State Police Cracking Down On Aggressive Drivers

NORTH STRABANE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — State police are trying to make local roads safer with a crackdown on aggressive drivers.

From now till the end of August, you will see more of a police presence particularly on Route 19 in a number of local municipalities. It’s part of a campaign to target aggressive drivers.

“Law enforcement will be on the lookout for aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding, tailgating, improper passing, red light running,” said Jay Ofsanik, of PennDOT.

So far, the 300 participating municipalities have cited 61,000 aggressive drivers this year – 28,000 for speed alone, and 8,600 for disobeying traffic control.

But other safety measures can help the success of the program.

“Unfortunately, we have had three fatalities in North Strabane this year that are unrestrained fatalities – two of those were on the Interstate 79 and one was here in North Strabane on Route 19,” said Sgt. Dave Richards, of the North Strabane Police Department. “So again, the aggressive driving as well as the seatbelt enforcement is important to us.”

Authorities say the do believe the program is working because there has been a decline in deaths related to aggressive driving and related to alcohol over the past year in the region.

“As I travel the highways and byways of Washington county, I do see an increasing neglect and disobeyance of particularly the yielding system signage on our highways,” Timothy Warco, the Washington County Coroner, added.

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One Comment

  1. Bryan says:

    big money grab..must need some more revenue.

  2. T-Money says:

    If you drive and obey the law, you have nothing to worry about!

  3. Anonymous says:

    About citing those slow drivers whoi create a driving hazard?!?

    1. to speeders soccer moms contractors and buisness people. says:

      maybe they seem there driving slow to you but thats because there going the SPEED LIMIT.

      1. Nina says:

        Going the speed limit on the LEFT lane? When will they EVER learn that the right lane is the slower lane and the left is the passing lane? Why does Route 19 get clogged all the time, both ways? It is because of those slow drivers who leave huge gaps between cars. No one speeds here in the yinz city. The cops should make a trip outside of Western PA.

  4. Anonymous says:

    they need to be on the Bloomfield bridgeat 5pm. talk about about agressive drivers they are all there and dangerous.

  5. weisser wolf says:

    One aspect of this enforcement that needs to be addressed: WHY are there agressive drivers?Could it be that there are so many idiots who like to use the left lane as a parade route or a pace lane?!?!?!?!?!

  6. FedUp says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Some elected official must have been the victim of an agressive driver or this would never have come up. Even the cops have a lazy attitude towards agressive driving, It’s easier for them to just cruise around, waiting for a higher profile call to come across the radio.

  7. Mayor of GBD says:

    Look at the police on their cell phone or typing on their computer while driving…talk about careless driving! How about you enforce the yield signs on access ramps, like the one from the PA Turnpike in New Stanton. NO ONE ever slows down or stops, they just pull straight into traffic. I amazed that no noe gets killed there.

  8. will g says:

    in that construction zone between irwin and new stanton the speed limit is 55. and if you follow the rules you become a hazard yourself

  9. bridgeville/south fayette exit SUX!!!! says:

    ok, first off – if you actually STOP at a freakin yield sign you’re an idiot. They make side & rear view mirrors for a reason. use them. yield means just that yield. yes, the on ramps here are short and that causes major problems. take the on ramp in greentree by vincent’s. so many people stop BUT so many drivers do not even have the common sense to get over (ok, sometimes you can’t) to let someone get on. or the carnegie on ramp (going towards the airport) – he idiots you have 3 freakin lanes. stop trying to jump into the middle lane as soon as you get on. get up to speed first.

    i don’t know why people feel that left lane is the fast lane on 79 from bridgeville to wherever. it’s the passing lane!!! pass someone then get the f*ck over!!quit sitting in that lane just cuz you’re doin like 67 mph and you think you’re going fast. let’s figure this out. on a 3 lane highway: left lane is passing, middle lane is the thru lane (meaing you can put ur cruise control on!! whoa – revelation), the right lane is the lane you use when you are going to exit.

    but my all time favorite is the bridgeville exit of 79. we actually have a SF cop directing traffic b/c people have no idea what they’re doing over there. idiots coming from the direction of washington try to shoot across 2 lanes of traffic to head towards bridgeville. idiots who can’t read signs jump from the left to the right lane b/c they don’t know the difference between bridgeville and south fayette. then there are those people who haven’t quite figured out the concept of the lane merge sign between BP and GetGo. STOP JUMPING INTO THE LEFT LANE IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO MCDONALDS, GETGO OR KINGS!!!.duh, you’re messing up traffic. why do you think they took the time & $ to add another lane??!! for looks. use it people!!!

    and while we’re on the subject of merge points. when you are on the highway headed towards construction and you see the sign that says “Merge Here. Take Your Turn”, do it. stop jumping into the “good lane”. and people, stop NOT letting people merge b/c you have the “you shoulda been in this lane to begin with” mentality.

    UGH!!! i truly love living here in Pittsburgh but sometimes the drivers and driving practices leave alot to be desired.

    BTW – your little Neon, Tercel, Smart(A$$)Car, Aveo, Mini CANNOT take on a PAT bus so just stop it!!! Well, maybe the Mini – I’ve seen the Italian Job. those are pretty freakin sweet for a toy sized car

    1. SaneDriver says:

      You’re a moron.

      Yield = highway traffic has the right away. Does it say merge, no. You YIELD to the highway traffic.

  10. l l l l says:

    The most aggressive drivers are the police always riding around with their lights on making all that noise.

  11. Ugh says:

    I’m honestly sick and tired of aggressive drivers. I’m 20 years old and can drive better than most I see on Route 19. Just the other day I had someone following me so closely I could probably tell you his eye color. For the majority of that road, it’s 45mph. I will go about 50 (in the right lane I might add), and for some reason this just isn’t good enough for the impatient drivers of Pittsburgh. You all need to stop being in such a rush and drive safely. Your life may be worth risking, but mine sure isn’t.

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