Local Woman Envisions Mobile Breastfeeding Truck

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local artist and teacher at Carnegie Mellon University has come up with an idea to support mothers who are harassed for nursing in public.

Jill Miller envisions something she calls “The Milk Truck.” She wants to buy an ice cream truck and outfit it with a giant breast on the roof.

When a woman is made to feel uncomfortable or told to leave a public place for breastfeeding, she could contact “The Milk Truck.” The truck would respond and park in front of the restaurant or other establishment, along with followers of the program through Twitter and Facebook.

Project manager Tara McElfresh says they will lay down a rug, set up chairs under an awning on the side of the truck, and if the mother still needs to, she can nurse outside in an environment of support.

McElfresh says she’s heard stories of women who have encountered problems breastfeeding in public in Pittsburgh, including a woman who says she was told to leave a restaurant in Squirrel Hill.

Miller is trying to raise $10,000 to make the project a reality through pledges at a site called Kickstarter.com. She’s already raised $4,300 and gotten responses from around the world.

Once completed, the truck is scheduled to be part of an exhibit starting in September at the Andy Warhol Museum.

McElfresh says the truck will also make appearances at events.

Miller says the truck is supposed to be an attention-grabber when it responds to a call for help.

“Thought the nursing mother created a spectacle? Meet ‘The Milk Truck!'” she said.

Kickstarter.com: The Milk Truck
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  • Lindsey

    Im all for being a woman and a mother, as i am one. But theres no reason you cant take 20 minutes out of your time to go in the restroom or the car. Especially at a restuarant, i dont want to be out with my husband and kids eating and see that. And really a truck with a gaint breast? It raises another point, is a womans body not sacred? Its as bad as the movies with nudity every other sence. Some people just dont want to see that.

    • sherry

      Really? So I have to drag my 2 other children with me to a disgusting bathroom (would YOU eat in the bathroom?) or the car in the middle of our meal for me to feed my baby naturally. A woman’s breasts are MADE for feeding our children, it is men who have decided they are sexual and should be covered up and women have let them do so.

    • Durpadeedurp

      Or you could just bottle it like my wife and every other mother with a sense of modesty and decency does.

    • Jody

      YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! go eat in a nasty bathroom. As a mother who nursed three kids, I did it where I wanted and when they needed.

      • Canof Sand

        Your sense of self-respect and respect for society is horribly skewed. You are part of the problem, as is this woman and her contemptible idea of a truck with a “giant breast” on top.

      • Anonymous

        My wife breast fed two children. Sure I saw her do it. So did my 5 yr old with the second child. She never fed them in a restaurant or bathroom. They invented this thing called a pump and you can just prepare for these public feedings.

        “I did it where I wanted and when they needed.” Yes, and this is why you are a pompous ass.

      • Kel

        Pumps didn’t work for me at all. So that option was out of the question for me.

        You are very ignorant. You do realize that pumping and bottle feeding can actually decrease a woman’s milk supply, right?

      • Elainehawk

        Jody you sound very ignorant!!! No-one wants to see your stupid breasts, cover-up and be respectful. You can breastfeeding without exposing yourself like I use to do, I covered up with a blanket or went somewhere where I could have privacy. The truck thing doesn’t sound like it will fly…sorry, bad idea!!!!! And Jody stop being so conceited, it’s very distasteful, no-one wants to hear your bragging. Your mom didn’t teach you any manners or how to act like a lady.

      • Jody

        Elainehawk. may I use your high horse for a moment? Thanks. Ignorance is ASSuming something of which you know nothing about, such as my “exposing” myself when I breastfed. FACT is a woman CAN breastfeed with out exposing herself, even with out the need of a blanket or cover. Conceited? not a bit, I am very modest. Lady like? How boring. If you were such a well mannered lady you would have held your tongue, instead you revealed yourself to be nothing more than a self righteous nit wit. Bravo!

      • Jody

        Great I’m a pompous ass then (shrugs) As if your silly little opinion matters to me. Not ALL women can pump and covering up with a blanket is too much trouble once they start to wiggle around, mine often grabbed the blanket off of their faces any way.

        Besides, when I wear a bathing suit or low cut shirt men AND women stare at my breasts then too.You’d be amazed at how many times I’ve been accused of having implants because mine are “too perfect”. Wonder why no one is calling for us all to dress as some prudish puritan?

      • Canof Sand

        Just because you’re a pervert and you run into strangers who are also perverts (staring at you, etc.) doesn’t mean perversion is okay.

      • Moose

        I have to concur with Anonymous. You sound like a pompous ass.

        I don’t care how good you think you look in a bathing suit. With an attitude like yours, I’d find you quite unattractive.

        I bet my lunch for all next week you are also the type of person who prides themselves on speaking prior to thinking. Assuming unedited spoken thoughts are like unrefined precious gems that are freely vocalized – without regard to etiquette or those around. When you’re real “virtues” are a lack of empathy and self control.

      • jasperddbgghost

        Jody responds to every…..single…post about “her”.

        ….because every time everybody says something on the internet, you have to believe them.

        Me thinks Jody is incarcerated at the moment, real name is Bob
        and he breastfeeds the subordinate inmates. How’s that for playground?

      • Jody

        Canofsand, your arguments are juvenile at beast. Calling someone a pervert for breastfeeding? That’s the best you can do? Sorry munchkin, I don’t battle wits with unarmed minds. Please, exercise some self respect and leave the debating to the adults, not that there are many of those on here.

      • Gator

        You are arguing a false choice. It is not as though a woman’s ONLY two choices are breastfeed at the dining table, or on a filthy bathroom stall with crack needles on the floor. It is a simple thing called common decency and appropriateness. Woman want their breasts to be innocent when feeding, but then dress them up when they want attention, but then accuse men of being perverts when they notice. The women who act stunned when baring a breast in public is deemed innappropriate are the same type of people who are outraged when the 10 commandments are on a courtroom wall, because it is so inappropriate. Personally I like breasts, but I like modesty, appropriateness, and decency better … and I am in the minority in this country anymore.

      • Jody

        To Fanuci and Thrifty Texas Gal, first of all i vote INDEPENDENT, I am not so brainwashed that I can’t see the faults BOTH parties, but thank you for proving yourself to be just another one of those who throws out the liberal dribble. It’s a tired argument, but please, continue. Secondly, the request to see my boobs was a cute little attempt at a dare. Sorry kiddo, you’re not dealing with someone as witless as yourself who responds to play ground dares.

      • Fanuci

        Jody why not post some pics of your “perfect” rack?

      • http://thriftytexasgal.wordpress.com Thrifty Texas Gal

        You sound like a freakin liberal.

      • BarrysHypocrisy

        I think public breast feeders get off on the extra attention that they get. They probably don’t get enough attention from their husbands at home so they’re trying to get it somewhere else.

      • Jody

        Yes Robert because urinating and breastfeeding are the same thing right? Ever heard the quote “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt .” Well you have certainly left no room for doubt. Then again, your kind never does.

      • Robert N

        I feel the same way about peeing, and I have no problem now peeing into a water glass at even the nicest establishments. It’s gotta be about my comfort. Peeing is not sexual. Maybe we’re just hardwired to be offended. I don’t know.

      • Jody

        Suzanne, do you go to the beach or public swimming areas? If yes then your husband has seen other women’s BREASTS and so have your children. They’ve probably seen more BOOB in those situations than if they were to gawk at a breast feeding mother. Are you really that insecure that you are afraid of your husband seeing another woman’s BREAST? That’s SAD!!!!

        I teach my children it’s impolite to stare, do you?

      • Suzanne

        We teach our kids, well most of us do, that breasts are part of our “private areas”. Why do they suddenly become “public” just because you decide to nurse??? I don’t want my children or my husband seeing your “private areas”!!!!

      • Jerrod

        I’m all for it.I like to stick my hands in my pockets and play with my balls while watching hot moms breastfeed

      • Jody

        Gator, the person I responded to made the suggestion of nursing in the bathroom. I know this thread is huge and jumbled so you may have missed that post. As for decency, I am all for it! what I am intolerant of is ignorance. And where did i say I wanted my breasts to be “innocent”? Boobs are boobs, my opinion is people need to quit being so uptight over them! Not every woman can pump, not every baby will accept a bottle and there are even those who are physically incapable of using one. Cover ups are impractical once the baby gets old enough to yank it off and can create a situation where the mother brings attention to herself while fighting her infant in order to keep it covered. As for the gawkers, men will be men and uptight women will be uptight women. It’s no different than wearing a bikini and having some prude get all huffy because she catches her man sneaking a peek. Besides, in all my years of breastfeeding in public, I can honestly saw no one was ever able to catch a peep of my boob unless they came right over to me and stood over top of me and in that case should anyone be so stupid they might have found themselves shamed publicly. I’m not shy and I have a pretty sharp tongue ;-)

    • Bob Jones

      Thank you for being respectful.

      I don’t have a problem with a mother feeding her child, but do I really want to see a lady pull out her boob, flop it around and feed it to her child? Especially while I myself am eating in a restaurant? No, not really.

      There’s a time and a place for everything, and a restaurant/retail store is not the time OR place to pull out your boob and feed your child.

      I’m all for respecting feeding mothers, but remember, respect is a two way street.

    • donating to breastmilk truck

      Oh come on Lindsey! I’m donating to the truck, it’s about time we stop giving in to conservative, unnatural behavior that is backpedaling this country into the dark ages. I’m a new mom and am loving it, and when my baby girl is hungry, I don’t care wear we are, I’ll feed her until she’s as happy as can be. It’s the most amazing thing in this world, and I won’t hide it.

      • Growup

        What’s it like being a narcissist? No one is impressed by your supposedly “enlightened” approach to life. No one is even telling you not to breast feed your child. I can’t take my pants off on a hot humid day, even though there’s swampy conditions below. What? Was that too nasty for you? Guess what? What i said isn’t sexual either but some people find public breastfeeding equally as repulsive as me walking around pantsless on a hot day. Sure, both may feel good, but fair or not, those are the rules and they don’t bend because you don’t like them.

      • Ulfhendar

        Uh, conservatism has NOTHING to do with breast feeding, as far as I know. They used to be the ‘traditional’ folks, before the polarizing of liberals and conservatives by the powers that be (the govt), who want the people to be divisive. What could be more tradidional than breast feeding a kid?

      • McKenzie

        Uh – what does being conservative have to do with breast feeding? Nothing says tin foil hat like, “Help! Conservatives won’t let me breast feed! Help! I’m being oppressed!”

        You know, it REALLY IS a conspiracy. Conservatives don’t want you to breast feed because breast milk is healthier for brain development than dry milk. Conservatives want mindless drones, not young, healthy, enlightened liberals! You might be on to something here – seriously!!! I bet in 15 years, conservatives will make breast feeding illegal all together.

    • omgitsaboob


      Skipping feedings can cause mastitis for many women. Not to mention that pumped milk can be a valuable commodity. Using up a bottle of pumped milk when the mom is right there with milk available would be wasteful for some moms.

      As a stay-at-home mom I have a decent sized stash of 60 oz in the freezer. That represents about 10-12 feedings. I would not feel comfortable using 10% of my freezer supply up for a routine outing — especially when I am there with my baby and can provide for them right from the tap.

    • Michael Hansen

      Are you serious? Would you eat in the restroom? You really need to grow up if you feel a woman breast feeding is an offence to society. Next time you are out, be sure to take your kids into the rest room to eat their lunch. You have some nerve lady…

      • Elainehawk

        Michael…you are obviously an idiot….I breastfed my kids in public with a blanket over me and the baby…we are talking about women thinking it’s ok to expose their boobs when doing so!!!! We are not naked cave people anymore, or maybe that’s how you Live !!!!!

    • Sick of Stupid People

      Yes, let me go and feed my baby in an unclean public restroom or take my other kids away from their activities and lock them in the car with me because if your sensitivities. Every nursing mom I’ve ever seen takes great care to make sure she’s respectful of everyone else and stays covered so if you can’t keep your eyes to your self then you damn well deserve to see everything that “offends” your sensibilities!

    • Melvin

      Oh, let me guess another, “In Your Face Mother,” proclaiming to the world, that they are a mother.”Stow it sister, your not the first mother and not the last, and besides you love your child, but don’t force it on the rest of us.

      • babboo


        What’s the issue? your parents forced you on us. Apparently that makes us even.

      • Mother Nature

        Awwww… you must be one of those lovely Child-free nut jobs! Nice to meet you! I always enjoy having fun with your type ;-)

      • kristy

        why do you feel the need to call someone who doesn’t want, or is unable to have, kids “a Child-free nut job?” wow – you’re a piece of work.

      • Mother Nature

        Get over yourself Kristy, Melvin’s comment was equally insulting towards parents, yet i don’t see you making a sad attempt at chastising him.

      • kristy

        wow. we’re a “tad testy,” aren’t we? i’m y, but i don’t have the time or inclination to criticize or compliment every single post on here. i pick and choose ’em, hon. get over YOURSELF.

      • Mother Nature

        So now I’m testy for pointing out your double standard? What ever gets you through the day, sweet pea.

      • anna

        Why can’t we just let loving mothers discreetly feed their babies and if we are not comfortable look away. No name calling, rude remarks, stares, or comments. Just look somewhere else. In a restaurant you usually have plenty to look at, how about the person you are with or a book. Why do some people seem to make this such an issue. Are there not enough more critical issues in our society that actually harm society??? Keep on breastfeeding your children discreetly and most of the time no one even notices or cares. And quite often a grandmother like me will remember with pleasure that time in our lives.

      • Deb

        Thanks, Anna, for an intelligent comment. I nursed three babies in the1980’s and found the encouragement I received came from women who had nursed in the 20’s or 30’s. By my mother’s generation they were only bottle feeding (the 50’s) and didn’t understand why our generation would choose to breastfeed. Most of these posted comments reveal a lack of respect for mothers and their choice to do what’s best for their baby. Sadly, I’m seeing this generation moving away from breastfeeding. The benefits for the child are undeniable. As far as pumping breast milk…why? The convenience is part of the advantage.

      • Ash

        Thank you for your…I don’t know what to call it. Kindness? Humanity? I go to a very small church, and it was an older lady who set up a nursing room for those of us with young babies. I would not have been able to go to church until my son was nine months and old enough for real solids if it hadn’t been for that room, as he inevitably would get hungry during our hour and a half service. I tried nursing in the nursery once, but a gentleman came back to let his daughter play, and he was embarassed and flustered even though nothing was showing. After that, it was the nursing room for me–a storage closet with a few extra chairs set up and a piece of paper over the window in the door, but at least it was a place I could breastfeed without bothering anyone.

        I do hope, though it’s a long way off, that nursing my children will normalize it for them. Perhaps then, when they’re grown, they won’t throw such stupid fits about people needing to use bottles in public. Maybe they’ll be more understanding and will simply smile and know how happy and healthy some random nursing mom’s baby must be instead of demeaning and insulting her while she tries to do nothing more than care for her child. It only took a few generations to turn all of humanity’s long history as milk-producing and -consuming mammals on its head. Maybe, if I’m lucky, it will only take a few generations and some women willing to risk being kicked out of restaraunts and other public places to make breastfeeding an acceptable, normal option again. Who knows, maybe I’ll even live to see it.

        And when you do notice, and you do remember with such pleasure, never underestimate what a simple smile or a kind word might do for that mom, who’s probably expecting someone to pick a fight instead!

      • kristy

        should’ve typed “sorry.”

    • Sid Fein

      I’ve seen breasts before, they don’t bother me. I think that there are two extreme sides to this issue. Overmodesty vs. Voyeurism. (Is overmodesty a word? hehehe) There should be some middle ground that we AS A SOCIETY should be able to adhere to. There should be NO laws regarding this, just a respect for decency on one side and respect for nessesity on the other.

    • Jax

      Anyone who thinks that a baby should be fed in a bathroom should have their meal served in a toilet bowl.
      On that note…breast feeding, bottle feeding, should end on the baby’s first birthday.

      • omgitsaboob

        Jax- The World Health Organization recommends that mothers breastfeed for the first two years — or longer both mom and baby desire. The benefits to a child’s immune system stretch into toddlerhood, when kids often begin exploring their worlds more and being exposed to more germs. Additionally, the fat in breastmilk is most readily metabolized and easily transformed into mylenin, the substance which coats nerves and newly formed neural pathways in the brain. And the calcium in breastmilk is the most easily absorbed to build strong bones. Finally, the proteins in breastmilk are shorter than those in cowmilk and thus more easily metabolized to be used to build growing bodies.

        Breastmilk is just as beneficial to a toddler as it is to an infant. Switching an infant over to cow’s milk after a year for the sake of twisted cultural prejudices does a disservice to our children.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah – sorry. I’m not feeding my baby in a dirty bathroom.

    • Anonymous

      to the restroom?! are you serious? Would YOU eat your lunch/diner in the bathroom in a stall next to someone who is pooping and/or doing their business?! I honestly don’t think you would. So don’t ask our infants/children to do the same.

    • Harley

      There is nothing wrong with breatfeeding in public, but American women have no class or tact about it. Cover yourself with a thin blanket for modesty the same way my mom did in public. I am sick and tired of seeing mothers breast feed their children and then look around to pick a fight with people who might indirectly object to seeing the wilderbeast act.
      I saw Selma Hayak wip it out and breastfeed an African child on national tv and was surprised that the blacks around her didn’t stop the freak show that we call child abuse.

    • Anonymous

      DO YOU EAT IN THE RESTROOM, REALLY? People who make such comments really do not understand the problems that our society inflicts on breast feeding moms. People go to Hooters and that is not a problem!

    • Christina smith

      . . .I feel like a second class citizen when I have to be the one to hide. I prefer to be discreet as well. . .blanket or whatever. . .but as a woman and a mother I think our job is second to none and harassment is certainly not supporting our role. You ought to stay home if you can’t handle normally functioning people.

      I understand the giant breast though. . .I don’t think as someone who does it quietly I’d want a beacon like that over me. I’m not trying to make a statement, I’m just trying to feed my child.

    • Ed Hartwell

      Are you saying you would like the baby to feed in a restroom? Breastfeeding is a very normal and healthy aspect of motherhood. Why would you want to send this sacred woman’s body to the restroom or car? Breastfeeding is legal and allowed in most states. If you are offended or oject in any way, you should exit the facility.

    • Anonymous

      Would you eat in a public bathroom?? Why should my child? If you don’t want to see it then look away.

    • Ulfhendar

      Are you reall that much of a puritan that you can’t handle the sight of a woman breast feedin a child? It’s not like she’s on a stripper pole on your table or something, If you equate breast feeding to arousal, you may just be a puritan.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to see YOU eat in the restroom. Disgusting thought, isn’t it? If you don’t like to see a mother breastfeeding her child, don’t look. Its a baby eating, that’s it. Society has sexualized breasts. But babies still need to eat, so deal with it.

    • Bones

      LOL – I think you summed it up pretty well.

    • Anonymous

      that is completely absurd ….yes a women”s body is sacred and that is why it should not be treated as a sex object ! Giving milk to your infant is the most important thing you can do and having to hide out in a bathroom or your car is completely unfair. When I breast fed my daughter I would lift my shirt and she would nurse and my breast was barely visible, why should I need to sit in a smelly bathroom just to do the most natural thing we are built to do?

    • Ian

      You’re an idiot.

    • Katie

      Seriously, I am a mother of a 4 month old baby. I don’t want to see that. Pump and put it in a bottle or go to your car.

      • Eric Haaland

        +1 for formula being gross. That said, if you have some medical reason for not being able to breastfeed, what else are you going to do?; wet nurses are hard to come by these days so you shouldn’t feel guilty as long as it really was a last resort.

      • Anonymous

        Gee Heather. I was formula-fed due to the fact that my mother was sick and did not have any milk. What am I, gross, too? Get off my Internet, please.

      • Ellen

        Heather — formula feeding is not GROSS. That is a horrible thing to say. Women who formula feed need just as much support as women who breast feed. Talk to any mother whose child couldn’t breastfeed. Formula is not awful. It is not evil or nor does it mean that the mother doesn’t love her child. Don’t be one of those breastfeeders who bad mouth those who use formula. It just as cruel as saying breastmilk is gross.

      • Heather

        You are probably the mother to a 4 month old who is formula fed(gross). If I was to pump milk before we left the house how do suppose that I warm this milk when my child needs it? All the people who are against breast feeding in public are just breast feeding ignorant. You need to educate yourselves on breast feeding before you make stupid sexual comments on it.

    • robert

      Women should be able to breastfeed in public. It’s natural and not sexual. Grow up. I don’t want to see guys wearing wife beaters on and baggy pants but I am a grown up and just ignore it. The truck is an interesting but probably uneccessary one.

      • jasperddbgghost

        Exactly. Next thing you know we will have a prostate awareness truck
        with huge genitals on it…..but I think that already exists…in SanFranSicko.

    • omgitsaboob

      Would you eat your lunch in the restroom?

      Trust me, if you’re a breastfeeding mom, your husband and kids will see you do it. Particularly when you have a newborn during growth spurts, they can nurse as often as every hour, sometimes for over an hour at a time.

      • Steve Bobenson

        I’ve often see women nurse in public places and personally have no problem with it. Maybe we’re indoctrinated into a culture that somehow sees breastfeeding in public as sexual, when it’s really a perfectly natural thing to do. Maybe it’s so hardwired into us, that such a public act is met with revulsion. It’s 2011, you’d think we wouldn’t be still so ashamed of our bodies. Thanks pope.

      • Nelson Miles

        I would like to see all lactating mothers nurse in public. I don’t think they should have to cover up either. How would you like to have a blanket thrown over your head when you are being nourished. Got mother’s milk? I want some too.

      • ElaineHawk

        Look…I have breastfed my kids too. I did it with a blanket over the baby, so no-one could see. But If women are breastfeeding and exposing themselves…then you are nothing but an exhibitionist….be respectful…I don’t want to look at your boobs hanging out…that just means you have no class.

      • Tarmangani

        I think you should be able to do it whenever and wherever you wish. I only hope I am there and I have my camera with me. If you think it is all that natural then you will have no problem having your “moment” enshrined on YouTube.

      • Heywood

        Get it done before the food comes out …

      • John Galt

        “Would you eat your lunch in the restroom?”

        There is no better possible response!

      • Anonymous

        If a I see a woman breast feeding in public, ide beeter see some breast action!!

      • David Griffin

        I agree with dawn. There is a time and a place for almost everything. But any time and any place is not appropriate

      • dawn

        @Steve Bobenson

        “it’s really a perfectly natureal thing to do.”

        So is voiding and defecating, but I don’t want to see someone doing that in public either.

        Our society has become so focused on “ME” and “I have the RIGHT to do whatever I like” that we’ve lost all sense of right and wrong.

      • Dave

        Breastfeeding is perfectly natural. People get hung up on this. what a bonding experience between a mother and her child.

        There is nothing sexual about this

    • jellylee2020

      This is a free country, if you don’t want to see a movie, don’t go. If you don’t want to see others breastfeeding in public, look away. I find people’s over zealous religious decoration of their home offense in my neighborhood but I don’t go about making a stink asking them to tone it down. It’s their right to display whatever they want in their front lawn regardless how offensive they may be to me.

  • Get A Room

    Urinating and defecating are as natural as breastfeeding so why can’t I do either of those things in the dining room of a restaurant?

    • Jax

      We are speaking to the baby eating not pooping…did you miss something? Are you a liberal…that would explain it…those folks always miss the point.

      • Reddingo

        He’s probably a conservative, those are the people who get upset about women breastfeeding in public.

      • jellylee2020

        Liberals are not offending by public breastfeeding. The conservatives are the ones making the stupid noises.

    • Canof Sand

      You can argue breastfeeding in public is okay because [insert argument here], but you CANNOT honestly argue that “Get A Room’s” point doesn’t defeat yours about breastfeeding being “natural” and thus okay.

      • holy jeebus

        Uhhh, yes she can. Two completely different things. Breastfeeding a baby at a table is FAR different than changing it’s diaper on the table.

    • Mike

      So you can eat in a resturant but a baby can’t?

      Did you even bother to think about what you typed before you hit submit? Get real.

    • Anonymous

      really? urinating and defecating?? That’s what you compare nursing too? Get help!

    • Karen S.

      Because one is eliminating waste and another is feeding a child. Oh heavens, I sure hope you don’t actually confuse these two things in practice!!!

      • Dwayne Golden

        Seriously, he/she probably does confuse the two concepts. Seriously, how could it EVER offend anyone to see a mother feeding an infant that way.

  • Anonymous

    Really???? I thought the whole idea was to take the embarassment out of breast feeding, and you put a big breast on the top of the truck, gee, no embarassment there.

    Im all for breast feeding, however it would be nice for women to have some dignity when doing so. There is no reason you can’t cover yourself. I would breast feed almost anywhere and most never knew I did it because I had a really cute cover. Other than the occassional slurp from the gluton underneath nobody knew.

    Enjoy your baby completely, but no need to make others feel uncomfortable or uneasy about your duties as a mother. Exposing yourself in public is just no discreet. Have some dignity and self respect. When women don’t and they expose themselves anywhere to feed the baby, they sure do take away the preciousness and beauty of the bond that takes place.

    • omgitsaboob

      Even the lightweight covers would leave my baby drenched in sweat. And they only worked until he was about 4 months old, as after that he would grab it and pull it away.

    • Crystal

      I agree completely. I whole-heartedly support breastfeeding as I breastfed all three of my kids but have some dignity and do it privately. I don’t want to see your breast, my children and husband don’t want or need to see your breast. The reason people complain about others breastfeeding in public is because they have no shame and flop their boob out wherever they are. Have some modesty or join a nudist colony until your child quits breastfeeding. For all the mother’s that breastfeed with dignity…. Great Job!

    • Suzie

      First sane comment on this board… I agree!!!! Have dignity for yourself and respect for others!

    • Ash

      The problem is that some people freak out if they even realize you’re breastfeeding at all in their august presences. I don’t have any desire to show my breasts to the world. When possible, I find a quiet spot in a changing room (NOT a bathroom), where there’s a bench and a little privacy. That’s not always possible, though, and my son hates being covered up. Messing with the nursing cover just ends up drawing more attention. I wear a nursing tank under a shirt–pull the top layer up, unsnap the top of the tank, and no one can see a thing once he’s latched on.

      Guess what? The people who realize that he’s nursing STILL throw fits. It’s not about endangering their sensitive eyes by ripping my whole shirt off in public–it’s about their issues with me feeding my child the way he was meant to eat. I’m lucky that my body responds well to a pump, and early on, I did take bottles of pumped milk with us occasionally when we went out. That included to family’s houses, because they took (and take) major issue with my breastfeeding at all.. Breastfeeding is a supply and demand system, though, and when your baby starts demanding, your body’s also ready to start supplying. Bringing a bottle of expressed milk meant I also needed to bring my pump and find a place to use it shortly thereafter or risk engorgement and the accompanying pain, and I have yet to find a discreet way to pump, unlike nursing. Maybe if more people knew just how crucial it is to nurse or pump when your child is hungry, we wouldn’t have the insane levels of new moms whose milk supplies just magically “disappear” when they start supplementing with formula to avoid the embarassment of being treated like a leper for simply wanting to feed your kid.

      • MomWhoNurses

        Couldn’t agree more…with all of it!

        People forget that breasts have TWO purposes, not just one. And it doesn’t matter how discreet the mother is, it can make other people uncomfortable. We have become a society where we feel we must be comfortable at all times. UGH! This is why we have suburbs built with 10 foot fences all around so we don’t have to be uncomfortable with people not “like us”. Well, given that we happen to live on a planet with OTHER PEOPLE, we will sometimes become uncomfortable. There is also an article just out about an airline thinking about banning infants from flying because they fuss and it makes some people uncomfortable.

    • annon

      Really?, Seriously?, Get Out!, Shut up! (insert next overused cliché here)

      Are you able to speak/write without idiotic trendy phrases

      Making love is both beautiful and natural. Just like breast feeding.

      • I back these guys


    • Karen S.

      I think the idea is that the breastfeeding mom has nothing to be embarrassed about — it’s the waiter or shopkeeper or whomever is breaking the law by asking her to “do that somewhere else” who should be ashamed!

      I don’t like those covers for my own use. I’m not ashamed of feeding my child, the covers are not comfortable for either me or my child, and when my child wants to eat I’m not going to fiddle around with a drape around my neck — I’m going to feed my child. However I am glad that such things are available for women who are uncomfortable otherwise.

      • Udder Dropping

        Sorry Phil but you are wrong if you live in PA and about 45 other states :(

        Public or Private if you have a right to be there otherwise you can not be thrown out. Check it out, I’m coming to your restaurant and dropping udder!

        § 636.3. General rule

        A mother shall be permitted to breastfeed her child in any location, public or private, where the mother and child are otherwise authorized to be present, irrespective of whether or not the mother’s breast is covered during or incidental to the breastfeeding.

      • Philip Inuhoff

        You have ZERO rights in an eating establishment owned by a private citizen.. You can not come to my house and drop udder, what makes you think you can do it in my restaurant?
        I have every right to refuse service to anybody I want for any reason I want…

        No SOUP FOR YOU!!!!

      • Hindsight Hippo

        Just because it is within your rights to do a thing does not mean it isn’t selfish and rude.

        I have a right to say whatever I want, but it’s still incredibly rude for me to fail to take into account the feelings of the people around me. It would be rude for me to discuss my embarassing medical problems in front of strangers who might be uncomfortable. It is equally rude for you to refuse to take into account the sensibilities of others when you refuse measures of modesty while breastfeeding.

      • Karen S.

        Actually Canof Sand, it is my right.

      • Canof Sand

        Judge them silly or not, it’s not your “right” to breastfeed openly (without covers) in a restaurant or some place, and you well know how that’s going to be taken by others. You are being selfish if you refuse to be modest. The baby can certainly handle appropriate measures being taken, whether it’s covers or going to another room. And y’know what? Too bad for you if you have to take them to another room because you don’t like the covers or the baby *really* doesn’t like them (but I have to point out that most babies can learn to deal with those things just fine even if they’re not entirely happy with them; all kids are unique, of course). Parents have to take their kids out of places all the time for various things. Deal with it.

      • Karen S.

        @Jim, I don’t judge them to be silly at all. I said I’m glad that covers are available for women who feel more comfortable using them. But it would be silly for me to use something that I find uncomfortable, that my child finds uncomfortable, to prevent discomfort on the parts of others… especially when I have never noticed anyone being discomforted by my breastfeeding my child!

        I do challenge the idea that the mental discomfort of a stranger should trump the physical discomfort of my own child.

      • Jim

        As others have pointed out, I have no problem with breast-feeding in public. But Anon simply proposed taking other people’s feelings into consideration. You respond with by making it about what you want, Karen. The covers are a nice compromise, because it isn’t fair to other people who are paying for their meal to be forced into an uncomfortable situation. And if you judge them silly for it, fine. But you don’t get to force your social intolerance on them any more than they should be entirely able to enforce any intolerance on you.

        So compromise. Stop being so self-centered, please. Balance the needs/wants of others with your personal desires/convictions. This is how you make progress.

      • Anonymous

        When I’m trying to eat my meal that I paid for I’d rather not have a woman at the table next to me with her boob hanging out. EW.

      • Anonymous

        its not about the mother being uncomfortable. it’s about having some self respect and privacy and intimacy that doesn’t need to be shared with the entire world. I never found the breathable, lightweight, modest covers to be a bother or uncomfortable at all.

        Besides with all the freaks nowadays and the perverts, it was nice to know that they weren’t getting a show while mom and baby were having a moment. I have no problem with women breastfeeding, but taking others feelings into consideration and having some modesty was my point.

        Just because it’s your right doesn’t mean it’s ok to offend others, especially if you know it might bother some.

  • Anonymous

    a couple of things. 1. Milk can still go bad in a bottle unless refrigerated.
    2. They are not the most anatomy friendly. They can be painful. I’ve done it both ways.

  • This isn't Europe

    1. A store keeper can refuse business to anyone they want. It’s kind of a perk of owning a business.
    2. Isn’t breastfeeding suppose to be discreet? Why would any woman want to climb inside a vehicle with a huge boob on top? Might as well put neon lights around the nipple while you’re at it. How many crank calls do you think this service is going to get? “Huh huh… Let’s send the boob mobile to Timmy’s house. huh huh”

    Good concept but going about it all the wrong way. All you have to do is be discreet. Cover yourself up when doing so.

    • Not Stupid

      You should spend five minutes doing research before spouting off and revealing to everyone how ignorant you are. In most states, a woman has a statutory right to breastfeed anywhere she otherwise has a right to be, and that includes private property, like shops, that is open to the public for business. If you are a shopkeeper, and you refuse business to someone on this ground, in most states you are committing a crime.

      • omgitsaboob

        Mom with Manners-

        How long did you breastfeed? The standard these days, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Org is to breastfeed for at least 1-2 years, or until mutually decided by mother and baby. I’m guessing you didn’t breastfeed for a year.

        I’m also guessing you supplemented.

        Both are your choice, but they’re not for everyone, and for those that don’t opt to stop nursing at, say, 3-6 months or don’t opt to supplement, they will most likely need to nurse in public — or else they would never manage to leave their house.

      • omgitsaboob


        My point is that a lot of women claim that they breastfed their babies but only did so for a short amount of time. Sure, it’s easy to limit when and where you breastfeed if you’re only doing it for a few months — or if you’re already supplementing with formula, and your kid is used to getting a bottle.

        But those who do stick to the AAP and WHO guidelines and nurse for 1-2 years are more likely to find themselves out and about during that length of time, and they’ll need to feed their babies while out. My son rejected bottles after he was about 3 months old. I could only feed him from the breast. He nurses about every 3 hours. If he is going through a growth spurt it is more frequent. My situation is not unique. I don’t use covers. My baby gets hot and will grab it and wave it around. I do use shirts like this one: http://content.babysteals.com/images/product/777/add3-pika-380.jpg , and you can’t even tell I’m breastfeeding.

      • Canof Sand

        @omg Nothing you posted is relevant to the point “Mom with manners” was making (unless you’re making the absurd argument that people who nurse for 1-2 years cannot do so discreetly). It was purely an attack on her. There’s something wrong with you… but given that you’re apparently immodest and inconsiderate of others, adding ilogical and frankly rude (no amount of couching it with “it’s your choice” tones down the implications of “you didn’t do it right”) on top of that, given this topic, is hardly a surprise.

      • Mom with manners

        Not in my state. Thank God. I breastfed two children. And guess what? I never exposed myself in public. In fact, about 99 percent of the time, I breastfed at home. The other 1 percent of the time, I was in my car or discreetly covered. Just because you are a breast-feeding mother, doesn’t mean you are exempt from good manners. Sadly, many women are more concerned about showing their power than acting in good taste.

      • B_NRV

        You must be one of those people who ignore the, NO FOOD or DRINK signs. Annoying!

    • Karen S.

      A storekeeper would be breaking the law in so doing. A woman has the right to breastfeed her child in public in Pennsylvania.

      Why, actually, should breastfeeding be discreet? It’s just feeding a child. I have three kids and if I had to pick 1000 words to describe them, discreet would not be one of them.

      • Michael D

        “A store keeper would be breaking the law in so doing. A woman has the right to breastfeed her child in public in Pennsylvania.”
        It is funny how wick to point out the “mistakes” in other people’s arguments, yet yours are often equally as flawed, or flat out incorrect. Sure, you have the right in public… Just a note you may want to consider. These restaurants or businesses or shops, are not necessarily considered public, and they do reserve the right to refuse service to whomever they please. if you wish to exercise your right to breast feed in public, go outside in a truly “public” sense of the word and do so there.
        I am in no way against breast feeding, or even breast feeding in public. However, please hold a little respect for the people around you. this whole debate requires compromise from both sides, but for some reason you seem to expect everyone to conform to what you believe because you have the “right” to publicly breastfeed, so to hell with their feelings. Sure, people need to grow up… A child is hungry and isn’t going to stop fussing just because the person in the next booth is uncomfortable. This means a child needs to be fed, and in my opinion, a feeding child is better than a screaming child. However, I do also believe that although the baby isn’t going to have any discretion, the GROWN UP mother should. If you are being discrete and respectful about it, more power to you. If you hold the self-centered and self-righteous attitude that “I am going to breast feed, when I want, where I want, and however I want” you are in fact the problem.
        Though reading these comments, and in particular those by people such as yourself or Jody, you are the first to blame all these “ignorant” people and discredit their opinions and only accept your own, or those directly in line with yours, as gospel. May I point out that this very attitude is actually ignorant by the very meaning of the word.

      • Calling Your Bluff

        This is for Philip Inuhoff and all other supposed restaurant owners responding. Please, list the names or your stores or restaurants here. I am sure there are many who will be happy to oblige your hateful attitudes and refuse to patronize your stores or food establishments. They will also be more than happy to use WOM and help decrease the number of clientele for you. Let’s see how many of you are as big and bad as you claim on a message board and have the cojones to name your stores complete with location, City and State.

      • Philip Inuhoff

        You Idiot! A restaurant is a PRIVATE establishment not a PUBLIC place!!! Get a clue, milk sack! I have ejected at least 10 women from my restaurants for breastfeeding in my 30 years in business.. I have ejected loud talkers, cell phone users,loud gum smackers, smokers, dirtbags, beach attire, smelly pigs, etc…… I would eject you as soon as you opened your mouth to argue… if you refuse, the Sheriff will drag you out…86’d

      • Ash

        Rzr Tuf, I really hope you’re just a troll trying to pick a fight. A few points: Men can cook just as well as women if they feel the need. I do cook for my family, and we’re healthier and have more money in our bank account because of it. Still, my parents are convinced that eating out is the greatest treat ever for us, and they insist on taking us to restaurants occasionally. I have yet to be able to convince them to come over here or cook supper for us at home. What should I have done when my son was still exclusively breastfed and got hungry while we were out? I barely like going to the bathroom in most restaurants, much less sitting on a toilet (almost always without a lid) and trying to nurse. When we drove, I would sometimes spend the entire meal going back and forth between the table and the car, sitting alone in a parking lot while everyone else ate without me (where I’ve been stared at and where someone once pounded on my door and informed me that I was disgusting and that formula was invented for a reason). When we took a bus, I was really out of luck. I’m very modest, particularly by today’s standards, but I don’t see the problem with choosing a booth in a corner somewhere and discreetly nursing if my kid needs it. Would you prefer that he scream in hunger the whole time? Or maybe you’d prefer that I stayed barefoot in the kitchen and didn’t set foot outside my house until this child and any future ones are weaned. Always better just to let the menfolk go enjoy a night on the town without us pesky women getting in the way with our covered breasts and hungry (but easily satisfied) babies.

      • Rzr Tuf

        Women should be feeding their family at home during these hard economic times. And I for one am sick and tired of all you young ladies full of yourselves…full of drama and I will do as I please, so there.This is America and I for one would like to see laws that make breastfeeding in public a so called right repealed.

      • BD

        Too bad a privately owned RESTAURANT is NOT a PUBLIC PLACE. If I don’t want you on my property I can ask you to leave.

        My wife breastfed, and being forced to go to the bathroom isn’t ideal many times, but tossing a light weight cover/blanket over the baby is not just beneficial for the adults around, but usually the baby will eat more because its not distracted.

      • Karen S.

        Well, I guess I’m not embarrassed to be a pot-stirrer either. Or is the comment section on a news site only open to comments critical of a story? Perhaps I missed that guideline. Anyway, I do know what the law is — a mother has a right to nurse her child in any public place where she has a right to be. If I was ejected from an establishment for doing something that was legal, then that would be an illegal act. It would be discriminatory. If a shopkeeper ejected someone of a particular race or religion from their establishment, not because the SHOPKEEPER didn’t like them, but rather because the other customers didn’t, that would also be discrimination.

        For what it’s worth, I have never ever seen anyone “whip it out” and I spend time with, you may guess, a pretty breastfeeding-friendly bunch. I find Pittsburgh to be a very accepting place for public breastfeeding and the only comments I have received when I am breastfeeding a child in public is a grandmotherly type sharing with me that nursing her kids is one of her most beloved memories.

      • Just let it go

        You really don’t have a clue about the law. Please stop.

      • Antonina M.

        If you don’t even have the basic concepts of our legal system down, please don’t try and explain it to people. Haven’t you ever seen signs at establishments that say “No shoes, no shirt, no service”? It’s not illegal to do those things, but if an owner of a private establishment wishes to set those guidelines, it’s THEIR choice not YOURS. Can you just fall asleep in someone’s restaurant and not expect them to ask you to leave?

        No one here is even objecting to breast feeding, just saying that in a PRIVATE establishment (which is what a restaurant is, btw) they have the right to ask you to be discreet. It is not YOUR right, it is the OWNER’s right.

        Both of our children were breast fed and not once was this even a remote issue for us. Geesh……

      • G

        oh, so a PRIVATE bulding owner can refuse to rent to blacks?

      • Karen S. is the problem

        Actually the storekeeper would not be breaking the law as long as their refusal of service wasn’t based on race, color, religion, or national origin. Are you that rude and inconsiderate to not be discreet? Quit stirring the pot. Wow Karen S. – I hope someone puts you in your place one day.

      • G

        apparently, you can’t read, since the law, pasted here already, states that it IS illegal to refuse service to a breastfeeding mom.

      • Anonymous

        Who is this between, you and your child or you, your child and the entire world? I have breastfed all three of my children. Is there something wrong with being discreet, or are you just so into what your rights are that you forget that others have rights too?

  • Hypocrite this

    Psssst… guess what? This isn’t Europe and thank God for that!

  • Ortiz717

    Breastfeeding is natural and why do people have such a hard time dealing with it!! My wife breastfeed pir son in public and was never ashamed! If you got a problem, DON’T STARE!! Seriously! And the person with first comment, you go eat in a public bathroom! That’s revolting!! Every other country in the world doesn’t have a problem with breastfeeding! It’s time for America to wake up and stop worrying about hurting people’s feelings! Just let the mom’s breastfeed and go about your business!! Women and men are objectified constantly on billboards and magazine covers! No one complains about them, why should this be any different! Have you SEEN what’s on TV these days and you are afraid of seeing a bit of breast while a mom breastfeeds her child! Hipocrites! Grow up!!

    • Bored with fighting

      Fornication is natural too as is urination and defecation so perhaps you should find a different argument to try to bolster your case.

      And for those too mentally deficient to understand it, I am in no way comparing breastfeeding to urination or defecation, merely pointing out that not all natural actions are something that everyone wants to witness in public.

      • Tim


        While urination, defecation, and fornication are all ‘natural’, they are also potential health hazards (spread disease), and they can also be generally messy ;) Not so much the case with the ‘natural’ act of breast feeding.

        I think what people are failing to realize and evaluate is that what is ‘accepted’ in public can be perceived as an infringement on someones’ rights or personal space. In many countries around women can’t reveal their arms, or their faces, or drive cars, or go to school because those are all things that are ‘un-natural’ or ‘indecent’.

        What makes the restrictions in those countries different from the ‘publicly accepted’ restrictions being advocated? Simple the extremity of the restriction.

        This is the United States of America and individual liberties are supposed to be cherished and respected above all else.

  • Drew West

    Karen S. I hope i never see your flapjack knockers being exposed around town!!! And your children will be embarassed for you once they’re old enough to realize how ridiculous you are!!

    • Karen S.

      Drew, don’t worry — I’ve been nursing in Allegheny Co. for a long time… if you haven’t seen my flapjacks by now, you’re probably safe. It’s true — they are not what they used to be but they went down in the line of duty. :) I don’t know if you have kids or not, but I tend to think that if my older kids aren’t at least a little bit embarrassed by me, I’m probably doing something wrong. I know I was mortified by my parents when I was an adolescent, as I’m sure most adolescents are, and in retrospect they were pretty spot-on!

      • Reb

        I always laugh at how uptight everyone is about the intended function of breasts. Why are people even looking? I wish there were rules about how much a**crack I see tweens and teens exposing. Or men constantly scratching their balls. That would be nice.

      • Amber

        Karen S I think I love you. Why babies can’t eat in public unless it’s with an artificial nipple is beyond me. No one ever saw my nipples when I breastfed in public and anyone who thought I should feed my kid in a disgusting bathroom was politely told to fark off.

    • Pens fan

      Right? She says her kids aren’t discreet – I wonder where they learned it from….

      • Karen S.

        What I meant, and I obviously wasn’t clear enough, was that my kids always yanked off any blanket or shawl I tried to use — so that is where they were not discreet.

        It turned out to be much more of a production than it would be to just lift up my shirt, latch the child on, and make everyone a lot more happy and comfortable — including the people in the restaurant, church, or wherever we were who were just as glad as I was that my fussy baby was not fussing anymore.

        But yes — while I’m being clear, my four-year-old does think farts are hilarious, which is also indiscreet.

  • Anonymous

    I breast fed both my girls, I never had a problem feeding them. If I was out in public I had a bottle of pumped milk with me. I took the milk in s small lunch cooler with a freezer pack in it. I never exposed myself in public as I know I would not want the stares nor to put a small child through seeing something that they are not familiar with. I have also noticed that many restrooms have chairs in them. If the restroom is dirty why would you even want to use it. If you’re at a mall there are plenty of good clean restrooms to use. If a woman feels she needs to feed her child in public you can always cover yourself with a receiving blanket.

  • OMG

    Save yer money for the truck babe and pass out blankets and towels around town so the baby and boobs aren’t exposed to the horrified public.

  • No Name

    Seriously I am all for women breastfeeding their babies…but when you are sitting in church and a woman whips out their boob to feed their crying baby WITHOUT a cover, that is utterly disgusting, and the same goes for women breastfeeding in public–have some decency at least to cover yourself up if you need to feed your child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even further more, why embarass the breastfeeding mothers with a giant boob truck—the solution is simple—COVER UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • omgitsaboob

      You’ve obviously never nursed a baby over, say, 4 months. They’ll grab any cover and pull it off. Covers are useless once a baby can grasp.

      • omgitsaboob

        lol, yes, spending 5-8 hours each day — and an hour each night — holding a 25 lb baby while he eats is lazy. :)

        Going through 57 hours of labor was lazy.

        I could go on. But I’m too lazy.

        And I’m so immodest. I wear shirts like this to make breastfeeding easy and discreet without the need for a cover: http://content.babysteals.com/images/product/777/top-ss-black-380.jpg On wait. Where is the exposed boob? We were promised nudity! We have all been snookered!

      • Canof Sand

        Not all babies will do that, and if yours does, then go into another room. Stop being immodest and inconsiderate just because you’re lazy. There, I said it. Stop being lazy. Parents have to leave the room all the time for various reasons to handle issues with their children.

  • K. Isaac

    I think Jill Miller’s idea is one that should stay just that – AN IDEA. Women giving birth is called beautiful and natural too BUT NOT EVERYONE ON THE PLANET WANTS TO BE EXPOSED TO IT … We all know what breasts are for, we don’t need to see them in action. Carry breast milk in a bottle on your outside journys; discreet, tasteful and not quite so “out there”! Have a great day people.

    • Amber

      Oh yes because EVERY baby will take a bottle and EVERY breastfeeding Mom will be able to pump effectively. Can you detect the sarcasm here? I have NEVER seen a breastfeeding Mom flopping her nipples about, EVER. But I see plenty of cleavage, celebs have ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ and it’s okay. Juuuuuust fine.

    • T. Yaffe

      Ugh.. many of us have babies who refuse bottles, which makes your suggestion impractical at best. It is possible to nurse in public dicreetly, without the use of a cover. I’ve done so hundreds of times over the years with my five breastfed kids. There is no reason that breastfeeding in public even needs to be an issue. Women can nurse discreetly, and others can get over it. No one has to see any untoward exposure of breasts and no baby has to go hungry.

  • Dan

    Quite possibly the dumbest idea ive ever heard… who sits around and thinks up something like this and is like hey this is a good idea.,, get a life lady

    • Tim

      Dan, I might be out on a limb here, but I am guessing you are part a demographic majority (white, heterosexual male perhaps?) and have never been discriminated against or had less than full legal status amongst your peers. You’ve always been able to vote, go to whatever bathrooms you want, and have always been counted as a whole person in the eyes of the government.

      Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge them or post silly comments like that.

      • Canof Sand

        @Ian Well said!

      • Ian

        Tim, I am guessing that you are part of some demographic minority, but are too young to have ever been discriminated against in any serious fashion, but were told by your college professors that everything thing is the way it is because of those dang white, heterosexual males. Get over yourself.

  • JoeM

    Milk truck – Great Idea!
    For goodness sake, this is a very natural and beneficial function.
    You hypocritical Quakers – get over yourselves.

  • jenny

    Please, this woman,and those that flip a boob out in public are nothing but attention grabbers. You can nurse very discreetly in public, or bring a bottle. I can’t imagine that a woman is going to nurse exclusively for 6 or 9 months without substituting once in a while. I have four kids and nursed them all. Unless you’re not working, or don’t plan on EVER being away from the baby during that time, you’ll have to have a bottle available. This is nothing but some very insecure women trying to make some money, or grab some attention.

    • Dana

      I have four children, and I have never owned a bottle. Wow! Who’d have thought that someone may enjoy being a mother? What on earth did humanity ever do for thousands of years before bottles were invented? Oh, gotta run. Here comes the ME ME ME generation.

      • Holden

        Canof how is that against convention? I would think that convention would say that for as long as man kind has been breastfeeding, it has been equally done in public as private. Again this isn’t something new it’s been going on for thousands of years. Just now some people have decided to complain about it because it somehow offends them that mothers feel the need to feed their children.

        If it offends you, look away. Law says women are allowed to do it, similar laws allow you the freedom to speak in public even though none of us want to read another ignorant word you troll into a forum.

      • Canof Sand

        Wow, whining about the “ME ME ME generation” by someone who supports going AGAINST convention and breastfeeding publically (as opposed to discreetly breastfeeding in private or as close to it as possible when in a public place). Talk about psychological projection.

  • Anthony

    I’m all for breast feeding in public, but if a woman gets uncomfortable if I watch, then that’s her problem, not mine. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Tim

      Wow, way to be a creep dude…

  • Mike

    Did anyone else see the irony of this artist being from Carnegie “Mellon” University?

    • kristy


    • Vicki

      A giant thumbs up for your thoughts!

  • Anonymous

    If you cannot use a cover blanket you are nothing more than a wantabe nudist.

    • omgitsaboob

      You haven’t spent much time with a 6-month-old. They’ll grab the cover and wave it around within seconds of it being put over them. And who can blame them?

      If it offends you so much, why don’t you put a blanket over your head?

      • Canof Sand

        Can’t blame the kid. Can certainly blame the adult. Go somewhere else if you know your kid’s going to do that. Not all of them do.

    • Noneya Business

      Now you have something against nudists? There is NOTHING about breastfeeding that can be considered nudist.

    • Larry the Cable Guy

      Now that is very accurate. And that truck will ensure that all those that want to watch, will have a great time. Neat term, wantabe nudiist.

  • skippy

    No, the nipple truck is inappropriate, and its not a solution for breastfeeding mothers. The political correct era is over, these people need to get their heads out of the clouds and come back to earth.

  • skippy

    If you whip out your breasts in public then you pay the piper and let people ogle you. The end.

  • Melvin

    I witnessed a young mother in Sam’s Club nursing her infant. She tastefully draped a small blanket over her, and the suckling child. She was in an area by the pharmacy that had a place to sit.
    Not one customer complained or questioned what she was doing. She finished put the child back into the stroller and the mother and child were on they’re way.
    What gets many people’s thongs in a wad is, is these in your face mothers that have their life’s mission to tell the world that they are mothers and they have a right to flop out the old booby wherever and whenever the feel the urge without any taste or tact.
    This behavior is just another small group, who demand special treatment and pushes their motherhood in everyone’s faces whether they like it or not in public.
    My wife and I used to use a breast pump before hand, and we put the milk into bottles and used a insulated diaper bag, and we fed our kids that way. There was no need to flop out the booby.

    • omgitsaboob

      That’ll only work if you’re out for a few hours or so. If a baby is out for more than one feeding, then a mom would need two pumping session’s worth of milk and would skip two nursing sessions, which could leave her engorged. This could lead to plugged ducts and mastitis if she’s not careful.

      And that assumes that pumping is an option for the mom. Not all moms can pump successfully — or even have a pump.

      Covers will only work for small babies. Any baby over, say, 6 months will yank it off.

    • G

      Hey, gays and blacks push their agenda on the public…what is the difference?

      • Karen S.

        Hey, gays and blacks *are* the public. Welcome to the United States!

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t Woody Allen already do this?

  • Fyi


    A store is a privately owned place, not a public place. The owner has the right to not serve anyone for any reason they see fit.

    • Jody

      Not true FYI, while it may be a privately owned establishment, if ANY person has a legal right to utilize that establishment then a nursing mother can feed her child with out threat or harassment of doing so. Seriously, educate yourself a little.

    • Reb

      Maybe your state doesn’t have a clear law, but PA does.

    • Karen S.

      And just to further clarify… because I was imprecise about my “public place” word choice:

      Senate Bill 34

      A mother shall be permitted to breastfeed her child in any location, public or private, where the mother and child are otherwise authorized to be present, irrespective of whether or not the mother’s breast is covered during or incidental to the breastfeeding.

    • Karen S.

      So, if I am an owner of a store, and say, a nun, or the Dalai Lama, or an African American, or a redhead, I could say, “we don’t serve your kind!” and I would be legally protected?

  • Seriously?

    I would like to see the boob that gets to drive this thing. What a joke. Seriously people are going to laugh at this thing. Who knew that motherhood was meant to be a laughing matter. I would like to think that there are smarter people working for CMU.

    • KK

      This got me thinking, I love when a mom laughs and milk shoots out. If the truck is funny enough, she wont have enough left to feed the little deduction – problem solved!

    • Karen S.

      Hey, if you can’t laugh a little, what’s the point? Sometimes you just have to laugh — especially when it comes to parenting. There is obviously an element of whimsy and humor in the design of the Milk Truck! I’m clearly a supporter of breastfeeding wherever it happens, and you can bet your life I would chuckle if I saw an ice cream truck with a breast and flashing red nipple light on top!

      • Karen S.

        Well, Seriously?, I guess we just have different senses of humor.

      • Seriously?

        Well then you’re immature. A woman’s body should be shown some respect not put on display as something laughable. I’m all for breast feeding as well. Just not put on display for the whole world to see. Especially not put on something with four wheels. A regular van would serve its’ purpose just fine.

  • Vicki

    The comments are better than the article. A million laughs!

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