ADAMS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) —  A group of teenagers who took a limousine early this morning and left the driver behind in Butler County  have been caught.

It was just after 6 a.m. when police from Adams Township got a call from Mars Area High School. It was a distressed limo driver on the other end.

“There was a limo driver there that had got a call for a fare,” Chief William Westermen, of the Adams Township Police Department. “He went there to pick some people up and there was five to six kids.”

It turns out the driver showed up in a Cadillac sedan and the kids piled in.

“He explained to them that they needed some money and they rooted around and they came up with $19, and he told them, ‘Well, I can’t take you anywhere.’ They wanted to go to the Greyhound station in Pittsburgh,” said Chief Westermen.

“When he got out to get the stuff out of the trunk, two of the girls stayed in the car, and then they locked the doors, and one of the boys or somebody jumped in, pulled down a little farther at the school and picked two more kids up and away they went,” he added.

The vehicle was recovered at the Oliver High School parking lot around 6:30 p.m. Three juveniles were taken into custody by the Adams Township Police.

A fourth juvenile is also in custody, but two other juveniles and an adult are still missing.

Police were looking at video surveillance tape from the high school for any clues. Earlier in the day, the chief was confident the kids and the car would be found.

“Kids just don’t think too well and they don’t like being told what to do at the home… so this is where we’re going with it and I believe they next facility they go to will be a lock down facility,” Chief Westermen added.

The kids were staying the Mars Home for Youth.

They released a statement saying: ”For more than 130 years, Mars Home for Youth has successfully helped troubled youth develop into contributing members of our society.

”We regret that the individuals involved in the August 3rd incident cast a shadow over the achievements of the thousands of people we have helped to realize success at home, in school, in careers and in the community.

”We are conducting an internal investigation and are grateful to the Adams Township Police and we are continuing to work with them.”

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