Tensions Mount As Verizon Strike Continues

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police were called after some Verizon employees in Dormont left work to find their vehicles chained in at a parking lot.

It’s believed the chain was put up by striking workers.

Police came with bolt cutters and removed the chain. They say they are still investigating.

Meanwhile, an Allegheny County judge signed an order prohibiting striking workers from blocking the entrance to any Verizon offices or job sites. Striking workers are also prohibited from interfering with business by threatening or harassing customers.

Also, Verizon officials claim some striking workers are sabotaging service. On Monday, the company reported at least a dozen acts of sabotage.

They say fiber-optic lines were cut in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. That knocked out phone, Internet and television service to countless customers.

Union officials say accusing them of sabotage is a management tactic used to discredit the union.

Stay with KDKA for Jon Greiner’s full report on this developing story.

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  • Joe sixpack

    Typical union thuggery.

    • Anonymous

      Face it, if union employees did their jobs, management would not have jobs in the first place. Unions only protect the weekest link and these union emplyees are proving their level maturity.

      • anon

        Thats great tear down the whole union because of the few foolish ones. The majority just want to go to work and keep what they have now. A cost of living raise would be fair and keep things status quo with everything else.

    • cobalt.

      this is yet another example of why unions have outlived their usefulness and are destroying this country. These clowns haven’t figured out that most americans aren’t supporting them or their legalized thievery. The unions should be considered organized crime and crushed as hard as possible. I guarantee the company is going to be looking for ways to get rid of union jobs by sending any they can over to india.

  • Dave

    All those striking can be replaced. They better concede or else they’ll be marching straight to the unemployment line.

    • Anonymous

      with your momma dave

    • Anonymous

      how would you like your boss to take 250 a week from your pay?????

      • Candace

        Anonymous – if you read my comment, my husband’s union/boss already takes $6/hr. for healthcare, which equates to $48/day and $240/week. So guess what, he already has it coming out. You need to wake up and join the world of reality.

      • Dave

        I already pay 20% of my insurance and pay into my own 401k. The days of not paying for insurance or paying very little are over, along with pension plans. They are flat out unaffordable. That is the reality that unions are not able to come to terms with.

  • Boo Hoo

    Fire them all. Oh that’s right: they can’t be fired. I wish I had that kind of clout in DC. Inflated salaries for semi-skilled work, guaranteed annual raises, health care, pensions, sick pay, blah blah blah and it’s still not enough.

    • anon

      you are clearly not educated on the issues your commenting on.

      • Anonymous

        “you’re commenting on” – pot calling the kettle black. Let me guess, union worker?

      • Anonymous

        “‘you’re commenting on” – pot calling the kettle black? Let me guess, union worker?

  • Candace

    I don’t get why these people are on strike. They don’t pay any percentage of healthcare, which is ludicrous in this day and age, union or not. They receive top dollar for a job that doesn’t require any eduction other than a high school diploma, and they have good benefits regarding sick and vacation time. My husband is a union journeyman for a trade where he was required to further his education for five years, two to three times a week before receiving a decent wage. He also pays $6/hour, that’s PER HOUR for his healthcare. He also does NOT receive sick or vacation pay. If he is off, he does not get paid. It bugs me that he essentially received a bachlor’s degree in his field that cannot be performed by anyone without proper education and clearances, and these Verizon workers have no education, get paid top dollar, pay no healthcare and have sick/vacation days. They should be thankful for their blessings. No wonder my Verizon bill went up AGAIN!

    • Edward

      Candace….you would be surprised how many Verizon employees have a college education, and even more surprised at how many have advanced degrees. I used to be one of those carrying the sign, and I have a Duquesne MBA. The wages posted by Verizon are exaggerated and based on forced overtime. Drive down the street and look at the worst house in the area, or the worst part of town, and know that utility workers have been in there doing there job. I looked down the wrong end of a gun 3 times during my career there, and have never had a day that I wished I had that job back. The grass is always greener, but those people are working for their money

      • AWO

        Edward…thank you for your support..my husband goes through these situations daily and it’s aggravating that people just believe what they are told and don’t investigate the facts.

    • Anonymous

      sounds like your hubby is pretty stupid and your jealous lol

    • CWA Spouse

      First of all the Linemen that work for verizon and other utilities for that matter are well trained highly skilled workers who risk their lives on a daily basis in all types of weather to ensure that you have phone,cable, etc. If your husband has it that bad then maybe he should look into either a better line of work or a better union. My husband works for Comcast and I’m proud of how hard he works to contribute to our family. I take great offense at the people like you who are uneducated and ignorant to the facts and just assume that these workers don’t deserve what they have. I would like you to go climb a pole in sub zero temps to fix a line in the dark and see what it’s like to walk in their boots for a minute. Also, why should the hard working union workers be penalized by stupid consumers like you who blame them for what the money hungry corporations charge you..if you don’t like your service go elsewhere. Stay strong CWA members….5 days and counting!!!

      • Union Proud !

        I keep trying to post a positive comment about this issue…I worked for VZ, and the comment is being blocked for some reason !!…I have tried several times…bottom line is: I agree with you 100%…

      • Anonymous

        thank you for the Support …comcast spouse

    • Anonymous

      your Verizon bill? You should check the executive’s pay. Workers didn’t receive any increases. Despite what most think, it’s not the flip of a switch. Your husband is a journeyman, verizon techs are certified electricians that have many more requirements. I hope your husband gains every bit of wage and benefit that he deserves. A fiber splice has to be exact and it is not something that is simple to do. Most of us, as i’m sure your husband, work for every dollar we make from Verizon and then some. Just for the record, Verizon landline techs also maintain all the cell towers that every single wireless call goes over. Not sure why you all want to support all these companies when they are the ones emptying your pockets and mine. Best of luck.

    • casey

      Please educate yourself. how do you know so much about the skill level of verizon employee’s. Linemen, splicing and service tech’s, these are very skilled and dangerous jobs. Whatever jobs you and your husband choose to do for a living, were your own choices, also you have the chioce to leave them for a better one. If your that unhappy with your weekly contrabutions, and for that matter, your verizon bill, then do something about it. Seems like your problem not ours. These people choose this job because of the benifits. Anyone else could of too……so who’s the dummy….

      • Candace

        Casey – for the record, I am college educated with a very good position. My point is that EVERYONE pays for healthcare, and Verizon workers should be no exception. You’re right about making choices in life. My husband isn’t a stuff shirt who could sit around the office for 8 hours, so he became a journeyman, making a very good salary. I was showing you and all the other Verizon fools that the days of striking for benefits that no longer exist are gone. I do not begrudge anyone for trying to make a decent life for themselves, but when you start saying you are entitled to benefits that no longer exist in this society, then you are even a bigger fool.

    • Anonymous

      If your husband is a journeyman then he makes a good wage.(UNION WAGE) and if he wasnt im sure they could hire someone at half the pay.Do you think verizon employees all came off the street and none have an education if so im glad your husband belongs to a union because that shows how uneducated you are. Verizon employees further there education every week/yeay to keep up with technology.This is not just about us it is about all middle class jobs ie the same as your husband is fighting for.And for your verizon bill the CEO makes $55,000 dollars a day 365 days a year yaour right its the workers that are driving your bill up (HAHAHA)I am glad you are married to a union worker you will need it.

  • Mike

    I think we need to get unions out of this country! For workers, if you don’t want to work for the wage your getting find another job. There are other people to gladly accept your wages. For benefits pay your own way! Don’t expect customers to pay everything for you cheap skates!

    • anon

      So you think companies will pay you your fair share. Use your head. You think anything given back by everyday workers will come back to the customers or stockholders…. just a foolish thought if so. You won’t see one Red cent of it.

  • 1-2-3

    Union thugs, bully the non-union employees and intimadate threaten fot better benefits. You are not getting pubic support with these tactics. Looks like a long strike.

  • Mz

    advising to kill people ??? this needs to be removed


    Fire them all. If they do not like their jobs, they can find new ones. I’m sure thousands out there would be happy to have the job they do not want to do.

  • Mike

    Eveyone that joins an union thinks they deserve all the perks. (Workers you pay for them- not company). (Free health care benefits, and etc). Greed corporate america. This is why we have no jobs because we americans are too espensive for compaines. Be glad you have a job!

    • Mic

      Grammar too!! WOW!!!!

    • Mic

      Apparently you can’t afford a computer with spell check. I’m sure the executives of the company you work for can!

      • Mike

        I don’t work for an union and still make good money. Go figure ).

    • Anonymous

      Possibly because the healthcare(aka corporate america) drove costs so high that they can’t be afforded. The little guys should absorb all the costs right? You have no jobs in America because your gov has opened it’s borders and jobs to illegals rather than making them all go through the proper channels to become citizens or even migrant workers. The gov also opened the floodgates to let corporate america send jobs to India, Asia, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico and dozens of other 3rd world nations. Cost of Business is cheaper there and there is nothing anyone can do about it besides create tax law that makes it prohibitive for companies to do. Fact is, put any American up against a 3rd world for a job…..you will get what you pay for. You will get a higher quality from the average american. You will get a cheaper labor from the 3rd world. Unfortunately, Companies are choosing the cheap route and every american can see the difference in the way they are serviced and treated by these companies today. This issue is bigger than Verizon….this is just about every major company out there today. By accepting these terms every american is letting the road be paved for your children and grandchilden to live like people in the 3rd world countries do.

  • johnny69

    The flip side is if there were no unions everybody would make what those dummies in Vietnam make, and all of you “anti-union” folks would also be making less than a buck an hour. I do agree though, that they need to pay for their healthcare like all of us and they need to not sabatoge…

    • Mike0

      I make good money without an union. it called an education without an union.

      • Mic

        You should go back to school then. You must not have done very well in English!

    • Anonymous

      I work for Verizon and there should be no sabotage but why the attitude that I pay so you should pay. Corporate america has created the problem with insurance and has pushed it back on all of the workers for all of the companies. Everyone deserves affordable health care and it should be a part of everyone’s job benefits. This is what is so very wrong with this country. You support the companies that give nothing back to you and never will. If Verizon could they would come take a piece of your paycheck too. Look at the realities, VZ wireless profits….landline techs do all the work on cell towers that handle every call on the network. When profits started to decline….they implimented 30/month mandatory data plans for smartphones. I bet you were happy to pay that too. In 10 years I’ve watched 50-100 entertainment bills go to 300+/month. The rank and file aren’t seeing any of that money.

      • Greed

        I disagree you do not have the right for free health care. If you want health care benefits ( you pay for it) that simple folks. I can’t believe some of you think helathcare should be an given, what planet do you think your living on? Get a life, and pay for your benefits that simple but don’t do it on someone else dime.

  • jake

    Sabotage and intimidation of employees who aren’t trying to destroy their livelihood – stay classy, CWA.

  • Hard working non-union employee

    I work in downtown and have never seen such a circus; very reminiscent of primates at the zoo who haven’t been spoon fed in a week; which is what ownership does for the employees, spoon feed, monkeys.

  • hotel

    they all need a good bath

  • Verizon employee

    smelly ingrates who contribute nothing

  • jj

    anyone notice that the vast majority of the striking employees are fat as hell?

    • Anonymous

      like your mom aint fat jj?

    • MALADY


  • crtter
  • Anonymous

    I’m not really a union supporter either, except in this case. Fat, monkey work, blah blah bla and some more b!@@ s&* isnt really the case. Im sure the rest of the KDKA readers are avid physical fitness buffs.. I don’t agree with them causing any chaos downtown or anywhere for that matter however, nothing wrong with joining together to stop corporate greed. I’m sure these employees know they have good jobs but they are being unreasonable because they wont rollover for an approx 800 motnh paycut. Come on people.

  • Bea

    How sad these comments are. People who have bad employment situations think everyone else should too. People who have good situations think those worse off should just keep their mouths shut & be happy they’re working. Not the U.S. I grew up in. My father was a union organizer in the ’60’s. Those efforts helped employees across many areas have better & more today. It was a time others didn’t begrudge anyone in this country having something, heck, they’d help you get it. Now it’s all for one and one for one. Sad. Keep up the good fight Verizon. Most don’t understand it is not the employees who hurt everyone, it is the corporation. So little learned from Enron, BP, GM, the list goes on, and on.

  • Boosey

    I am not a union supporter in this case. I believe in fair wage and benefits for ALL, not just union members. However, I have seen pictures of the sabotage that is being done – it is appalling that these are adults that are resorting to such action! I have also seen videos online of union members putting their young children in front of a vehicle and yelling at the people that are working. Please – those people are just trying to work and make a living as well! On a CWA e-mail, it was said to “beat those scabs with a tire iron”!! Come on CWA – these are people you interface with on a daily basis – how can you treat them so poorly? Strike if you must, but at least treat the employees that have to work with respect knowing that they are NOT the people negotiating your contract! In most cases they have WORSE benefits then you do! And in ALL cases they are PEOPLE.

    Oh….and there is a 9% unemployment in this country…be careful because if VZ fires you for an economic strike you could be out of luck…

  • Dave

    They better hope that Verizon doesn’t pull a Ronald Reagan and boot all of their butts to the street and higher people who actually want to work.

  • Dave

    Sorry – meant to say hire, not higher

    • MALADY


  • Jay

    Stand strong Verizon workers. A few bad apples did something and this gives the hatters more reason to hate the middle class. Union workers everywhere just want to not be toppled over by greedy CEO’s. Believe me, the corporoations are loving the fact that the middle class can now be turned against the middle class while they rake in billions in profit.

    • Joe S

      60K to 80k a year? Middle class? You’re outta your mind! That’s not middle class! Middle class is $35K. Vierizon owrokers should make $9-10$/hr!

  • Customer

    Strikers are showing their mentality levels outside their offices. I had to go there today and all the fatty’s started to harass me. I pay their salaries, but had to hear their foul language. if this is the kind of people Verizon hired in the first place, they shouldn’t get their jobs back.

  • annonymous

    Health care should not be free but affordable. All you haters must all be working for $10.00 dollars an hour. And I guess you are worth every penny. Because you all show how stupid you are when you say everyone else pays why shouldnt the union worker. If there were more people that stood up for themselves maybe we (USA WORKERS) Would’nt be in the position we are. 35K a year middle class are you kidding me. You should get a job at Verizon wait sorry they contract out cleaning the toilets already YOU IDIOT.By reading some of these posts now I see why the USA is the position it is.Americans should be in a race to the bottom but trying to fight for our rights which we are entitle to so when our kids grow up they can make a decent wage and not have to move to a different country to find a job.

  • No Sell Phone 4me

    I going to switch back to Bell Telephone. Are you with me America?

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