Locals Protest Outside Congressman Tim Murphy’s Office

MT. LEBANON (KDKA) — As the debt debate continues in Congress, some local voters took their concerns to the streets protesting outside one congressman’s office.

“Stop working for Wall Street! Work for us! Stop working for Wall Street! Work for us,” the crowd chanted.

The small but loud group of demonstrators protested outside Congressman Tim Murphy’s Mt. Lebanon office. They are worried he will support a Republican debt ceiling plan that would cut Social Security and Medicare benefits and not raise taxes on millionaires.

“All they’re talking about is cuts and they’re not talking about raising any revenues from the wealthy,” says MaryEllen Deckard, of Action United. “Do you know how much less taxes major corporations pay right now than they did in 1960? It’s ridiculous. We’re all paying more. They’re all paying less.”

The protest occurred as the Republican-controlled House of Representatives wrestled with a debt ceiling bill pushed by Speaker John Boehner. Murphy said nobody’s taxes should be raised.

“We have got to get jobs going again,” said Murphy in a phone interview. “And raising taxes at this time is not going to do it.”

Murphy, who supports Boehner’s bill, said he opposes cuts in Social Security and that Boehner’s plan puts off any entitlement cuts, leaving it to a bi-partisan commission.

“When Social Security was started decades ago, most people didn’t live to age 65. The average death was around 62,” said Murphy. “Now they live much longer and our children and grandchildren are going to live into their 90s and 100s. How Social Security is managed has to be dealt with.”

But protestors insist Republicans manufactured this debt ceiling controversy.

“This is a phony crisis. It’s been raised time and time again. President Reagan raised it, what – 18 times?” says protester Erin Gill of the Pennsylvania Health Access Network.

For Republican congressmen like Tim Murphy, who represent moderate even majority Democratic districts, this whole debt ceiling crisis raises lots of political issues. No matter what he does, it seems Murphy is bound to anger a lot of constituents.

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One Comment

  1. callitasiseeit says:

    uniformed people protesting about something they didnt do thier homework on.
    be careful what you wish for – you may just get it.

  2. Thomas J Duttine says:

    If you want to cut programs, how about MEDICAID and WELFARE these weren’t paid for by the people that use them….. How about FREE CELL PHONES that is just obscene How about start drug testing for welfare people and birth control for people that are 3rd and 4th generation leeches that have not worked a day in their lives??????

    1. Anonymous says:

      my father-in-law gets a “free” cell phone as part of a government program. He’s a Vietnam vet and retired US postal worker. He’s drained all his savings to pay for his wife’s home nursing care(Alzheimers). Yes, the cell phone was free, and includes about 20 minutes of talk-time a month. I suppose it’s social programs like these, and not the trillion-dollar wars that will doom America.

      1. Hit Boy says:

        It’s NOT the programs like these or the people like your father-in- law that will sink this country. It’s the LEECHES that will. The 3rd and 4th generation welfare slobs not people that have worked for all of their lives. It’s the animals that haven’t worked a day and spend their entire existence thinking that someone “OWES” them something.

  3. A.Bunker says:

    If Murphy does in fact vote for this Boehner bill, I will never support him in a future race. This bill is a joke which does next to nothing to address our long term national debt. The cuts the bills calls for are nothing; they are laughable. We have an historic opportunity to make real spending cuts and adopt a balanced budget admendment but spineless Boehner is proposing a very weak bill. As to the idiots protesting, they are typical clueless buffoons who undoubtly will support Comrade Obama in 2012. Sig Heil !


    I been around half a century and things got bad stating in 2007 with a communist majority in both houses and got even worse with commie Obamie in the White House .
    I also been around long enough to realize that the rich DO GET TO MANY BREAKS.
    Democoms on the left controlling me through large government and favoring government workers, unions, and the welfare crowd.
    Right wingers letting their Rich buddies control us through our employers WAKE UP PEOPLE WE NEED A 3RD PARTY THAT ACTUALLY CARES FOR THE WORKING CLASS .
    if you actually work for a living contact your Congressman and Senators and be heard make them understand your vote counts on it
    At least the Protesters got out there and voiced their concerns if you work for a living how about making time to do the same .

  5. Laura12 says:

    MaryEllen Deckard of Action United. MaryEllen Hayden of ACORN. Same person, same crew of thugs.

  6. weisser wolf says:

    All this talk about the debt crisis without addressing the root cause of the problem, which is the FEDERAL RESERVE, is a collasal waste of time!! How can you ever have a “balanced budget” if you are constantly in debt to the international parasitic bankers?!?!?!?!

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