‘Jagr Watch’ Continues With TSN’s Darren Dreger

PITTSBURGH (Sportsradio 93-7 The FAN) — Darren Dreger of TSN joined Seibel, Starkey and Miller on Sportsradio 93-7 The FAN to talk about “Jagr Watch.”

Darren Dreger started the conversation by saying we should all know sooner than later where Jagr will be this season, noting the fact the Penguins seem the most aggressive in acquiring the former Penguin.  Dreger talked about how in-shape Jagr has gotten recently, losing 20-30 pounds which will contribute to his condition saying he would like to have him on his team.

Dreger switched to talk about Tyler Kennedy saying he would be a strong player in the unrestricted free agent market, and despite the fact he is not a “big money” guy, has shown his ability to step up and play.

Dreger said it’s possible the Pens acquire both Jagr and Kennedy, but it is also possible the Pens lose both.  Darren then dropped the news that the Philadelphia Flyers have recently showed interest in Jagr.

Dreger wrapped things up talking about head shots in the NHL, saying the league needs to do more, noting the potential of enforcing a “blanket penalty” for head shots.

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One Comment

  1. Ryan S. says:

    Is this the same Jagr that was booed in Pittsburgh every time he touched the puck after he left the Penguins? This shows how little Penguin fans know about the game. Clueless!

  2. Paul Steigerwald says:

    And just how much do you know about the game, Ryan? I don’t see you as an analyst on the NHL Network.

  3. Raul says:

    Hey Steigy look at you…You know NOTHING about the game yet you are a back stabbing weasel….Cant wait for ROOT to can your midget a##…

  4. Paul Steigerwald says:

    If you know so much about hockey, Raul, why don’t you apply for the job at ROOT Sports?

    1. Ryan S. says:

      My goodness Paul, aren’t you the king of comebacks, way to have an original thought.

  5. Brad says:

    Wow .. Amazing comment after amazing comment.

    Ryan s: what does this article have anything to do with the pens fans? You obviously think little of them. And to even make a comment like “this shows how little penguins fans know about the game” is baseless. As a matter of fact I recall you posting here several times on this site just trying to start arguments. Do you really have nothing better to do? Pick fights on a blog.. Wow

    Raul: you make zero sense… You say steigerwald knows nothing about hockey yet he is a backstabber .. How do these things even relate to each other? How does one have anything to do with the other? It actually boggles my mind that you wrote that. I’m sure you actually have no clue what I’m talking about. I’d explain but I’m sure it would confuse you more.

    Anyway… Why is it a bad thing to take a chance on jagr? We have the cap room, who else out there is worth getting at 2 mil? If it doesn’t work.. Dump him.. No biggie.. Oh and Ryan s, if he does sign. The first time he steps on the ice I hope you are in attendance, your going to have to hold your ears, it’s going to be a very loud ovation for 68..

  6. Dave says:

    Brad – you are spot on with your remarks. Jagr was a teenager when he played for the Pens and his actions reflected this as well. But he has matured into an amazing hockey player, and I hope he chooses Pgh. as his final destination to play. It would be a sight to see him and Malkin/Crosby on the ice together, and just imagine the jolt he can bring to the lackluster power play – he will only help the Pens, and I agree that he will receive positive praise from the fans, at least the true fans who understand hockey.

  7. Avg. Joe says:

    It angers me when fans boo a player. Jagr really didn’t do anything to the fans so why do you have to be disrespectful? I would never boo a good player, only a dirty one like Sean Avery, Matt Cooke, or the Great Ape.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The truth be told the three of them on the power play will be difficult to control all have a better than average chance of scoring anytime let alone on the power play

  9. Kurt says:

    Jagr demanded to be traded out of Pittsburgh. Jagr left the NHL entirely only 3 years ago for a pure money grab. Jagr has put up only slightly above average numbers in the KHL against goaltenders who count The Mighty Robert Esche as their winningest colleague. The ice surface is bigger in the KHL, there is less physical play in the KHL, and Jagr is going to be 40 years old.

    No thanks. I’ll pass. I’d rather wear my Jagr jersey at Pens game parties as a salute to his former greatness, rather than a reminder of his soon-to-be disappointment.

    My biggest problem with signing Jagr is not that he will cost too much. He may even score 10 or 15 goals for the Pens (mostly on the power play). My problem is that he will be forced onto the 2nd or 1st line, and the resulting trickle down effect will keep Eric Tangradi from getting any real opportunity to develop with the big club – same story as with the Kovalev signing (i.e., gave up nothing to get him, but kept Tangradi out of the lineup).

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