Group Working To Gather Support For Library Tax

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Raising taxes is not usually a popular idea, but the Carnegie Library is banking on Pittsburgh residents to approve a measure that would do just that.

Even on a sweltering summer day, dozens of people braved the heat to praise their library. However, libraries cost money, and with cuts in state and local aid, officials with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh say that’s in short supply.

“We’re asking people in the city of Pittsburgh if they’d consider a 0.25 property tax millage increase to support the library and only to support the library,” said one Carnegie Library official.

The library says that 0.25 mill hike would equate to about $25 a year on a $100,000 home. Around Oakland, support was strong.

“I’m in favor; and we spend a lot of time there, so I think it’s a small price to pay for people to have access to a library,” said one resident.

“You know, a lot of people are going to say we pay enough in taxes already,” said one library official. “We recognize people are going to have differing opinions, but we also know people want their library; it’s important to them, and this is their opportunity to vote.”

It takes about 2,800 signatures, give or take a few, to get the referendum on the ballot. In the meantime, supporters are hoping to log about 9,000 just to be safe.

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One Comment

  1. critter says:

    the heck with the librarys. Not needed

  2. Hit Boy says:

    Why should people that DO NOT use the library, pay for it?? Let the people that want the library and use the library pay for it!!

    1. FedUp says:

      I feel the same way about schools, stadiums, public transit, etc. If I don’t use it, why should my taxes fund them??

  3. TB says:

    ONLY to the library? Do you PROMISE it won’t all go to your cousin’s “contracts” like the Port Authority and DOT money does?

  4. pgh says:

    It won’t happen. City residents already pay higher taxes for the PPS that continue to close more and more locations. Why would we voluntarily pay more taxes for the libraries? Especially when residents from outside the city will go to the closest location, use the resources there, and not pay a dime. If the CLP wants to raise money, lets take a look at other stories from recent history – about the Director’s salary and taking trips paid for by the library. Let’s start there, then maybe paying for a library card (an annual fee wouldn’t hurt for those who WANT to use library services) before making everyone pay ANOTHER tax increase

  5. redrock100 says:

    All old people

  6. Why says:

    I may be mis informed but with a library system that is hurting for money, was it necessary to completely remodel the East Liberty library last year? Not sure who paid for it but I know that if my budget was tight I wouldn’t remodel my house.

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:

      Well…East liberty DESERVES it!!!!!!

  7. Richard says:

    Good luck with getting people to agree to another tax….

  8. bruceUSA says:

    And let’s keep the head supervisor or what ever her title is — let’s keep her salary at 165,000.00+ / yr plus full health benefits too !!! I think she gets a vehicle too!! Give me a big huge gigantic break!! Let’s talk cuts not increased taxes please.

  9. Dave says:

    Several years ago, the state tax in Allegheny County went up from 6 cents to 7 cents/dollar to fund RAD activities, which includes libraries. What happened to this funding?

  10. swin says:

    Are these people nuts? You don’t ever ever ask your government to raise your taxes. They will get around to that without your help.

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