Pens And Kennedy Making Progress

By: Mike Vukovcan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- With the start of NHL Free Agency just 28 hours away, the Penguins and Tyler Kennedy are closing in on a new contract.

The two sides have been in constant contact over the last 48 hours and sources tell me they made real progress last night.

All signs are pointing towards a deal being reached sometime this afternoon.

It appears as though Kennedy is more interested in rejoining the Penguins than hitting the free agent market.

Kennedy is taking a financial gamble considering he’d likely land a deal of around $3 million on the open market. is reporting that the two sides are believed to be discussing a two-year deal worth close to $4 million.

The 24-year stepped up big last season when the Pens lost Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal to major injuries.


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  1. Dave says:

    $3M on the open market? That’s ridiculous to pay an average forward that kind of money. I realize there are teams who need to fill their salary cap, but $3M for an average player? There are players in Wilkes-Barre who are on the same playing level who would be willing to play for a lot less.

  2. MR says:

    Being a weak free agent class, that is exactly what he would get. If Colby Freekin Armstrong can get 3 million a year for 4 years then TK can too. Armstrong stinks, less than 45 points in a top 6 role. TK is a way more effective and better player. It happens dude.

  3. Pensfan91 says:

    I’d rather the Pens throw cash at TK than invest anything in Jag-off.

  4. Dave says:

    There is no comparison between the two. Jagr wil bring instant gratification to the Pens, whereas Kennedy is no more than a third line winger, who is inconsistent at best. Jagr consistently racks up over 75+ points a season, which Kennedy has never come close too. I do like Kennedy with Staal and Cooke, but he is an average hockey player. Jagr on the other hand is in an elite class of players, right up there with Lemieux, Gretzky, Crosby, etc. Additionally, there is enough money for both Jagr and Kennedy.

    1. megan says:

      Ya but who is going to last more Kennedy who has real talent and is young and will contiune to get better of Jagr who is most likely going to retire after this yr. i rather see them sign a deal with Kennedy who is young and will get better and works well with the team and will in the long run be better to have. I mean Kennedy showed alot of progress this season and will continue to get better. I mean what would you rather have 4 years with a player who will get better ever year and brings something to the team or 1 year with a player who will definilty help but only for one year. I hope they sign a deal wit both because they are both GREAT players but I’d rather see a deal with Kennedy made first, and if they could only ink one player I’d rather it be him. But they are both great players and will bring something to the team regardless.

      1. CharlotteSteelers/Pens/Pirate/PittFan says:

        So Jagr never had real talent when he won MVP, scoring titles and two stanley cups???? I would rather see the Pens sign the best player who can help us win the Stanley Cup this year! Who cares about 4 years from now. Heck, for that matter this team will look dramatcially different in four years. This team isn’t the Pirates who’s always building for the future. They want to win now and Jagr gives them the best chance at doing that.

  5. Dave says:

    Megan – I have to dispute your comments about Kennedy being a great player. He is average at best. I will hand it to him that he stepped up this year after Crosby/Malkin were injured, but until that time, and over the past couple years, he hasn’t produced. As my previous entry stated, Jagr is in an elite class of players, a class that Kennedy can only dream of being in. I agree with Charlotte that most teams concentrate on the year at hand, and Jagr can definitely help in that regard. While Kennedy may improve down the road, he will never be the caliber of player that Jagr is.

  6. MRHOCKEY22 says:

    i’d ,like to think we can sign both Jags & T.K.; Jagr WAS a star but at 39 the best we can hope for is 50-55 pts.with some solid work down low on the P.P..Kennedy on the other hand seems to be finally tapping into the talent that he’s shown sporatically in the past.

  7. jacob says:

    2 millionfor a 4th liner get out of pittsburgh max get jagr in talbot out

  8. jacob says:

    jaromir jagr should sign w/ pittsburgh tommorow and get this over w/

  9. Anonymous says:

    sign kennedy 2 a 2 year deal worth 1.5 million each year

  10. CharlotteSteelers/Pens/Pirate/PittFan says:

    The thing about it is if Shero felt that he has a top six forward on the team then he would have never went after Jagr in the first place. Just think about the games he could win for us on the power play that Tk couldn’t or that we lost last year going 0-6 on PP chances. I agree that 2 million for a 3rd liner is crazy. TK will be a good role player but I don’t think he’ll ever crack the top two lines unless there are injuries once again.

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