Seven Jurors Seated In Accused Cop Killer’s Trial

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Attorneys have now selected seven jurors to hear testimony in the trial against Richard Poplawski, the man who’s accused of gunning down three Pittsburgh Police officers during a standoff in Stanton Heights two years ago.

Officers Eric Kelly, Paul Sciullo II and Stephen Mayhle all died while responding to a domestic call at Poplawski’s Fairfield Street home on April 4, 2009.

Jury selection began this morning in Harrisburg.

A pool of 350 potential jurors will be available for the trial.

After interviewing the first 40 potential jurors, attorneys selected seven jurors – four men and three women, ranging in profession from corporate executive to accountant to nurse.

Of the first 40 potential jurors questioned, 13 said the prospect of deciding life or death would be a problem for them.

Only 9 of the 40 said they had read or head about the case; and only 5 of the 40 said traveling to Pittsburgh for the two-week trial would present a hardship for them.

The out-of town jury will then be brought back to Pittsburgh for Poplawski’s trial, which is set to begin on June 20th.

Late last week, a judge ruled that jurors would not be allowed to see a 41-page report containing Poplawski’s rants in an online blog.

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One Comment

  1. Harley says:

    What every happened to the 911 operator who was a part of this snafu?
    I understand faux pas happen but this was major and they should not have a job.

  2. Daniel says:

    I think the Judge should have moved the trial to another county. That will only set up grounds for appeal and cost the taxpayers even more money…..especially when the guilt of the defendant is really not in question here.

  3. Charles says:

    Just shoot this guy

  4. John says:

    Why do we need a trail? He did it!

    1. Grammer Police says:

      We don’t need a trail, or a trial.

      1. Spelling Police says:

        Grammar, not grammer.

      2. idiot police says:

        Haha wow, I know you have to feel a little bit stupid now don’t you? Use a dictionary next time. It’s grammar, not grammer dumb ass. Next time don’t try to make someone feel stupid when you’re a full blown moron yourself.

  5. Daniel says:

    We need a trial because decent law abiding citizens live within the law not outside of it. And the law says he is entitled to a trial. Personally I think that his objective now is to cost the government as much money as possible.

  6. Ken says:

    Accused? What a joke, he did it. I just don’t understand how the other cops were able to restrain themselves from just blasting him right there on the spot now that would have saved alot of taxpayers money.

  7. dave says:

    I’d like to see him hang as well!

  8. JAMIE says:

    Our system of justice only favors judges and lawyers, their salaries, pensions and exhobitant fees keeps them in the lifestyles they are accustomed to. They are the winners, we as taxpayers are the losers, no matter the outcome of this trial.

  9. Charles says:

    Guys like this should be used for realistic (to the death) mixed martial arts training for our military. They would provide invaluable real life scenarios which would enhance our soldiers chances of surviving a real encounter during combat.

  10. Hit Boy says:

    Want to make some money for the PA budget?? Sell seats on this jury…I am sure you could find 12 that would love to give this POS a needle!

  11. Mr Obvious says:

    Why does everyone think Marty Griffin is an idiot?

    1. Hit Boy says:

      It’s obvious!!

  12. steve says:


    1. Charles says:

      Actually, you are probably correct. I won’t pay to see a concert, film, or sporting event but I would pay to see this guy killed.

  13. Hit Boy says:

    You can say anything you want about this guy….wonder why??

  14. Daniel says:

    Three officers were killed and that is/was a tragedy for sure. But the point is that everyone is entitled to a fair trial unless they plead guilty. The officers did not shoot him because when they made contact with him they had no legal reason to do so. They did as they were trained. I do not think that there is any doubt as to his guilt for a second but the fact is this man did not plead guilty. He wants a trial. The odds are 99.999% that he will be convicted. But what if only one juror decides against death? That is one of his goals, which is to stay alive. The other in my opinion is to cost the government as much money as possible. But to kill him without a trial would make us no better than he is.

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