Pirates’ Steve Blass Weighs In On Bad Call

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — The bad call heard around the world continues to cause controversy as everyone weighs in on Jerry Meals’ game-ending decision in a Pirates’ 19th inning loss to the Atlanta Braves.

KDKA AM’s Larry and John talk to Pirates’ broadcaster Steve Blass on his thoughts about the call and the idea of instant replay.

“Absolutely not. If they go down the road with [instant replay], I’m gone,” said Blass.

Pittsburgh Pirates
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  • Dave Lori

    I enjoy listening to steve blass however this is the man who believed Jason Kendall was a leader in the pirates locker room…what a joke.

  • Anonymous

    bye bye blass

  • Anonymous

    im so sick of people sayin they dont want instant replay in baseball cuz it will take away from the purity of the sport well instant replay took the purity away from football and now we love it! its 2011 not 1911 lets use this technology to our advantage! Bring instant replay to baseball b4 an umpire blows a call that costs a team a championship!!! p.s if they can review a home run on instant replay they need to review other plays…. either u have instant replay in the game or you dont … one or the other!

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