Walker Stolen From 2-Year-Old With Spina Bifida

ETNA (KDKA) — Amee Passione is upset that someone would take the walker belonging to her 2-year-old son Connor.

He suffers from Spina Bifida and can’t walk on his own.

“For someone to take something from a child like that is behind words to me,” she said. “Like, there’s no way to even describe what I would think of a person that would deny a child to be able to use medical tools to help do what they need to do.”

Amee says Connor’s physical therapist put his walker on the sidewalk in front of their home on Maplewood Street in Etna on Friday for just two or three minutes while coming into the house to get Connor.

When they went back outside, the walker was gone.

“We walked up and down the street to see if it had rolled down the street but it was nowhere to be found,” Passione said. “And then I thought about the fact that it was garbage day and somebody might be trying to scrap it. And my hope is that they haven’t been able to do that yet and that we can get it back.”

Amee says this is little Connor’s only form of mobility other than crawling and he can’t be crawling outside on concrete.

“It’s a $300 walker. I can’t afford to fork out $300,” she said. “It’s just unfortunate that this happened and I just hope somebody is able to return the walker back to us.”

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One Comment

  1. Ryan says:

    Whoever would steal the walker from this kid, well, you will need to answer to a higher authority, as well as the law.

  2. kristy says:

    well, aren’t people just so “special?” i’ll take an animal over a person any day.

    1. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

      My thoughts as well Kristy. A barbarian did this and I hope they throw the book at him or her!

  3. Lynyrd says:

    What are our communities comming to?

  4. MS84 says:

    I would be willing to pay for a new walker for this boy. I am a police officer and this story is ashame. I see that this occured in Etna and gives the street and moms name but is there any contact info that will assist me in reaching out to this family without being posted on here (for privacy)

    1. bougois says:

      It’s nice that you want to help but are you saying that you are a police officer and can’t find someone when you have their name, city and street? Wow.

      It was pretty stupid for the therapist to leave it sit on the sidewalk but that is no excuse for someone to steal it. There must be a special place in hell for someone that would do that.

    2. Amee Passione says:

      Hi this is Connor’s Mother Amee we are currently working with KDKA trying to get to the bottom of this and if the Etna Police were able to retrieve the stolen walker.If they were unable to then we will most likely be setting up a fund for people to donate to. If you would like to contact me personally my email is apassione11@yahoo.com. Thank you so much for you kind heart.

  5. CHEWY says:

    The person that stole that walker is a heartless coward. I hope that they trip over the stolen walker and need a wheelchair for themselves.!!!!!!!PLEASE POST DONATION INFORMATION!!!!!!

  6. Candace says:

    Well I’m not a “police Officer” and I found contact info for this woman is 20 seconds. I will be contacting her this morning and sending her a $300 check.

  7. Rhiannon Leigh says:

    Why is everyone being so rude towards the police officer? Like seriously. I am seventeen and have more respect than these so called adults. It is sad that the world has so many horrible and pathetic people living in it nowadays, along with those who have been disrespectful to the police officer. I would really love to know why this person who stole the walker from the little boy. It is a true shame of that person to do something as selfish as this.

    1. Carolyn says:

      Rhiannon, I completely agree with you. There is no reason to to be disrepectful to anyone let alone someone offering help. Maybe the police officer wanted to remain annoymus and wanted correct contact information before sending money to the family.

  8. lynyrd says:

    Idiot you

  9. michelle lanko says:

    pretty rude…he is trying to help!! Unbelievable how rude people are now days

  10. Marlene M. Birnie says:

    I am a small business owner in Oakdale and would like to pay for a new walker –
    please give me donation information

  11. Pop Pop says:

    This is Connors pop pop and we don’t think this was done maliciously by anyone.. It was garbage day and someone may have thought it was being thrown out.. My daughter has another baby that she was taking care of when the therapist took the walker out and went back to get Connor.. That quick it disappeared.. I want to personally thank everyone that is trying to step up and help..

  12. Amanda Monroe says:

    Very sad. My husband worked with a child with the same condition. He was a teacher assistant for awhile. He found out the child died at the age of 14. She made it to high school. I work with a child that has CP. She uses a walker to get around. I know walkers are not cheap.

    1. Amanda Yeargan Monroe says:

      The girl dies last year that my husband worked with. It had not seen the girl in over 6yrs.

  13. Amanda Yeargan Monroe says:

    The girl has been gone for almost a year that my husband worked with. He had not seen the girl in over 6yrs.

  14. Lindsey Vlasic says:

    This is a friend of Amee’s and my daughter is a friend of Connors… I am so amazed at the response this story has had and the amount of good hearted and kind people that were willing to come to Connors aid. It really gives you hope in this crazy world. Thankfully his walker was returned and it was an honest mistake.

  15. Amee Passione says:

    I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE FOR YOUR CONCERN AND WILLINGNESS TO HELP US!!! I WANT TO INFORM EVERYONE THAT CONNOR’S WALKER WAS RETURNED TO US AFTER THE 6 O’CLOCK NEWS AIRED!!! It was an honest mistake and the man that had taken it was practically in tears apologizing when he returned it!!!

  16. Pop Pop says:

    would like to send out big thank you to person that retuned my grandsons walker.. Heard it was an honest mistake and you will be blessed for this kind act.. Sir if you met Connor on the return I’m sure you seen what a great kid he is.. If I wasn’t in Vegas I’d look you up and buy you a beer like a good Pittsburgher would do..

  17. shaler says:

    Typical etna

  18. Jane says:

    I want to thank everyone for their kindness and support to my wonderful nephew, Connor. He is a special little man to all of us and never ceases to amaze us with his humor, determination and love! Connor could not have come into this world to a better mom, Amee is devoted and determined to have Connor’s life as normal as possible. She also amazes us daily! She is struggling with having SSI benefits approved for Connor, if anyone can give us advice on how to get through all the “red tape” to aid Connor, we would love to hear from you! Thank you again for your kindness and a BIG thank you to the man who returned Connor’s walker. We understand it was an honest mistake and truly appreciate your honesty in returning it! Thank you!

  19. Lisa says:

    Thanks to the media for helping in getting Connor’s walker back. Thank you to the man who returned it. God Bless you, Amee. Love to you, Ray, Connor and Kaelyn. Bernie and Lisa (Nana and Pap Pap)

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