Doyle Comments On “Terrorist” Remarks

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 NEWS) — Tea Party “terrorists?”  Democratic Congressman Mike Doyle told KDKA’s Adam Kirk Tuesday morning that he did, in fact, refer to the conservative group of Republicans as terrorists during a closed door meeting Monday with Vice President Joe Biden. 

Rep. Doyle said he was expressing his frustration “that we were in this situation, that we were even, you know, negotiating this way,” said Doyle. “It’s like you’re negotiating with a terrorist, or a hostage taker.”

Had he chosen another word, like “hostage taker,” Doyle said the story would not have grown out of control, to the point where Vice President Joe Biden responded to the comment last night on CBS News.  Biden denied ever having said those words, or agreeing with the phraseology.

KDKA’s Adam Kirk reports:

Doyle said he never meant to include the everyday Tea Party members in the “terrorist” class.  “It strikes me as so odd that in a closed door meeting of the Democratic Caucus, somebody takes a snippet of what gets said, and then it somehow gets blown out of proportion that we were saying something to defame the thousands or however many people that align themselves with the Tea Party in the United States,” said Doyle.  “That’s not what happened at all.”

However, the founder of the Pittsburgh Tea Party, Patricia Weaver, took the comments seriously.  “Pittsburghers, and those who’ve elected Mr. Doyle, need to take a long hard look” at these comments,” said Weaver.  She called them inappropriate, and not fitting for the office which the Congressman holds.

KDKA’s Larry Richert & John Shumway talk to Congressman Doyle:

Congressman Mike Doyle
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One Comment

  1. Jason says:

    Doyle needs to look in the mirror.

  2. Lorrie Maierhofer says:

    they all needs to look in the mirror. But in my lifetime, I’ve never seen anything like this charade. Yes, they did hold hostages, the American people. Why don’t these politicians take cuts first,in their wages and benefits. What does their totals amount to.

  3. The Dude says:

    Anyone or any group standing in the way of their agenda to collapse the economy, debase the USD to hyperinflation, downgrade the US, and a plethora of other items is considered a terrorist. Considering that our government is run by communists is it that hard to figure out that liberty seekers are their terrorists? Bad times are coming so hold on it’s going to get very bumpy… Get healthy, get educated, turn off the TV and educate others.

  4. Rich says:

    If a small group of political extremists violates 2 articles of the US constitution, & at least 1 very specific federal statute, in the act of holding the entire national economy hostage, I think that ‘terrorist’ is a very apt description. I certainly couldn’t fault anyone for calling a spade a spade here.

    1. Matthew says:

      The economy isn’t a hostage…it’s already been killed. The debt continues to be insurmountable.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party have violated more than 2 articles of the Constitution and at least 1 Fed Statute. The Democrats more so. So by your logic. Both parties are the Terrorists. No the Tea Party Patriots. Just to educate you a little. What the political system has become is what is holding the entire national economy hostage. If it wasn’t for the Tea Party. The debt problems and its implication would never have been put in front of the American people. By the time both parties were done kicking the can down the street. The economy would be in complete collapse. I still think it will collapse, because the bill is not tough enough at getting to the root cause. We will be adding another 7 or 8 trillion to the already 14.4 trillion. What exactly is the 2-headed one party system going to do to increase the economy by 50% just to keep up with the spending and the current debt? Let alone actually reducing it? Wake UP!

  5. Ron says:

    so sensitive. “Mom, he called me a terrorist!” The Tea Party needs to grow up and act like adults. They are nothing but a bunch of whiners and cry babies. Maybe if they got their act together and stopped dwelling on the petty stuff they’d actually be taken seriously by people who have greater than a 12th grade education.

    1. freeta goodholm says:

      So you take the Tea Party seriously?

    2. Return States Rights...End the Federal Gov as we know says:

      Ron, you are a moron! You have no clue to the fundamental problems facing this nation. Oh…poor Mike Doyle is having trouble coping with what he said being misunderstood. The Tea Party is completely misunderstood. Especially by you. No need to thank us when we finally correct this massive move to the left. Even though we may not like you. We are looking out for the best interest of America as a whole.

  6. carlssigns@comcast,net says:

    You poor sheeple are blind..Rich you don’t even have a clue as to what the constitution is, you are an ignoramous for making such a state any of you even know what the tea party stands for??? it stands for you! you see we want government to be small (like it says in that constitution thing you mentioned rich) we want them to STOP spending…that is the only solution, not to raise taxes which always effects you unless you are one of the leaches who lives off of the government who steals my money to support you…when you have a huge credit card bill you don’t look around and see who you can steal from or borrow money from to pay it….you immediately STOP spending…democrats have been sticking it to you for so long in this city they have bankrupted it but you stupid sheeple keep electing them…stupid is stupid does

    1. Return States Rights...end the Fed Gov as we know says:

      Could not have said it any better. Many have no clue that the States gave power to the Federal Gov. Limited Power as outlined in the Constitution.

  7. The Dude says:

    You’re frustration is shared, but I think your innocuous energies can be better utilized in trying to educate “sheeple” rather than reiterating the engineered social aspects of our society. The sad fact is most Americans are lazy and are trusting to what they see and hear on TV and do not take the time to research and re-educate themselves from the indoctrination of their schooling or have been espoused to a certain ideology or belief system; there is no sense of nationalism that’s specific to the American way. Diversity is perversity.

    Our governmental bodies as they are today have been perverted, infiltrated by communists, and for the most part have been merged to the illusion of bipartisan system. The goal is to collapse the dollar and the economy and to downgrade the US from a first world country to a 2nd or 3rd. The only trusting person to me is Ron Paul, that is, if you believe in liberty and what the Libertarian ideology stands for, which is the true symbol of what the American Flag stands for.

    Everything is bankrupt in this country: morals, intelligence, society, economical, physical health of populace, etc.. But hey, people are having fun, drinking beer, consumed by sports, and they take better care of their materialistic items better than themselves. Life is good.

    Go through this site and you’ll find out that you actually live in the matrix.. Pass it along and wake some people up! And don’t forget to prepare for bad times ahead..

    1. Return States Rights...End the Fed Gov as we know says:


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