CARRICK (KDKA) — Humane agents have rescued more than 40 cats from a home in Carrick.

The animals were malnourished, dehydrated, covered in fleas and had eye and ear issues from the filth.

According to investigators, the Hazeldell Street home was in deplorable conditions with garbage, debris, food and feces covering the floor. Humane agents had to wear masks inside.

“These cats had no clean area,” said Kathy Hacker, a humane officer. “They had to fight for their food, there is running water in the house, but there was no water down for the cats. There’s bugs everywhere and not even a clean place to lay down.”

“All of these cats need medical care, many of them have upper respiratory infections, many of them are covered with sores, some were completely flea-bitten and have scabs from head to toe,” Jolene Miklas, of Animals Friends, said.

Humane agents say they had been to the home in Carrick three years ago for animal neglect.

The house has been condemned and boarded up. It will be demolished.

Eventually, the animals seized will be up for adoption.

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