New Company Bringing Car Wash To Busy Workers Downtown

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — You know it needs to be done, but you just can’t seem to find the time to wash your car. Now, a new company in downtown Pittsburgh will bring the car wash to you.

In a day and age when people are becoming more environmentally responsible, Easy Auto Wash is too. Can you believe they wash an entire car without using any water at all?

“They are expecting things akin to a drive-thru car wash, not a hand detail where your wheels shine, your tires look like new rubber,” said Stacia Christman, the owner of Easy Auto Wash. “I think they are really impressed.”

Their motto could be “have lime green cleaning gear – will travel.”

“We’re spread from North Shore through downtown out to Southside Works; so, depending on where we have orders for that day at that hour, it could be a team of two guys, four guys, one guy,” said Christman.

Park in any of 25 Pittsburgh-area garages, go to work, get online and make a reservation. Tell them what you drive, where you parked, and your license plate. Easy Auto Wash does the rest.

“Our guys will come to your vehicle, do a complete hand detail and when you leave, it’s done,” Christman said.

No soap, no buckets, no hoses, just old-fashioned elbow grease from one of five employees dedicated to outshining the competition.

“Average size car, about a half hour; small one, maybe 20 minutes; the larger Suburbans what-not, maybe an hour,” said Roy New, the general manager of East Auto Wash.

The company owner is an environmental attorney who works downtown.

“I have a 2-year-old, a full-time law practice and a commute, so I am always looking for ways to multi-task and get some chores done while I’m busy at work,” Christman says.

The cost $18.50 regardless of the size or amount of dirt on your car.

If you are concerned about security, you don’t need to be because nothing is done inside the car. In fact, you don’t even give them your keys.

Easy Auto Wash
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One Comment

  1. Kacie Chambers says:

    NO way would I allow that car wash to be done to my car!! I used to detail cars and know, It takes WATER, to properly clean a car. That company is doing nothing but rubbing around dirt.. dirt includes micro stone, stone scratches car paint!! People should NEVER dry wipe a car!!

  2. JustSaying says:

    So it takes a half an hour to spray Windex all over your car and wipe it off with paper towels? Interesting…but hardly worth 18.50 in my opinion.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. critters mom says:

    All these year or people working downtown with dirty cars and not one brother ever went out and bought a hose a sponge or a bucket!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea! When I work 55 hours a week, sit in city traffic and have a 4 year old..last thing I want to do is stop and wash my car! Let them come to me..what a great item to knock off the “to do list.”

    1. Not as dumb as you look says:

      Great post “Easy Auto Wash”.

  6. RCJ says:

    What a great idea! When I work 55 hours a week, commute and have a 4 year old last thing I wan to do is stop to wash my car! Let them come to me and knock an item off of the “to do list.”

    1. Anonymous says:

      won’t you be crying when you have a scratched up car!

  7. shiny car says:

    wow.. 5 minutes to run through the local car wash.. with WATER! Keep your dry rags!

  8. sms says:

    how much water to clean all the 50 towels you used…….and what about cleaning unfer the moldings where the real dirt is along with the tires….

  9. D. DeMary says:

    I had my car washed by this company about a month ago. I have a black Traverse with the speckled paint. They did a GREAT JOB! Not one single scratch. When it rained the other day, the water was still beading up. I would definitely use them again. Great convenience.

  10. J. C. says:

    I, too, had my doubts but was pleasantly surprised at how clean, shiny and streak-free my SUV was. The technician explained to me that the cleaning product they use, along with the micro-fiber towels, lifts away the dirt and grime and provides a clean and scratch-free job.

    I will certainly use them again. It’s well worth a mere $18.50!

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