Group Hopes To Stop Rogue Tree Pruner

FRIENDSHIP (KDKA) – A local group wants to stop what they call a rogue tree pruner that is damaging trees in Bloomfield, Garfield and Friendship.

Some of the trees have been trimmed to the point that they may die.

Danielle Crumrine showed KDKA-TV’s David Highfield what has been happening to the trees on South Aiken Avenue in Friendship.

“There’s a rogue pruner on the loose. Someone who’s very enthusiastic about trees,” Crumrine said.

Crumrine is from a group called Tree Pittsburgh, which protects trees and plants new ones. She believes the pruner may think they’re doing the right thing, but she said they’re not.

Highfield: Could some of these trees die?

Crumrine: Absolutely.

Residents in the area have differing opinions on what is going on with the tree pruning.

“I think it’s very odd. I’ve never heard of pruning a tree for vandalism,” Donnell Wilson said.

“I think it’s someone trying to do something nice and not knowing just how to do it,” Gwen Harcar said.

Crumrine said many of the most recently pruned trees were planted with federal money. They’re under warranty, but it’s no good because this damages is considered to be vandalism.

Crumrine also said that no matter the intention, it is vandalism, and that people are not supposed to prune trees on city streets without a permit.

She is urging anyone who wants to learn how to prune trees correctly to contact Tree Pittsburgh.

The organization will train people and take them out on pruning missions.


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One Comment

  1. Steve says:

    I could not see all the video very well.. however, it appears that the trees where all vandalised on the side of the tree facing the street/parking space. It may be wise for the police to focus on larger vehicals that park there that may have been scrated parking closer to the trees. I believe this is the reason for this act.

    1. Marie says:

      That’s exactly what my husband and I thought too. Not necessarily a van, but someone who lives in the area and parks there and got upset about their car/vehicle being scratched.

      1. Steven says:

        yes and although I have never visited this community – from the video itappears the trees have been planted too close to the street.

  2. Irony says:

    > your a bunch of morons

    Before calling people morons it may be wise to know the difference between your and you’re.

    1. Steven says:

      To Irony – and if the item is not newsworthy – then why waste your time and engery to read and comment on the item?

      1. Irony says:

        I never said it was a waste of my time. That’s your call. It’s difficult to know if an article will be worth reading until AFTER it’s been read….

      2. Irony says:

        @Steven. You were probably talking about the person that posted (but seems to have since been deleted.) My fault for not catching your sarcasm…long day.

  3. Debby says:

    It’s terrible no one seems to be able to catch this person. Debby

  4. Steve says:

    @irony – very sorry for the confusion – you are correct I was being sarcastic to the rude person not to you.
    @debby – cannot blame the police – I am sure they are understaffed and they cannot be everywhere at the same time..

    I still believe the peron who did this did not want the tress poking cars.. It would be real ironic if it was a store owner protecting his customers. When people plant trees they must make sure they have the proper room to grow and are trimmed as needed.

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