SOUTH HILLS (KDKA) – There were reports of flash flooding all across the Pittsburgh area last night.

In the South Hills, workers at a car dealership watched as the water filled Route 51.  In the West Mifflin/Pleasant Hills Area, flash flooding did caused a lot of damage.

The portion of Route 51 near Bowser Automotive was completely underwater, which was caught on amateur video.

Scott Baron, an employee at Bowser Automotive described the road as a “raging river.”

“Four people down there were bordering on swimming, and cars were stuck for a good long time, and it was pretty scary there for a while. Pretty dramatic,” Baron said.

Tim Fitzgerald, another employee at Bowser Automotive, said it was a dangerous situation.

“One thing’s for sure, we were real glad we were up on the hill. You know, Bowser up on the hill, we were glad we were up on the hill. Because if you weren’t, you were being washed away,” Fitzgerald said.

In Greenfield, the rains caused substantial damage to a recreation center. Mud and dirt filled many swimming pools in the area, including the Magee Recreation Centers.

“It was crazy, it was just pouring down rain, it just wouldn’t stop,” Tim Joyce, a witness at the recreation center, said.

The filter room to the pool suffered from water damage, but Director of Pittsburgh Citiparks, Mike Radley, said the pool will be up and running as soon as possible.

The Magee Recreation Center will be open today, but the pool will be closed until further notice.


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