PennDOT Reviewing Crosstown Blvd. Detours

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Monday morning rush came to a halt earlier today due to confusion over some new detours that went into effect over the weekend in the area of Crosstown Boulevard.

The Seventh Avenue Bridge and the Bedford Avenue Bridge will both be closed until October. The closures have detoured traffic over to Centre Avenue.

The Bedford Avenue Bridge is the main connector for traffic arriving from the Veterans Bridge and heading for Bigelow Boulevard, the arena, Duquesne University and Mercy Hospital.

“Obviously, it’s going to be an impact for people, especially people coming in for the morning commute,” PennDOT spokesperson Jim Struzzi told KDKA last week.

PennDOT says this morning’s rush was much worse than what they expected and they are reviewing the detour and looking for ways to make things better for tomorrow’s rush.

“We only had one traffic control officer today,” Struzzi said.

PennDOT hopes putting more officers on the key intersections will help alleviate the problem.

“Possibly post more signs alerting people to these closures that these problems should be eliminated over the next few days,” Struzzi said.



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One Comment

  1. Joe says:

    Heading into town on Bigelow, the first sign of construction work appeared after the Polish Hill exit at Paulowna St., when you could no longer exit the road. Is there anyone at PennDOT who actually drives on our roads?

    1. PennDot Sucks says:

      PennDot is notorious for not giving ample notice for closed roads – like you said usually after the last exit you could take.

      For the Bedford Avenue Bridge, maybe they should put road closed ahead, instead of lane closed. To me, at least, that makes a HUGE difference.

  2. Shawn says:

    I have never lived in a city where the construction was handled so poorly and inefficiently. PennDot needs to take some lessons from other cities that can actually handle road closures without disrupting the entire flow of traffic. It doesn’t have to be this way, Pittsburgh!

  3. wow says:

    How about putting a cop or two to work the lights!!!??? If they can put a cop on every corner for sports games why not to help out the hard working people that are trying to get to work? Maybe place the motorcycle cops at the lights to help traffic….oh wait….they just write tickets all day long sorry thought they might do some REAL police work.

  4. Sheila Thomas says:

    State workers who are in a union…Hmmmm. That’s a recipe for failure. They don’t care. They won’t get fired. But they are overpaid, have superior health insurance and pensions. Since thug Rendell isn’t ruining Pennsylvania anymore, perhaps Mr. Corbett should address this debacle called Penn Dot. What a money pit. And we have the worst roads in the country!

  5. Pete says:

    Typical PennDOT, what else is there to say? Hopefully, they can come up with a better scheme, because it should not take 40 minutes to cross the Vets Bridge, which it did this morning.

  6. LP says:

    How’s ’bout opening the HOV LANES from the North?!!!!!


    This morning’s commute was absolutely ridiculous!!! The inbound HOV lanes should be opened for ALL to use so we can get to work on TIME and keep the unemployment rate DOWN (many employers are not understanding about late arrivals, regardless of the reason!). Come on PennDot, we are working people too, help us out!

  8. stephanie says:

    why do it starting on a Monday? in the summer people get home from vacation Sunday and may not be tuned in totally…do a blitz on a monday and start your confusion on a Tuesday or mid week! and then there IS the HOV that could be better utilized…and yes, I agree , traffic cops would be vital…

  9. Joe says:

    I like how PennDOT says the morning rush was much worse than they expected. What did they expect??? You close the major route into Pittsburgh from the north and you think sticking up a “Road Closed” sign will solve any problems. Then you tell us to follow the detour. You mean the detour that sends every vehicle from the highway onto the small streets of downtown Pittsburgh. That outta do it for yinz drivers. What happened to studying traffic flow patterns first or doing any preparation whatsoever. Another completely botched construction job by the good old PennDOT.

    1. Anonymous says:

      That and they will be closing Rt. 65 soon…so basically there will be little access to downtown from the north for the next few months. I’m looking forward to seeing the effect of this closure on Freshman move-in at Duquesne University. That move in already backs up traffic as it is…

  10. Joe says:

    If only PennDOT would listen to the people who actually have to drive these roads. Nope, let’s just close the roads and forget about those drivers. I think PennDOT workers spend more time researching a good spot for their port-a-john on site, and clearing enough room for every PennDOT worker to drive their pick-up truck to work and park it for free in the construction zone.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Outsource Penndot!!!!

  12. Seriously Considering Moving South says:

    I do not belive there was any advance warning of these closures. You could see the signs sitting in the median of Washington for the past couple of weeks, but they were turned so they could not be read. They have made the commute from or to any point north of Ross Township next to impossible already. You can choose between the 30-minute delay from the 279/79 split to the Wexford exit, a 30-minute delay getting through the flats on 19 in Wexford, or the 10-minute delay – but longer commute – to take McKnight Rd. I realize they only have about six months to get all of their roadwork done each year; but would it not make more sense to consolidate all of their efforts on one location and complete it more quickly, then move on to the next one? Add the extra 30 minutes in the Wexford area to the new delays getting in and out of downtown and you are looking at a daily commute of nearly two hours to get 14 miles from downtown. That is a lot of wasted time and gas. Can we charge them for the extra costs?

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