Commission Considers Increasing Wholesale Gas Tax, Vehicle Fees To Fund Roads

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Joe Markosek, Democratic Appropriations Committee Chairman, talks with KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek about  Gov. Tom Corbett’s Transportation Funding Advisory Commission.

According to a report, one idea would require drivers to pay a few cents more for a gallon of gasoline in addition to higher registration, driver’s license and other vehicle-related fees.

“In order to solve the transportation problem, they’re going to have to find new revenue somewhere, somehow and a lot of it,” Markosek said.

“There’s been commissions before that have indicated about $3.5 billion per year … and new money to really get our system up to where it belongs and a safe system as well to where that should be.

“And in order to do that, we’re probably going to have to have a lot of different things that we’re going to have to look at in terms of options to raise funds,” he added.

Listen to the full interview:

The commission is also considering reducing the number of driver’s license centers across the state and closing them on the weekends, in addition to charging for the road test portion of the driving test and authorizing private companies to offer testing.

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One Comment

  1. f this state says:


  2. Dave says:

    Hey, Markosek – why is it that Democrats feel the only solution to solving a situation is to raise taxes instead of working to find a viable one?? Gas is already too high, and it is one of the reasons we have been in a stalled recession for years. How about we elminate your position and any other idiot who believes that raising taxes is the best solution – this should raise funding for roads.

  3. Level_Green says:

    What kind of taxes do electric or natural gas vehicles pay to ride on our roads? Nothing, they get a free ride when it comes to taxes to pay for roads.

    Gasoline taxes are not effective anymore. Hybrids get 50MPG while SUVs get 13. All this ends up doing is to tax truck, SUVs and drivers of older vehicles more. What do other state do…they tax vehicles based upon how many miles a year they drive.

  4. KKnox says:

    Why don’t alll those SOB’s in Harrisburg, take a paycut and put that money into a road fund. NO wait, they’re due for another pay raise this August. BUT , they have money to fund that, don’t they ?

  5. Keep on scratchin' says:

    Here’s an idea for YINZ….. Get rid of PENNDOT altogether and allow private companies to come in and do the road work, etc. Driving on the local state-maintained (cough) roads the other day, I couldn’t believe how many road crew people stood around watching one person work a shovel. I know…..”Yeah – But it is required by the contract and we work hard.”

  6. Ven says:

    BS! We’ll pay more when you reduce the size of the legislature and your pays! You talk abut shared sacrifice while increasing your salaries and spending.

  7. Where's mine? says:

    Try driving on I 70! You might as well leave your lights on……Every 5 to 10 miles is another work zone. I still don’t see much “work” getting done. Probably the heat is simply too much. They should make a Highway Water Department whose job it would be to help cool the workers during the day with misters and ice cubes. That would help make them more productive right?

  8. bruceUSA says:

    No more taxes. Cut back the legislature and government jobs to skeleton crews and do away with all the per diems and perks and free health care and pensions. Then come to us (the taxpayers) and see if we’ll consider it.

  9. Critter says:

    cut entitlements to the lazy

  10. Chief says:

    1. Senators and Representatives – Vote to reduce the legislature. After all, you want the best for us taxpayers right? 2. One year warning for all who are receiving entitlements. After one calendar year, your money will be cut in half. In year two, there will be no more money. After a reality check, those people might start making sure their children pay attention and work hard in school instead of taking up the resources for the other non-lazy people.

  11. ONLY A DEMOCRAT says:


  12. Zoeyzotron says:

    You coould add a $5 tax to gas and the democrats would have that additional money spent in 6 months…

    We are in so much trouble.

    1. gofigure says:

      I think all republicans should pack their bags and move to the Cayman islands! Oh wait the majority already did. Mayby its ok for almost 2000 companies to operate out of the Cayman islands to avoid being taxed in America. We dont need revenue to run a country so why does a CEO need paid? Hum……

      1. Zoeyzotron says:

        Hey GOFIGURE… maybe we should tax corporations at 100% of total Profits…Let’s take it all…

        If you take the 10 largest companies in this country (in order, WalMart, Exxon, Chevron, GE, Bank of America, Conoco, AT&T, Ford, JP Morgan, and H.P.) their TOTAL 100% Profits in 2010 were 101 Billion dollars….

        That would only pay for 2.8% of THIS YEARS BUDGET… Or another way to look at it is that oBama would have all your new tax revenue spent in 11 DAYS… Yet another way to look at it…. You new 100 B would cover 1/5 of welfare for one year…..

        Also, in 2011 Bank of America has already posted 2.5 billion in losses… so I guess that revenue will be gone for the tax man the next year.

        Additional taxes are not the answer. Additional taxpayers are the answer, which oBama does not believe in (the sole reason he will be gone in 2013). More major layoffs are coming, watch the next 6 months.. Unemployment of 10%+ is easily coming. (And you do realize that’s a BS #, it is really 17.6+%)

        One other fact I found hilarious, GOVERNMENT OPERATED Fannie Mae is 5th is total revenue, collecting 153 Billion dollars…. posting a 14 billion dollar LOSS…. and you want to let this government run more? Are you completely NUTS?

        Don’t ignore financial and economical facts. We may not like them, but they are reality.

      2. PGH Michelle says:

        Well said Zoey!

        It is scary to me how many people in this country do not understand what is really going on. so many follow obama blindly…

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