Harrison Criticizes Goodell & Teammates

By: Mike Vukovcan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA)- Steelers linebacker James Harrison is not only taking shots at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell but teammates Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall now as well.

In the August issue of Men’s Journal, Harrison continued his year-long attack on Goodell.

Harrison calls Goodell a “crook” and a “devil,” among other insults in the magazine article called “Confessions of an NFL Hit Man.”

He goes on to say, “If that man was on fire and I had to p*** to put him out, I wouldn’t do it,” Harrison told Men’s Journal. “I hate him and will never respect him.”

His other descriptions of the commissioner include an anti-gay slur, “stupid,” “puppet” and “dictator.”

Harrison has spent part of the time during the lockout recuperating from back surgery at his home in Arizona, which is where he was interviewed by Men’s Journal sometime in April or May.

The most interesting part of the article is that Harrison reportedly criticized Roethlisberger and Medenhall for their performances in the Super Bowl.

According to CBSSports.com, here’s what Harrison said about Roethlisberger’s Super Bowl performance, “Hey, at least throw a pick on their side of the field instead of asking the D to bail you out again. Or hand the ball off and stop trying to act like Peyton Manning. You ain’t that and you know it, man; you just get paid like he does.”

Harrison also calls Mendenhall a fumble machine.

Other highlights of the article:
*Calls Patriots-turned-commentators Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi (“clowns”)

*Calls Houston’s Brian Cushing (“juiced out of his mind”)

*Questions whether a black player is punished more for a hard hit on a white player than the opposite.

Pittsburgh Steelers President Art Rooney II issued a statement just after noon today.

It reads: “I have not yet seen the article in Men’s Journal nor have I spoken to James Harrison about his comments. We will discuss the situation at the appropriate time, when permitted once the labor situation is resolved.”

Men’s Journal: “James Harrison: Confessions of an NFL Hitman”
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One Comment

  1. stush says:

    its about time someone stood up and said the truth about roethlisberger’s horrible super bowl act. way to go james. now sit back and see what you get. you’ll probably end up in baltimore.

  2. So-Co says:

    who thinks its ironic that everyone calls Harrison silver back? its called the 1st amendment, freedom of speech but you shouldnt throw your teamates under the bus that easy.

    1. hwright says:

      But it isnt a lie! Was you happy with Bens Super Bowl performance???

  3. Ha!! says:

    Amen James! Ben deserves it, teammate or not! When someone at work isn’t doing their job, someone needs to say something, James just did ; )

    1. Dan says:

      There’s nothing wrong on calling someone out, but be a man and do it directly. There is this thing called “tact” that Harrison seems to lack. A team does not need the media starting to air dirty laundry that should be kept in the locker room. That can only divide a team. But Harrison is known for his strength, not his brains.

      1. Maya says:

        Maybe he has said it to them directly… never know. I am glad to see that even teammates aren’t as star struck with Ben as the owners obviously are. He’s a waste. A troubled, oversensationalized waste. His infamous legal issues have brought a bad name to the Steelers as a whole in a lot of people’s eyes. They need to let him go and move on. Much Love for James Harrison!!!

      2. Dan says:

        And Harrison’s distractions are just as much a poison to the team. If you’re going to call for heads to roll, please be consistent. And this is based on your _speculation_ that he addressed Ben directly. Which, based on his now backpedalling means he didn’t do it directly and is claiming that his own words were twisted. The only twistedness is this self-centered ego of an old player that needs to be let go.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Pgh willl get rid of Harrison… Ben will stay….Rooneys are racists ….. seeee ya on the other side James…

  4. Avg. Joe says:

    Somebody needs to duct tape all Steelers mouths and baby sit tthem 24-7 from now on. Idiots.

    1. Anonymous says:

      you must be a Cowboy fan. I got 6 reasons on why your mad…..shut and duck tape your month.

  5. Eddie Yount says:

    Go Steelers

  6. Matt says:

    Way to be a good teammate James. You’re perfect and everyone else is wrong and stupid.

  7. Ryan says:

    WOW, 1 sack and 1 tackle, Harrison had a really great Super Bowl. I don’t think he should be out there criticizing other players in the media, especially since he wasn’t anything special that night either. Leave it in the locker room.

    1. Seeking balance says:

      He’ll be gone soon. No restraint obviously, and no common sense either! This isn’t the stuff that needs to come out in an article, it should be brought out in the locker room with the coaches. Childish & stupid bid for attention.

  8. TDO says:

    he is obviously not smart. you dont say these type of things in the press or public. what a clown. play football and keep your mouth shut. the steelers dont tolerate these types of fools. his contract is not gaurenteed.

  9. Chris says:

    Harrison, if anyone should be called by an “anti-gay slur” it should be you for using Twitter. F**.

  10. PENS FAN says:

    Why does it seem like this team has gone to HEL- since Cowher left??? Does Tomlin have any control of this teams actions? WHAT AN IMBARRASMENT!

    1. Ted says:

      It does seem that Tomlin has no control at all.

      1. Still a Panther Fan says:

        These are growm me. Why balme Coach Tomlin. The whole atmosphere in sports has changed. Why do you think Cowher isn’t coaching. He doesn’t want this. In addition, why not blame Art Rooney. Coaches are not babysitters. It’s ownership that has to make players accountable.

  11. Russ says:

    I watched the Super Bowl; did Harrison show up? He was all but invisible the whole game.

  12. Awesome says:

    The Steelers are really shaping up to be a great team. 1)A D.U.I, A rapist, and Angry Dog. Classy!

    1. Anonymous says:

      …6 Super Bowls. I didn’t noticed that on your list you creep!

      1. Dan says:

        “shaping up to be”. That is a term meaning future. Sorry past, present, and future are terms you have trouble grasping. You creep. This has nothing to do with the past SB victories. And I’m a fan for years and years (decades and decades), but don’t hide my head in the sand when things are falling apart. Wake up and face reality.

  13. johnny69 says:

    This will be bad for the team, always is. Yes Ben sukked…yes, Rashard sukked…yes, the OL was MANHANDLED and should be emberrased. But the most glaring (yet typically CONVENIENT) ommision in Harrison’s statements is the HE ABSOLUTELY SUKKED EVEN WORSE. 1 sack and 1 tackle (in a defense DESIGNED to funnel the tackles to the linebackers) is PATHETIC and it brings to mind Kevin Greene’s “shut-out” performance in the AFC Championship loss to San Diego after the ’94 season: 0 tackles, 0 assists, 0 sacks.

  14. kristy says:

    isn’t this the numbnut who couldn’t even take care of his own dog? what a loser.

    1. Save A Seal... says:

      Who cares about the damn dog! It’s a dog!

    2. Pee Wee says:

      Kristy – I’m sure he would urinate on your dog if it were on fire.

  15. MARIO says:


  16. Adam J. Meneo says:

    The NFL is turning into the WWE! Just look at what goes on in professional sports in todays day and age. It’s not about the sport any more it’s about the money! It’s about creating DRAMA and selling OVER PRICED tickets and merchandise! We are in the era of PROFESSIONAL SPORTS OPERAS and James Harrison likes to play the villain!

  17. no respect steelers says:

    Just typical behavior from someone that is uneducated and obviously has anger issues along with race issues. His numbers have been inflated for the past couple of years exactly because of the reason stated above. The Steeler’s defense is designed to funnel the play out to the linebackers. I’m not saying James is not a great player, but he did not play great in the Super Bowl and he is not as great as he obviously thinks. If I were Art Rooney I would cut his ass right now, I know he cant do that because of the lockout, but he could make it apparent through the media that he will not be a Steeler when this season begins. I’m getting real tired of our idiot players running their mouths in the media like a bunch of little primadonnas. The Steelers of late never behaved this way, I don’t know what’s going on with this team but someone needs to regain control.

    1. Maya says:

      He did not play well? Did you miss most of the season where if James Harrison even looked at an opposing player the wrong way, they slapped him with a fine? He was doing his job all season long and PAYING for it. Let’s see you get off your couch and play some ball. Wait, nevermind.

  18. SteelFan99 says:

    We are supposed to be a classy team and organization and its all gone to hell. I’m embarrassed to be a Steelers fan.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Your probably from Dallas…go back dip stick.

  19. CharlotteSteelers/Pens/Pirate/PittFan says:

    He seems like an intense player who has a HUGE chip on his shoulder. I’ve seen players in locker rooms blast other players before and this will always happen. He just needs to be quiet about the league before they really make him a target even more. I love that he’s still mad about the SB loss. Hopefully everybody on that team is still that angry about the loss.

  20. life's fuinny says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love it!

  21. Dave says:

    I agree with Pens Fan that since Tomlin has been coaching, the character of the team has gone downhill. I also agree that Cowher would not have tolerated any of this. In fact, the players would not have acted out because they knew Cowher wouldn’t put up with it. It’s called respsect.

    1. Huey Newton says:

      @Dave It’s Tomlin fault because he can not control a 33yr old man in the offseason when there’s a lockout going on… Makes no sense Dave…. What he made Big Ben go into a bathroom with a drunk women, or better yet he told Hines to drink and drive… Stop blaming the succesful Black head coach!! If steeelers nation doesn’t want him, there 20-25 other NFL franchises that would take him in a New York minute..

      1. Anonymous says:

        Stuff happened when Cowher was there as well. I guess everybody forgot about Bam Morris and Cedric Wilson.

      2. Dave says:

        Why did you have to bring race into this? No one said anything about that so don’t make it something that it isn’t. Pull your race card somewhere else. I said that since Tomlin has been here, the team is out of control. When Cowher was coaching, they had respect for him as well as for the Rooney’s. Now it seems that anything goes and it’s acceptable! Totally disgracing the Steeler Nation!

  22. Anonymous says:

    James Harrison showing a low level of intelligence. When he said if he see Roger Goodell on fire if he had to (urinate) to put him out he will not. That was not fun or a man thing to say. My twin brother was in a truck fire 4 weeks ago and he go burn on 40 % of his body . He is in a lot of pain . I live in the Pittsburgh area . He was in UMPC burn center for 3 weeks and he got a lot of work in front of him. James Harrison Think before you speak

    B Douglas

    1. Anonymous says:

      Ok, ok, sorry for the accident. This has nothing to do with your brother. I’m sure he’d urinate on him if he was on location. He said Goodell not your brother.

  23. Anonymous says:

    James Harrison showing a low level of intelligence. When he said if he see Roger Goodell on fire if he had to (urinate) to put him out he will not. That was not fun or a man thing to say. My twin brother was in a truck fire 4 weeks ago and he got burn on 40 % of his body . He is in a lot of pain . I live in the Pittsburgh area . He was in UMPC burn center for 3 weeks and he got a lot of work in front of him. James Harrison Think before you speak

    B Douglas

  24. SteelerFansStupid says:

    First amendment and your employee right to criticize are two different things. They often confused, especially by stupid yinzer steeler fans. The first amendment refers mostly to political freedom (think of China and North Korea). Saying something stupid is allowed in this country, but your employer can certaninly fire you.

  25. Huey Newton says:


    100 tackles total, 70 solo tackles 10.5 sacks, 2 ints and 6 forced fumbles….

    Cut Him…. You’re Crazy

    Fourth in defensive mvp vote

    Not to mention the big cap hit they will take if they do cut him…

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. KKnox says:

    James spouts about Bens and Mendenhall’s Super Bowl performance, BUT what big impact did James himself have on the game ? NONE !!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Come on he’s being doubled team and had a back injury in the Jets game. Did you ever play….think not. Shut up….

  28. willie says:

    I swear do we live in Pgh or Cincinnati? These Steelers are turning into real embarrassments. STFU and play the game. These so called men are paid millions to play a game, and when off the field to conduct themselves as professionals. Getting tired of these thugs.

  29. Beth says:

    Totally agree Willie, damn shame

  30. Dudddddddeeeeeeee says:

    They ALL suck any ways ..

  31. Christina says:

    BEN is the main reason they MADE IT to the Superbowl. The reason the Steelers lost the Superbowl was because of the WHOLE TEAM’S errors, not Ben alone. Harrison will regret those nasty words someday. Show some respect James! You’re better then this…

  32. johnny69 says:

    did you ever hear of joe greene say anything bad about a teammate to the media? Anybody that has ever played a sport knows that this is the total WRONG thing to do, it can only be devisive. If taht is what you want, that is what you just got. Team chemistry is a HUGE part of football, and anyone out there saying that this is a good thing is a nerd that never played a team sport, jealous that they were always picked last. “No, I took him last time”…yep, that’s you.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Think about the year he just had. He went from a great player to being called a dirty player all because of some hits (that we thought were legal). Then he loses a Super Bowl game and finally he, and everyone else, is locked out. Then when Men’s Journal come to interview him it’s only 2 months after alll of this happened and a month into the lockout. He seems to be a player who loves what he does and plays the game intense every down.. So yes of course he’s mad in the interveiw anybody would be. I don’t think any of the players took anything to heart and I am sure he’s not the only one in that locker room who has gone after Ben. He’s a great LB and we’ll all see it again once more when teh lockout is over and he is healed.

  34. Dogger says:

    Harrison is a headhunter, punk and thug. He must have gone to Miami, Va Tech or WVU (or at least wanted to and was turned down).

  35. tom says:

    Its pretty bad when the Bengals have had A ALOT is player in trouble with the law and the Steelers have a couple of problems and everyone wants to criticize the whole team… It is a team sport and things happen, but everyone need to just play the game that they love.

  36. HK says:

    I DON’T CARE HOW HE PLAYS! What is most disturbing about this whole thing is his lack of consideration to the young, black males who idolize him. Nearly every morning we hear about another shooting of a black male or males by another black male. Why in the world would Harrison pose with 2 handguns and glamorize the “Hit Man” attitude. What is wrong with him??? Also just as disturbing is the use of the word f*****. Can you imagine the uproar there would been if ANYONE would have called him the “N” word???? Even if someone offered a lame apology afterward, that person would have been crucified by the media. James Harrison-you should be ashamed-as a father, as a team mate, as a role model-you have failed.

  37. Jeeperz says:

    They wont cut him….they may fine him but thats about it….

    Dear James Harrison-

    Shut the eff up.


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