Buccos: Why Not Now?

By: Paul Alexander
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Chase d'Arnaud, Neil Walker

(Photo Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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I totally get why so many Pirate fans are very reluctant to hop onboard the Bucco Bandwagon. This has been 18 very long and depressing seasons.

My question to those who won’t get emotionally involved is, why not?

Come on. What else is going on? If you truly want your head to cave in, follow the NFL’s labor situation closely. These two sides are trying to figure out a way to share $9.3 billion.

Please. I have to follow it, but Bucco baseball is far more enjoyable.

Clint Hurdle has been an absolute miracle worker. His guys honestly come to the ballpark every day expecting to win.

This team is not rich in talent and right now, only 13 players of the original 25 from opening day are still here.

Injuries, a cult of losing and a fan base that had taken skeptical to a new level, didn’t phase Hurdle and his bunker-like approach.

He doesn’t care what is being said outside the clubhouse. He believes in his guys and his approach.

The Pirates have already totally exceeded my expectations and I would not be surprised if they continue to do just that.

Don’t be afraid. Hop on that Bucco Bandwagon and just enjoy the ride. The beauty of it is the uncertainity.

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