Medical Frontiers Aug. 1, 2011

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Dr. Jose Oliva, a hepatologist and Dr. Ngoc Thai, a liver transplant surgeon, answer callers questions about the liver, liver disease, and liver transplants.

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  • Gina

    good thing all these old people still have KDKA to listen too, even 1360 plays music that was new when they were old

  • genomega1

    Liver disease is not a old persons disease, it is the young and middle aged with reckless lifestyles drug use, std`s, etc.

    • Linda

      Hep C is not just contracted from reckless lifestyles. There are many who got it through blood transfusions. There are those who had to have surgery in the late 70-90’s. I being one of the many who had one after a C section. There are those who got HCV through medical procedures because of improperly sterilized instruments.,, I would be cautious in painting everyone with the same brush.

  • genomega1

    Blood banks screen for hep c.
    Not painting anyone, just pointing out its not an old persons problem.

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