Mike Pintek Talks To Former PLCB Chairman Jonathan Newman

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Mike Pintek talks with former Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Chairman Jonathan Newman about privatizing the liquor stores.  Today, Newman announced his support for privatizing the PLCB at a press conference with House Majority Leader Mike Turzai.

“The current system is antiquated – all anyone has to do is drive across the border to any of our neighboring states to see how out of touch the PLCB system is,” Newman said.  “I am intimately familiar with the history and operations of the PLCB, as well as with modern retailing practices.  There is no doubt in my mind that due to the inherent problems with the system, there is a desperate need to privatize.  Privatization will lead to greater convenience and better prices.  It is time to stop burdening Pennsylvanians with this backwater system that dates back to Prohibition.”

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  1. G says:

    I have a better idea. Why don’t we just do away with the liquor store system altogether and put all alcoholic beverages, beer, wine and distilled liquor, in the stores and let the consumers decide where to shop? All that the current proposal does, if passed, is make more freedom for the business and liquor owners and not for the consumers so much. If you want reall change in convenience, put everything in the supermarkets like it’s done in other states. I went to my nieces wedding in Illinois last year and walked into a store, somewhat like a very small general store, and they had everything there, beer, wine and distilled liquor. Now, what does everyone think about that. Lets have a discussion on real change. Not a change that amounts to not more than a charade for the consumers.

  2. Bill C. says:

    This would be the last thing that the state needs to do now !! We need more jobs
    not less , the plcb does not use one tax dollar to stay in business and it makes alot of money for the state. If these stores are sold we will all be paying tax on clothes and groceries in the near future and then we can all complain about having to pay more taxes !!

  3. tony says:

    mr newman is not the end all of wine if he had his way and was still in the plcb. he would not want to privitize. and all these people like trizi will not pay the extra money if buy privitize the cost of wine and liquor go up. futher more the plcb helps all the townships with a money contribution for the sale of the licenses and if the townships raise the taxes will newman and trizi take money out of there pockect to help them . if buy privitise the owner would want to keep the profits. futher more putting more people out of work will not help pa.. asnd beer will be sold at the same place that families own for they to will be out of work also. relax the rules on plcb and let them moderize for 4 more years and see where it goes. i promise you the people of pa will do better with this instead of listening to newman who in ny opinon is probably al litte angy he still isnt the chairman.of the plcb and watch the money. grow to help the people of pa who the plcb produly serve

  4. JustSaying says:

    As expected, the ONLY ones who are against privatizing PA’s liquor system are those who have a vested interest in it. Local beer distributors and the state store union to be specific. I understand them ‘circling the wagons’ to try and protect their business/jobs but if having the state control the liquor system was such a good idea, why don’t other states copy our system instead of keeping their repective states out of it? It’s an antiquated system and should go the way of the dinosaur, period!

  5. tony says:

    you really think newman does not have a intrest in the plcb . then you really know nothing . he has some pay back because he actually thinks he is mr wine. and one of the questions that should of been ask is how much he is selling he,s wine which are higher then pa. and the buying power that the state has will be lost and you can,t tell me you can get silver oak for 48 dollars in jersey and delaware for one not to say all the other good wines.

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