Ticketed Parkers In Shadyside Point To Outdated Signs

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Some people who got parking tickets in Shadyside say the City of Pittsburgh may have overlooked something.

Chuck Nash, of Moon Township, and Phil Russo, of Squirrel Hill, both say they got parking tickets Wednesday night on Ellsworth Avenue.

New parking meter rates officially kicked in Wednesday and so did later enforcement times.

In some neighborhoods, including Shadyside, meters are now enforced until 10 p.m.

But both Russo and Nash point to signs on a handful of meters on Ellsworth Avenue which still read that meters are only enforced until 6 p.m.

They got their tickets after 6 p.m.

There are signs posted that have been changed to read 2-hour parking, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., but they’re on poles and some say they’re hard to see.

The parking authority director wasn’t available, but City Councilman Bill Peduto says it will take time for all signs to match.

He encourages people to show judges cell phone pictures of the signs if they feel they’ve been unfairly ticketed.

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One Comment

  1. Don says:

    Parking should be free on the streets in the city. The streets are owned by the taxpayers in the city and then they get charged again by a third party, the city of pittsburgh govt, who technically cannot own anything, to park on the same street. It is a scam. The city should be paying us for the damage these poorly paved streets are doing to our vehicles. This could be a great, thriving city, but the same politicians that have been there for years just keep setting up roadblocks and handicapping the city.

    1. local says:

      Yet we keep re-electing these same arseholes over and over again. Then when they retire we elect their relatives because dumb voters recognize a familiar name. The taxpayers have nobody to blame but themselves.

  2. SHAWN says:

    Just another example of city ran by idiots!! Jack up those meters, I wont use them..I will continue to take my money to North Hills and the Pittsburgh Mills and park for free! I agree with locals comments 100%. You all keep electing the Ravenstals and Oconnors and all those other names that are associated with what Pittsburgh was, is and will always be…..A B-CLASS CITY WITH AHOLES RUNNING IT…… SAME ELECTION RESULTS, SAME NOTHINGNESS FOR THE CITY…..RUN THOSE BUSINESSES OUT OF YOUR CITY….RUN OUT ALL THOSE TAX REVENUES…….AND YOU DO THIS FOR WHAT??..TO SAVE A PENSION CREATED BY THE IDIOTS ELECTED BY THE MORONS THAT ARE TOO STUPID TO VOTE FOR SOMEONE THAT MIGHT HELP THEM…YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE PITTSBURGH…………….NOTHING!

  3. Daniel says:

    Well now let me see. If you have to go to court to testify in a case the courts only pay you $5.70 to park ALL DAY! It is the same if you are a private citizen called for jury duty or a police officer. They should have to reimburse you for the amount it actually costs to park. I know the rates are very high but I did park in Manhattan a few years ago and paid $55.00 to park for two hours…..now that was awful.

    1. SHAWN says:

      LOL..DANIEL…NEXT TIME YOU GOTO NEW YORK…GO ONLINE AND GET A COUPON…..I PARKED ON 60TH STREET PAID 60 DOLLARS FOR THREE DAYS……THOSE COUPONS DO WORK!!! I forgot the name of it, but they had like 40 of them all over the play…..and the coupons were good for whatever amount of time u used them for….i parked the car for three days…spent 8.50 for a ride all day pass on the metro! great deal for NY….

  4. Harley says:

    The citizens should not have to show cell phone pictures of the signs, it’s a game. The meter maid waits and times everyone in Shadyside so she can write a ticket especially on Walnut and behind Destefanos in those two parking lots. It’s a game to make money for the city but I guess they do it so no one will abuse the parking spaces.
    It’s like those tow truck dirt bags who wait for a person to park at one business but walk into another to have a reason to tow the person away and have the nerve to charge them, it’s fraud but legal fraud.

  5. Lady says:

    Man I remember a couple months ago I parked in a free area and came back to see they put up no parking signs midday and ticketed all the cars parked there. The nerve to try and cheat people by putting up signs and ticketing at the same time. Too bad for their scam, I fought it and won, at least the judges are fair.

    Parking authority is a complete joke. Why don’t they do something useful and get all the cars that park illegally during rush hour and tie up traffic on roads like beechwood?

    1. Disgruntled and working in the city! says:

      Contrary to what the above comment states from “Lady”…the Judges ARE NOT fair…..I parked in an area where there are no signs, no meters, no yellow lines, no crosswalks….got a ticket….went to a hearing…took pictures showing the judge there were NO signs–(and oh btw, the judges will not accept any pics on cell phones, they have to be hard copies)–the judge sent out for an investigation….I recv’d a letter in the mail stating that the ticket was valid….there were signs supposedly stating 4 hour limit to park, but the signs were about three or more blocks away….are you supposed to drive up and down the entire street looking for signs? so, I had to pay the ticket….I walk past this same area–corner of Ridge and Merchant on the N.Side everyday, no tickets have been given since…..unbelievable!!!!!

      1. maddie says:

        sounds like you were in the wrong
        u mad

  6. Luke Jackson says:

    I worked on the South Side for 2 days. Every 45 minutes I put in more quarters. I was 2 minutes late for the next charge and the woman was writing the ticket. 4 cars where meters were missing didn’t get tickets. She said I should have parked there because if the meter is off the pole its free. When you park bring a pipe cutter and put the meter in your trunk……no meter…free parking

  7. buceye says:

    Maybe we will get a TV show…. Pitsburgh parking wars. Some one call fast Eddie

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