Big Changes Possible For Pittsburgh Public Schools

By: David Highfield

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Big changes are being proposed to save money in the Pittsburgh Public School District.

Superintendent Linda Lane wants to close seven schools, which is estimated to save as much as $8 million a year.

Under the plan, both Pittsburgh Langley High School in Sheraden and Pittsburgh Oliver High School on the North Side would close.

Connie LaRosa lives up the street from Oliver High School and would like to see it stay open.

“My son went to school over there. He came out with high honors, and it’s been a good school. We don’t have any trouble on the street,” LaRosa said.

If the school board approves the plan, students who currently go to Langley would go to Brashear, and students from Oliver would move to Perry.

LeRoy Williams, who lives near Oliver High School, doesn’t think Oliver students and Perry students will get along.

“I believe that’s going to be a great big problem,” Williams said.

The Oliver High School building itself would not close. Instead, it would become a facility for special education students. Another building currently used for those students would then shut down.

Likewise, the Langley building would also continue to be used, only as a Pre-Kindergarten to 8th Grade facility.

In addition to Oliver and Langley, Pittsburgh Fort Pitt Pre-K to 5th Grade, Pittsburgh Murray K to 8th Grade, Pittsburgh Northview Pre-K to 8th Grade, Pittsburgh Schaeffer K to 8th Grade and Pittsburgh Stevens K to 8th Grade would also close.

Superintendent Lane knows it may not be popular.

“I can’t think of a situation where a community is ever happy when you’re making this kind of a proposal,” Lane said. “All I can hope for is that the community understands.”

There will be several meetings where the community can comment on this issue. The earliest the board could vote is Nov. 22.

The changes would not take effect until the end of the next school year and the district has already cut jobs to save money.


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One Comment

  1. Harley says:

    If you can’t stop the violence contain it. I hate what Ms. Lane is doing but it is necessary to keep high crime in one area, it’s not like their parents are encouraging them to learn anyway.

    1. Anonymous says:

      what exactly do you mean by it’s necessary to keep high crime in one area?

  2. Alleyne says:

    How is it possibly a good idea to bus students from Sheraden, East Liberty and the area served by Langley all the way to Brashear in Beechview? That’s going to be an hour (if not more) each way, with traffic and stops. We already start the high school day too early in the morning for the sleep patterns of adolescents, adding an extreme commute will only worsen that situation. It’s a recipe for lower performance, increased absenteeism and eventually increased dropouts. Wouldn’t it make infinitely more sense, if high schools must be closed and merged, to send Langley students to the former Reizenstein campus which now houses Schenley High?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think that the HIGHER UPS in the school district that make these desicions need to take into consideration,the students safety. There is already enough school violence, bullying etc… Have they(school officials) not seen the increase in school violence since the last superintendant. If they want to save miney start with cutting their salaries. How do they expect students to get an effective educaton when they are worried about there safety to and from school, also while they are in the school.. I think its ridiculous that every time there is a budget crisis the Schools, social programs are the first ones to be cut, POLITICS A BIG #@$%^&* JOKE

  4. Anonymous says:

    This wouldnt have happened if a democrat was in office. They care about public schools and wouldn;t cut the budget on them. i guess we’ll see how this all plays out. going to be interesting putting rivial schools into one building. Students who once played on oppisite teams on the field will now b on one. hmmmm……….

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