Marcellus Shale Industry Draws New Companies To Washington Co.

HICKORY (KDKA) — A recent study shows that the Marcellus Shale created 38,000 jobs last year, but a little restaurant in Washington County shows that the economic impact is a whole lot deeper than that.

Two years ago, the Cherry Hill Grille was struggling to keep the lights on and employees had to cut back their hours.

These days, the restaurant is doing great, catering to shale gas workers who eat out all the time.

“We’re keeping our people working, giving them overtime and more money for them,” Coleen Pascuzzi with Cherry Hill Grille said.

Coleen’s husband is one of those who have benefited most from Marcellus Shale.

“Basically it saved my company from going under and my home from becoming a statistic,” Michael Pascuzzi, of New Dominion Construction, said.

His construction company is now thriving, preparing well sites for the shale gas industry.

Mary Pirih is getting royalty checks for leasing her land for drilling and has more shops and restaurants in which to spend them.

“I think it’s enlivened us again that there is a possibility that we don’t have to be a ghost town anymore,” she said.

There are 50 new energy and energy-related companies within a mile radius of Southpointe. Despite environmental concerns, Jeff Kotula, head of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, says people are embracing the change.

“I think the more that our population here will begin to understand it, understand the economic benefits of it, understand the job creation benefits of it as well, I think eventually it will become accepted here,” he said.

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  1. simian says:

    at what cost? Some money now for no clean water to drink later? look at what this process did in northern Colorado!

    1. The One says:

      Where do you expect the US to get energy from? Should we keep paying people who hate us for there oil?

      Natural gas can be a HUGE windfall for this country and probably the ONLY think that will save our economy (obama sure cant)

  2. Marcellus = Pennsylvania's toxic future says:

    The time for a revolution is near…. Politicians are representing corporations and the corporations are making laws. THe time is near… put down your bible and read your constitution. f 911, f the patriot act, f tsa, f the obamas and bush’s, f homeland security, and f marcellus!

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