    time to legalize weed pot smokers are not criminals it’s time the law enforcement community focused on real crime like murder and rape

    • Noneya

      The problem is the prison industrial complex makes more money off of imprisoning bud smokers than they do when they imprison killers, thieves and rapists.

      Money=the root of the problem.

      • Sean

        It costs the state too much money for the upkeep of the prisoners, the system is crowded because of it

    • cody

      well said

  • Sarah

    Its absolutely ridiculous that something that helps so many people is illegal! If our government chose to go the responsible route and legalize we would have lower crime rates, less pollution since hemp/marijuana can be used to fuel cars and as a renewable resources that breaks our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil! Just legalize already and make this world a happier, healthier place!

    • Robert Marley

      Not only can hemp make fuel for cars, but produces 4.1 times the amount of paper per acre over an acre of trees, over a 20 ear period.

      With just a little over 6% of the continental US, can be used to produce the 75 quadrillion billion BTUs of energy, Produced from Ag Hemp. This means No more burning Coal

      The thing is, is the world is changeing but those with money dont want to change. I.e Dupont, Big Pharma, Oil companies, Etc They want to stay rich and keep the rest down. Even our government keeps farmers down by regulateing price on how they sell their food to the government to be redistributed to the stores we buy from, at an extorted price. Oh did you know the Cannabis seed, has every essential amino acid, full of vit B and can it self sustain life. Ie you can make bread and flour from it and other foods.

      I think we need to call our news people too, and ask them why the UN Meeting about Ending the drug war, was not publicised with propor news coverage. Oh heres why, BECAUSE ITS A MISERABLE FAILURE!!! and it tells the world ONCE AGAIN!!! the American corrupted government is a miserable lieing cheating thieving murdering FAILURE!! OUR CONTRY WAS NOT FOUNDED AS A DEMOCRACY REPUBLIC REPUBLIC.

  • joe oint

    i have been singing this tune for 35 years! for gods sake stop putting people in jail for a plant!

  • Ginger

    on my way back from Las Cruces on a bus, charting w/ a couple of military kids on their way home from training The dug war is an every day, in your face reality there. I mean like war kinda war, not just what we have to deal with @ home. In order to go No. out of Cruces, you have to pass through a homeland security checkpoint w/ drug sniffing dogs. Don’t we have enough trouble w/ actual lunatic terrorists without wasting these guys’ time, talents & lives treating ordinary Americans as enemy combatants?

    • aw


  • Jeffrey Ryan

    I’m a felon simply due to being caught with very small amounts of marijuana twice…I went to prison for 6 months over 14 grams. Thats ridiculous! Legalize it!

    • rtdunn

      in Alabama you can get a life sentence for a third strike, even worse in Oklahoma you get life in prison for making hash once! so if you happen to dump out your grinder and the pieces of keif get stuck together, life in prison.

  • Alex Wallace

    i can’t take it any more lets legalize and stop bickering over something we know is enevitable(spelling not my strong suit) we all could use something to ease tensions for alot of people this prohibition has ruined lives and family’s. Bummer.
    I’m part of the problem because i’m peaceful.. and I believe in the people

  • Brian Grande

    Look at the court cost and jail beds that should be use to keep sex offenders in jail

    • Buc-eye

      Its job security for the judges, police, government etc

  • Brian Grande

    buy a pipe I’ll pay my sells tax and that mite help.

    • Seeking balance

      Yes, the ‘sales’ tax ‘might’ help!

      I think legalization in inevitable, and probably the best course of action regardless.

  • Carris Welke

    Ive been sayin all this 2 ppl I know 4 yrs…Ive debated it w/ countless ppl…5000+ yrs of research cannot be wrong…marijuana is the safest, most natural substance on the planet…it is the perfect plant, and can be used 4 nething and evrything…food, clothing, paper, timber, fuel, etc…theres no point in not leagalizing it…if our govt were 2 put a $20/lb tax on it, our national debt would be wiped clean w/in 3-5yrs max…agriculture and our economy would flourish once again, plus it would help the environment…2 many ppl know how 2 grow it, and get ahold of it…our govt has gone on 2 long taking away our freedoms, and has completely lost track of what our founding fathers wanted 4 this country…the majority of them had marijuana farms…on top of that, the majority of our govt officials nowadays uses some sort of illicit substance and they dont get in trouble…its bs…they just wanna line their own pockets…PEACE NOT GREED!!!!! PEACE AND POT GO HAND-IN-HAND…y else would a bowl, bong, or pipe be called a “piece?”…its only logical

  • im baked
  • Jim P.

    Cannabis should have never been illegal to begin with, it’s well past time to remedy this broken law.

  • DNA


  • Ryan

    Im so happy to finally hear about a national organization seriously talking about legalizing cannabis, the subject is long overdue and our government keeps avoiding the issue. Its time to remedy the problem that has been marijuana prohibition for so long.

  • Buc-eye

    What happens when that auto line worker forgets to plug in the air bag connection b/c he was stoned and you wreck your car.

    I can’t even find me keys after I burn one.
    Just playing devil’s advocate

  • The Dude

    Buc, if you are going to play the devils advocate than do it intelligently. Alcohol is legal with all its higher risks than Marijuana. Just because you cant find your keys doesnt mean as a society we cant evaluate a drug and structure its use in productive ways. Thats like saying I dont think we should have robitussin because you can trip on it. Responsible use is the cost of legalization.

  • Mark

    Government, really? What a joke!

  • Storm Crow

    These are titles of articles from WebMD, a respectable medical site-

    “Marijuana’s Active Ingredient Targets Deadly Brain Cancer”

    “Marijuana Ingredients Slow Invasion by Cervical and Lung Cancer Cells”

    “Marijuana Unlikely to Cause Head, Neck, or Lung Cancer”

    “Marijuana May Fight Lung Tumors”

    “Marijuana Ingredient May Cut Fibromyalgia Pain”

    “Marijuana Chemical Fights Hardened Arteries”

    “Chemicals in Marijuana May Fight MRSA”

    “Pot-Based Drug Promising for Arthritis”

    “Cannabis Relieves Multiple Sclerosis Pain”

    “Marijuana May Slow Alzheimer’s”

    “Heavy Marijuana Use Doesn’t Damage Brain”

    “Marijuana Smoking Doesn’t Kill”

    Now can anyone give me a logical reason why cannabis is still illegal?

    • dr michael

      Neither does pornography yet is exacts an enormous toll on our society, just like marajuana. It does society no good. It causes more grief than anything.

      Notice it is an ingredient in the marajuana that may exhibit some medical benefits, so extract the ingredients and market it that way. Then people can have the “benefits” with out getting high.

      • Sean C

        Dr Michael I have proven that natural medicines are far better than there synthetic counterparts…I have watched people die because of Chemo, and others remove the cancer by natural remedy. I have watched antibiotics fail, or in some cases make the situation worse, but rather have been healed in 24-48 hours through natural medicines.

        Your idea of taking the ingredient out is a terrible idea, because that leads to synthetic medication such as marinol, or dronabinol. The only harm in cannabis is the actual smoking..Of course anything smoked is going to have some damage to parts of the body, but when the positive effects outweigh the negative effects it needs be considered.

        Sean Crystal

  • Storm Crow

    OOPS! forgot one!

    “Teen Pot Smoking Won’t Lead to Other Drugs as Adults”

    And if you liked those, run a search for “Granny Storm Crow’s MMJ Reference List” for 100s more! Educate yourself!

  • Buc-eye

    Dude are you saying if we legalized weed, it would be OK to go to work stoned? Lets just hpoe you don’t go to work durnk or drive after you have been drinking.

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