Steelers: 3 More Big Contracts To Get Done

By: Mike Vukovcan

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- One down, 3 more to go for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This morning, linebacker LaMarr Woodley announced that he’s signed a new 6-year, $61 million extension.

The team won’t have to use the franchise tag on Woodley as they did in 2010.

The front office won’t be able to relax because they still have 3 important members of the team to lock-up.

Set to hit free agency next season are linebacker Lawrence Timmons, safety Troy Polamalu and wide receiver Mike Wallace (restricted).

In 2013, running back Rashard Mendenhall will become a free agent and he won’t be cheap to re-sign.

Not having any knowledge of the negotiations, I suspect Timmons will be the easiest of the three to sign.

Wallace and Polamalu could get tricky for different reasons.

The Steelers would be paying Polamalu for what he’s already accomplished while Wallace is just entering the prime of his career.

The former 3rd round pick has become one of the most explosive wide receivers in the NFL.

Last season, Wallace led all NFL receivers in 100-yard games and also most TD’s of more than 29+ yards.

Polamalu is a different situation than Wallace.

He’s a critical member of the defense and when healthy, is one of the best defensive players in the NFL.

The question the Steelers have to ask themselves is how much are they willing to spend on an often injured Polamalu?

It’s hard to imagine Polamalu wearing any other uniform than the black and gold of the Steelers.

Give us your feedback, in order how should the Steelers prioritize Polamalu, Wallace and Timmons?


One Comment

  1. Thomas Rancy says:

    I dont think any of them are going to be a problem, This year is probably the end of the line for Farrior,Ward and Smith at the least. They are allready paying Tory 7 million a year which is not that much so giving some extra bonus money isn’t much of a cap increase. Timmons can take what Farrior will leave as from what I hear from camp Sylvester could step in today and play great. that leaves an extra 7 million free from the likely departure of Eric Smith and Ward for Wallace’s contract. I think they will keep them all but if they had to prioritize I would go by age with with Wallace,Timmons, Troy. Will also have to see how healthy he can stay this season, overall his skills are best used in this system where he has the freedom to freelance, I would be shocked if he left because he couldn’t get more then 9 million per year saying as he allready makes almost 7 a year.

  2. Jim Duron says:

    I have to believe Wallace, Timmons then Troy are the order of importance of resigning and only if Troy can stay healthy. if the Steelers feel they can’t resign Troy to a reasonble contract i’m sure a team would over pay for his negotiating rights prior to free agency. timmons will sign a deal and wallace can always be franchiced tagged. My concern is that they will have to make tough desecsions on Ward and harrison next year too. harrison is going to have to prove he can play with back issues and Ward needs to have a decent year this year or he may be at the end of his Steeler career.

  3. Skinpig says:

    The Steelers have traditionally been very astute when resigning players (or not resigning them). There have only been a few that I would consider ‘mistakes’ (Rod Woodson being the prime example). With that said, in recent years they have been pretty generous (think James Harrison) in doling out cash to aging players. Maybe it’s easy to back load something and then drop the guy if he doesn’t perform (think Max Starks). Whatever the case, I think Wallace and Polamalu are a lock. The only reason I hesitate on Timmons is because of his position. James and Lamarr both have huge contracts, will they offer Timmons one as well? The smart thing to do is sign Timmons now (before he has a monster season) and give him a contract that is loaded with incentives.

  4. Swanny says:

    It has to be Wallace, Timmons, then Polamalu. As a Steelers fan I think Troy has been incredible, but you have to do what’s best for the team. Troy has to stay healthy. Troy is also getting older.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Who is Eric Smith?

  6. Anonymous says:

    is he the son of Bubba Smith? RIP big man!

  7. Matt Barbarino says:

    I think it will go Wallace, Timmons, and Polamalu.

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