Local Woman Focus Of International Search

YOUNGWOOD (KDKA) — Disney World, Las Vegas, Mexico and Aruba… just some of the places investigators say Patricia L. Keller visited with money she is accused of stealing from a doctor’s office in Westmoreland County.

Keller, 62, is accused of writing herself checks and opening credit cards to steal $217,000 from Tri-County Occupational Medicine in Youngwood where she worked as an office manager.

Westmoreland County District Attorney John Peck says Keller was released on her own recognizance and was expected to plead guilty, but she never showed up for a hearing.

Detectives tracked her to British Columbia, then Moscow, and now to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, confirmed Peck.

It’s a country that has no agreement to extradite suspects back to the United States.

If she tries to return to the United States, customs officials have been put on alert.

Westmoreland County District Attorney’s Office
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One Comment

  1. genomega1 says:

    “If she tries to return to the United States, customs officials have been put on alert.”

    Just a little late don’t you think?
    With that kind of money she can live like a queen in the middle east.

  2. Bea says:

    Released on own recognizance has no place in the criminal justice system. Especially if no one bothers to see if she has a passport. People have already proven they aren’t trustworthy, so you believe they’ll be back to plead guilty? What saps, she’s probably laughing like crazy.

  3. Daniel says:

    Sounds like she has some kind of vice – drugs, gambling, etc.???????

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. dlausactor6373 says:

    Just send in the Navy SEALs and put a cap in her skull just like Bin Laden!

  6. mafia says:

    why are they making such a big deal over this,so she stole money just like a billion other people in the world.

  7. Jen Val says:

    good luck lady wish i ran into you i could use some money too spend it well

  8. Buceye says:

    She won’t be back unless she’s is in a casket. Make sure you’re on alert for that customs

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