City Council Delays Action On Civic Arena Vote

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After emotional debate at city council over the fate of the Civic Arena, Councilman Doug Shields proposed a delay hoping to bring former Governor Ed Rendell to the table to explore the land deal regarding the arena.

That proposal was rejected.

Council agreed to delay action for one week.

Council has final vote among city entities on the fate of the structure.

Back in March, the Pittsburgh City Planning Commission followed in the same footsteps of the City Historic Review Commission by voting against historic status.

At the final public hearing last month, preservationists argued the Igloo could be saved and the area could experience economic development.

However, the Penguins say the demolition of the arena would pave the way for mixed-use development featuring residential space as well as office and retail.

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One Comment

  1. Jenn Edwards says:

    Turn the arena into an animal shelter and or a homeless shelter, therefor none of the homless will be turned away by other shelters because of their lack of space. Change the whole inside to make it a shelter. We don’t need anymore retail in this city, make the difference of animal and people’s lives instead!

  2. Kristina Zurawsky says:

    I say tear it down and make it into a parking lot already. I am getting tired of these people stalling.

  3. Ryan says:


  4. Tod says:

    I think Jackie Evancho should play the arena one more time. lol

  5. JustSaying says:

    Knock it down, pave it over, stripe it and put in hundreds of 3.00 per hour meters! Just think of the money you’ll make Mr. Onorato! Hey, it makes as much sense and most other things the monkeys in charge of $hitsburgh government do!

  6. mark d says:

    what ever they do, just do something, It was a grand place years ago,but old and delapidated now.Too bad it could not be turned into a part of the Planaterium since it has that awesome retractable roof………. Once again the only bad decision is no decision…. Lets go

  7. Knock It Down !!! says:

    Knock that stupid,ugly thing down,you pinheads……Oh, wait, they can’t even fill a hole in the road properly

  8. DavidJ says:

    let them knock it down during the filming of the new Batman movie filming in the city

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