PITTSBURGH (Sportsradio 93.7 The FAN ) – Eric Byrnes of the MLB Network joined Seibel, Starkey, and Miller on Sportsradio 93.7 The FAN to talk about the Pirates’ success this season.

Byrnes started by talking about the “Hurdle effect” saying he had a chance to play for Hurdle in 2005 and said the Pirates Manager brings such positivity and energy day in and day out.

Byrnes said he has been surprised by the success of the Pirates, pointing out the great pitching staff including Karstens, Maholm, Morton, and Correia. He said Correia is set to become the fifth pitcher in the league to get his 10th win this season.

Byrnes said he thinks the Pirates are a .500 team but does not see them winning the pennant saying it is refreshing though that team is relevant.  When asked about the lack of bats on the team, Byrnes said if he were the Pirates, he would not do anything in terms of buying or selling for a hitter, rather he would like to see where this team can go the way it is now.  He spoke of the bats coming back around when players like Tabata and Alvarez get healthy.

Byrnes also talked about Jose Bautista and touched on the subject of whether or not he thinks Bautista is clean, considering his incredible jump in numbers.

Byrnes ended the conversation talking about MLB realignment, saying he would not mind seeing it because as a fan, Interleague games are entertaining.  He also talked about adding one team to the playoff mix, saying he is in favor of a 10-team playoff system.

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