Woman Heads To Trial For Providing Alcohol To Teens Before Crash

SALEM (KDKA) – A Salem woman is now headed to trial for allegedly providing beer to teenagers in the hours before they were involved in a fatal crash.

Susan Sanders-Watt, 59, is charged with corruption of minors, recklessly endangering another person and providing alcohol to minors.

The crash happened last summer on Church Road in Salem. It killed three graduates of Greensburg Salem High School.

The victims were Michael Simpson, 19, Jordan Cobb, 19 and Carly Kudray, 18.

Chad Vandergraft, another passenger in the car, was injured, but survived.

Simpson, who was driving, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.147.

The district attorney decided not to file involuntary manslaughter charges because the teens had also been drinking at Kudray’s home earlier in the evening.

The victims’ families were all in the courtroom for Wednesday’s preliminary hearing.

In previous court proceedings, Sanders-Watt apologized for what happened.


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One Comment

  1. marilyn says:

    Why are these adults giving underage children alcohol? This is a sad and senseless tragedy.

  2. ME says:

    If this was a kids only party then no reason for the alcohol. If others adults were there and the kids were permitted to drink they should have all had to at least give up there keys. (I am the last person to be ok with underage drinking but if you are going to allow it, at least make sure kids are stuck with you so no one gets hurt)

    I am 39 years old never had a drink in my life, just not my thing. I had an 18 year old cousin killed a few years back by a 16 year old drunk driver which has assured me even more that I dont need to drink.

    These parents who lost kids I feel sorry for, but at the same time the kids obviously weren’t who the parents thought there were if they did something illegal to be drinking before they were of legal age. Just because something is available doesn’t mean you have to drink it or do it. Unfortunately the kids died leaving the mom who was there and provided the alcohol to suffer the consequences since the kids punishment was death.

    1. annoyomos says:

      @ ME,
      Your best to get facts before you run your month, none of these parents new of what their kids were doing on that night. They assumed that they were going to a graduation party and nothing more. Don’t assume they don’t know their kids because of what happened. I know all of them and their families and love them all, you obviously don’t know them. The only parent to blame is the one and only one who was there that night.

      1. marilyn says:

        I agree with annoyomos (although spelled wrong). You cannot blame the children who passed away. Their families are going through a hell that no one wants to go through. The lady who offered the alcohol to minors is responsible. You can have a graduation party without alcohol. To even think of serving minors alcohol is just irresponsible.

  3. George Bush says:

    You’re going to the greybar hotel,you old bat

  4. Stare at the Truth says:

    This has been happening and its a shame kids aren’t as responsible as we were when I graduated (6 years ago im 24). I know every grad party I went to there was alcohol and most the time parents took keys but it shouldnt be solely her fault i know how a lot of kids would lie and say they werent drinking jsut bc they didnt want to give up the keys soooooo I think it could be negligence but thats it, its also the kids fault for driving and its not like it was a normal drive the teenager may have thought it was the indy 500 like most young kids think now a days even sober…. Shame this whole thing happened times are definitely changing

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