BRIGHTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — The reopening of Brady’s Run Park lake in Brighton Township couldn’t have come at a better time this summer with the 90-plus degree weather we’re having.

But last week, signs were posted making the lake off limits.

“It’s really sad because locally there’s not a lot of places to go,” said Trudy Bellan who came to the park with her two grandsons, Max and Jaden.

They spotted other visitors wading in the water.

The 28-acre lake, stocked with game fish like bass and trout just reopened in June after a more than $2 million project that included draining and dredging.

However, recent E. coli testing, which is done daily by an independent lab, registered high levels of the bacteria.

“Some days the water level has almost drinkable quality, other days it’s really high,” said Beaver County Commissioner Charlie Camp.

He says the high E. coli count is likely a product of hot weather, lack of rain and goose droppings.

“I think we’re getting a little infiltration from maybe some bad septic systems upstream,” he added.

A $7,000 aerating system to ease the problem is being installed next week – one part will plug in, the other is powered by a windmill.

But with a hot weekend ahead, there is relief because the latest bacteria test readings are down.

“Well the lake’s open for swimming again – and it’s great – it’s been very popular in this 90 degree weather,” said Camp.

Brady’s Run Park
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