Wexford Flats Project To Last Longer Than Expected

WEXFORD (KDKA) — It’s bad news for anyone who lives or works in the North Hills.

The construction project that’s widening Route 19 in the Wexford Flats area will last longer than expected.

Officials from the West View Water Authority say they have to re-route thousands of feet of water lines along Route 19.

PennDOT says because of that delay, about 40 percent of the project will be finished by the end of this year.

“We understand it’s an inconvenience and a headache for people to travel through that area on a daily basis with the construction project under way, but we ask people to bear in mind that this project is being implemented to improve access to those businesses,” Jim Struzzi, a spokesman for PennDOT District 11, said.

The whole project will be completed by November of 2012.

The $18 million project means traffic delays for the 28,000 vehicles that travel the road every day.

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  • Anonymous

    Dear PennDOT –



    The North Hills

    • Anonymous

      I second that!!

  • Bob

    Is there any government agency in the Commonwealth more incompetent then PennDOT? Good grief!

  • Dan

    Taking longer than expected? Longer than _who_ expected? I think every non-PennDOT person would’ve bet their life savings that PennDOT would take longer than they claimed. It’s so obvious/simple. Claim it will take x months (which means y dollars)…get approval, and THEN demand you need even more money. It’s done on purpose because the approval wouldn’t have gone through had they admitted the total cost up front. And yet they get away with this time after time…at our expense.

  • Anonymous

    I travel this road daily and barely see any progress you give that project to an independent contractor and it would take half the time. GET TO WORK BOYS AND GET IT DONE .

  • Anonymous

    I utilize this portion of route 19 constantly and at differing times of day and NEVER see more than 5 people working on any portion of it at a time. That is of course only when I do see anyone at all working. At this rate the people working on it now will be retired by the time it is done!!! Way to go PennDot!! Another successful project!!

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