State Police: Car Spins Out Of Control In Rain, 1 Injured

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — State police say one person was injured when a driver lost control of her car in the rain Sunday evening on Interstate 79.

The two-vehicle crash happened around 6:45 p.m. just north of Kirwan Heights.

According to state police, 19-year-old Cassaundra DeCristoforo of Cranberry Township lost control of her Pontiac Vibe while driving in the rain, causing the vehicle to spin out of control.

Officials say that’s when the car hit the side of a Chevrolet Express van. The driver of that vehicle has been identified as Kenneth Miller, 41, of Pittsburgh.

State police say a 20-year-old woman sitting on the rear left side of DeCristoforo’s car was injured. So far, there is no word on her condition.

Pennsylvania State Police
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  • morons

    rain+speed +most of pittsburgh think they can go as fast as they want attitude and not give a damn about anyone else on the road besides them= this.

  • Ace Slick

    That area of 79, along with all the other areas of 79, is out of control and not patrolled by the state police. With a posted limit of 55, the speeds usually are around 80 to 85 rain or shine. Combine that with a 19 year old, inexperienced driver, and it’s a miracle it was not worse.

    This state, along with its antiquated road and highway system, has become the laughing stock for the states surrounding us.

    • Anonymous

      ace you on here everyday nothing else to do

  • Morally Superior wannabes

    I think its disappointing that the first thing people in the area do when hearing about a 19 year olds in a car accident is insult them, especially without knowing the full extent of their possible injuries. If the surrounding states think we’re morons it’s probably because we have idiots like the first two commenters up in the early am hours searching for local gossip and trying to make themselves feel better about their sad lives through local tv websites.

    Accidents are just that. People should try and reflect on their own actions and hope that this incident has not seriously hurt any of the people involved, instead of trying to make themselves feel like a better human being because they haven’t hydroplaned lately.

    Internet + people who should have access to it = idiots who don’t qualify to walk down a road let alone drive on one

  • Anonymous

    ace are on this everyday nothing else to do

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