911 Call Released From Tragic Shooting In North Carolina

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The dramatic 911 call about the shooting of two Gateway High School football players in North Carolina have been released.

WOMAN: “There’s one guy across the street that’s down and the guy that’s been shot here has been shot one time. Somebody go get rubber bands.”

DISPATCHER: “Okay I am sending the paramedics to help him now I need to stay on the line with me and I’ll tell you exactly what to do next, Okay?”

WOMAN: “We need 2 ambulances. There is somebody down across the street. We need 2 ambulances.”

The shooting happened Thursday night just outside the Outback Steakhouse in Durham, North Carolina.

The recordings give a tragic glimpse into the drama unfolding as people try to get help for 18-year-old Gateway High School star football player Darrell Turner, Jr. who was across the street and another teammate while on a trip touring colleges and playing in a football tournament.

DISPATCHER: Is there any serious bleeding?

WOMAN: Yes, he is bleeding very bad from his leg.

DISPATCHER: Okay, is he completely alert?

WOMAN: Yes, he’s completely alert.”

That teammate, Thomas Woodson, would survive. But Darrell would not live. Durham Police arrested 22-year-old Gabriel Gamez of San Antonio, TX, for the shooting they say happened “after an apparent altercation in a parking lot” near the hotel where the students were staying.

It was a senseless and heartbreaking act of violence for Darrell’s family.

“If you have a few words let’s say you say it and keep on moving,” Darrell Turner, the victim’s father, said. “To pull out a gun and just recklessly start shooting just to just makes no sense no sense at all.”

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  1. Run says:

    Mr. Gamez might have been looking for trouble, who knows. But I know from experience that when you encounter a pack of black boys who can’t shut up cross the street or fiight your way out because their is going to be some sh**.

    1. Tabitha says:

      I was working one night and a kid did not have his ID so he said well my friend has ID,. I said sir that would be a second party sale and I can’t sale you this beer. His friend walked up to the counter and said I would like to buy this, I said I can’t sell you this item because it is for your friend and it is a second party sale. The young man said you must be new and not know who I am. Because I did not know what type of parents they had I still refused the sale but did not argue my point. They left with nothing but the conversation was weird.

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