The New Look Pirates Lineup?

By: Mike Vukovcan

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- Now that Pirates GM Neal Huntington has provided manager Clint Hurdle with two new bats, how will he use them?

The Pirates open up a 4-game series vs. the Chicago tonight as Paul Maholm takes on Carlos Zambrano.

Newly acquired first baseman Derrek Lee and outfielder Ryan Ludwick are both expected to be in the starting lineup.

Where will Hurdle bat Lee and Ludwick in the lineup?

I’ll play manager and make out the lineup card for Hurdle.

My Lineup For Tonight:
Xavier Paul, RF
Neil Walker, 2B
Andrew McCutchen, CF
Derrek Lee, 1B
Pedro Alvarez, 3B
Ryan Ludwick, LF
Ronny Cedeno, SS
Michael McKenry, C
Paul Maholm, P

I decided to bat Walker second because I think he can get on base for the guys in the middle of the order. I wanted to split up the right-handed bats of Lee and Ludwick, so I put Alvarez in the 5th spot.

The Pirates also must decide who to remove from the 25-man roster in order to add Lee and Ludwick. There’s a chance Cedeno could be placed on the 15-day DL (knee). The other spot could come down to Lyle Overbay, Steve Pearce, Garrett Jones and Xavier Paul.

What would your starting lineup be tonight? Who would you remove from the 25-man roster?


One Comment

  1. So-Co says:

    cut overbay and send perce back down to triple A then try to deal perce and diaz over the off season and try to get “anything” for them

    1. rt says:

      even if you cut overpay your still on the hook for his 5million,,,pearce actually needs cut he has no buisness on a major league roster overpay could be used off the bench

      1. So-Co says:

        i understand that, we have to pay overpay either way btw i like that name, we need to cut him cause we have players in AAA who can hit alot better and actually get on base.

      2. Dave says:

        Yep… Pearce is not a Major Leaguer!

  2. RandyRandyTime says:

    Place Cedeno on DL if he is hurt If not send ss Pedro Cirico to AAA and place Matt Diaz on waviers! or he could be the ptbnl!

  3. C.J. says:

    DFA Overbay, Cedeno to the DL, then I’d send Pierce and Ciriaco to triple A and bring up Hague and either Bowker or a fresh pitcher.
    My lineup:
    Paul lf
    Walker 2b
    McCutchen cf
    Lee 1b
    Alvarez 3b
    Ludwick rf
    McKenry c
    Wood ss
    Maholm p

    What do you guys think?

  4. rt says:

    heres food for thought

    Presley or tabata lf
    walker 2b
    mcutchen cf
    lee 1b
    alverez 3b
    ludwick rf
    fort or doumit c
    d auernd ss

    off bench paul jones doumit overpay diaz

    1. So-Co says:

      release overpay and keep the fort starting, doumit sucks behind the plate, he cant stop balls worth carp

  5. Nick Manning says:

    Def give Overbay his release, it was GMs fault for that dumb signing so he will have to live with it. Also can Diaz he sucks also.

  6. KKnox says:

    Overbay, definatly must go. Been a BIG disapointment !

  7. says:

    BIG disappointments; Overpay, Paul, Diaz,Alvarez hasn’t done anything since his call-up-What-?1 homerun? They all need to start watching the ball and swing the bats.

  8. Evan says:

    Zack Duffy
    Tike Redman
    Jermey Burnitz
    Darrell Ward
    Joe Randa
    Brian Bixler
    Jose Castilla
    Humberto Cota
    Ian Snell

    if thats the line up you guys want, keep complaining

    1. So-Co says:

      Now thats an All-Star line up, i beat we can get them all back and keep the payroll under a million dollars!

  9. Nick Manning says:

    Rumor Overbay being DFA today

    1. So-Co says:

      where did you hear that, i can find it anywhere, or you just getting everyone’s hopes up

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