Why Are Gov. Corbett’s Approval Ratings Up?

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Robert Mangino talks with Jon Delano, political analyst for KDKA-TV, to discuss Gov. Tom Corbett’s recent spike in approval ratings.

Robert asks why Corbett’s numbers are up, and what he is doing differently that might be provoking the response.

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  1. my$.02 says:

    Kind of a condescending article, isn’t it?

  2. Ddog says:

    Remember, people are generally stupid and quickly forget – they usually don’t even bother to vote. They’re to busy worrying about “Survival” or the Steelers or drinking beer. Corbett is bought and payed for by the Marcellus drilling industry. He got a million dollars from them to be elected. His plans for education, health care and the enviroment border on outright evil. The dumb people will find out soon enought, but of course they will always forget and go back to watching TV.

  3. Paul says:

    I for one support what Corbett is attempting to do. He inherited a mess from Rendell, and it will take some serious management and time to correct it. I have no problem with him decreasing funding for schools. School districts should not rely on government money, other than local taxpayers, for funding. Look what happened to the local libraries when RAD funding was cut over the last several years, they cried to everyone for help. Just in like in private industry and in your own life, people have to learn how to live within their means, and the schools should do the same.

  4. hwright says:

    Oh I guess the school system was developed by Rendell????? The problems that Rendell created do not lie within the school system. The problem is with the size of government. Corbett has an aid that make over 90,000 dollars a year and I bet she has an aid to. Talk about living within your means! Time for government to learn how to live within their means…… Revenue is created from the jobs he cut in education. What’s he gonna do when he realizes that revenue is gone? Oh wait maybe we won’t see it till the next Governor is in and then you can blame him for it…

    1. Mad Hatter says:

      Jobs in education are paid by tax dollars, not revenue creating industries. Cuts needed to be made and still do.

      By the way, MANY MANY teachers make in excess of 90 K in this state… Plus a PENSION. thats the joke

    2. Glenn Beckski says:

      OMG hwright is actually admitting there is a problem with the size of government,
      well sir you support the same people who are well known for that .

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