Port Authority In Peril?

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Robert Mangino hosts Steve Bland, CEO of the Pittsburgh Port Authority, about the state of the Port Authority in the wake of service cuts, budget shortfalls, and prolonged contract negotiations with drivers.

Listen in as Bland answers your questions about where the Port Authority stands, including how Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget will impact public transit in Pittsburgh.

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One Comment

  1. Michael Gazzo says:

    They have been the most corrupt, mismanaged service for 6 decades. They have had troubles BUT they never took them seriously. Someone always bailed them out. CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT!

    1. non rider says:

      I thought PAT was put together in the mid sixties.Six decades ago would be like ,1951,right?

  2. dsfdfdfdsf says:

    The Port Authority could probably save millions just by cutting out certain bus stops. It feels like throughout the North Hills (Bellevue, Avalon, and West View), plus on the North Side that busses stop every 30 seconds to pick up riders. I realize some people are handicapped, but most people should be able to walk an extra block to catch a bus. Ridiculous. Also, getting that smart card system would help reduce problems when fare boxes are broken and people ride for free. Of course you will have no innovation with a transit system when unions and politicians are calling the shots. Of course when there’s no competition, then improvements will never be made (even though Pittsburgh has a half-decent system compared to other metro areas).

  3. makesenseofit says:

    transportation was abundant during the years of trolleys, taxis, buses and trains.. especially trolleys.
    The PAT when originated was meant with good intentions but became very
    political then as well as now…
    Politics gets rid of jobs and creates jobs.. the PAT has and will prevent
    transportation systems other than the PAT…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Light rail to Oaklan!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Privatize PAT… !!

  6. Batman says:

    Light rail in Oakland means the end of the parking racket. Why would we do that with all those institutions there?????

  7. SAnonymous says:

    Here we go again! Port Authoritys problems! Every month or couple of months it is something new with them and they keep changing things. What next? No transportation? Who knows.

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