Sidney Crosby Concussion Update

By: Mike Vukovcan, @MIKEVUKKDKA

Pittsburgh (KDKA)- The Pittsburgh Penguins front office responded to internet rumors dealing with captain Sidney Crosby’s concussion issues.

Pens GM Ray Shero said today that Crosby has experienced some occasional symptoms, but emphasized that those have come after Crosby pushed himself really hard in workouts.

Shero said that the symptoms are to be expected with an injury like this.

Crosby will be evaluated again about a week before training camp begins in September to determine his playing status.

“I think (Sidney) has progressed really well this summer,” Shero said. He’s happy with his progress. Training camp is a month away, so there’s no expectation for me that he won’t be ready or will be ready. … He’s doing his usual routine. He’ll probably be in a week before camp starts, and we’ll evaluate him then to see how he’s doing.”

Shero went on to say, “The thing for me and for the organization is the bigger picture with Sidney Crosby, making sure that he is 100 percent cleared and ready to play when he does come back. He’s not going to be pushed to come back to practice or play.”

Training camp starts in mid-September.


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  1. Christine says:

    That does not sound good. If this occurs when he pushes himself during off-season, what is going to happen during the season? Crosby gives 110% every game, so if it’s occuring during off-season when he pushes himself, it seems like it would during the season as well. What’s going to happen when he takes his first hard check, – you know players will be aiming for him. This does not sound good at all. 😦

    1. Kem says:

      My thoughts as well. If he can’t handle a tough workout, then how is he supposed to handle a high-pressure game? Sounds like the Pens are desperately trying to cover up bad news.

  2. Charles says:

    Let him sit out the season

  3. Phil says:

    Would it really surprise anyone if Sydney was finished as a player??

    1. Christine says:

      I thought about that last year with the severity of his concussion, but I figured his youth was on his side, and he would be ok to go this season. He is the best player in hockey, and no one comes close to his skills and play-making abilities, so it would truly take away from the excitement of the game if he couldn’t play anymore.

      1. Ryan S. says:

        No one comes close to his skills and play making ability? Do you even watch players on other teams? Or are you a typical Penguin fan who only believes what the local media tells you. There are any number of players in the league who “come close” to his skill level and play making ability, you just lack the hockey knowledge needed to realize it.

  4. PB says:

    I think Sidney is suffering from anxiety attacks such as panic attacks. I think he is finished in hockey.

  5. Paul says:

    Ryan S – I have to agree with Christine – there ins’t a more exciting player to watch. He is considered an elite player on the same lines as Lemieux, Jagr, and Gretzgy. He draws fans from across the country, is revered in Canada, and sells out arenas in other venues. I’d say that places him above any other player out there.

    1. Christine says:

      Thanks, Paul. I’ve been around hockey for a long time, and I understand the game exceptionally well. I do not need to prove that to Ryan S. He sounds like sour grapes to me. Probably a Flyer’s fan!

    2. Ryan S. says:

      Paul, I never said he wasn’t an elite player, but to infer that no other players are even close to his ability, is ridiculous. And for the record, I happen to think Ovechkin is every bit as exciting to watch, mainly because he’s much more physical.

      1. Paul says:

        Ovechkin is exciting to watch, but he does not make the plays that Crosby does. Ovechkin’s strong point is his shot, and his team works around setting him up for the shot. Crosby on the other hand sets other players up, makes the impossible possible. I watched Crosby go through 4 guys one time and score. He has accomplished so much at such a young age. I agree that Ovechkin is more physical than Crosby, but with Crosby’s finess, you don’t need to be physical. Ovechkin also plays dity at times – just ask Malkin.

  6. SYDNEY Canada says:

    Hey guys i will be ok in the future and these set backs are small set backs,i will be evaluated in pittsburgh come early sept.I am comfident in a complete recovery and will bee 100 percent when i do get back on the ice,thanks for all your blessings,excuse my english its my second language as you know,c u soon god bless

    1. Kem says:

      This looks legit.

  7. will g says:

    does anybody really care about this besides his mom and dad. what a nothing story

  8. Terry says:

    I wish the team would just step up to the plate and cut him. This is ridiculous. Maybe he can go be a whiner on some other team.

    1. PCS Sufferer says:

      see my comments below

  9. what says:

    Maybe he is tired and wants to sit out and collect his millions without actually having to work for it. Obummer. Hmmmmm……..

    1. PCS Sufferer says:

      see below

  10. PCS Sufferer says:

    I find it really sad how uneducated people are when it comes to the severity of concussions and post concussion syndrome. As someone who has exeperienced 3 concussions in three years, (2 work related working with special needs children with emotional and behavior problems) and the last one from a serious car accident in March.

    The first two were a relatively quick recovery, lasting less than a week or less. The last one that occurred in March has left me disabled to this day and after a follow up with UPMC’s sports medicine concussion clinic today, I found that I will need another 6 months of various therapies before I will be even able to consider going back to work full time and continuing with grad school.

    For the first 3 months, I couldn’t even get out of bed because I was so dizzy. It felt like I was completely intoxicated 24 hours a day, without any types of drugs or alcohol. I couldn’t go anywhere in a car without vomitting and suffering for hours afterwards. I couldn’t do anything while lying in bed due to the severe migraines I experienced. Any sort of light stimulation was like a knife cutting into my eyes and brain. My ears rang constantly.

    Under the care of the UPMC concussion clinic, I began vestibular therapy to retrain my brain to better deal with input from my environment, in a way that would make me less dizzy and disoriented. I now also see a physical therapist to work on my neck as there was a lingering injury my primary care missed in regards to the accident, that may be contributing to my migraines. I will soon have to see a neurological opthamalogist to see if I will need light therapy to increase my visual abilities which have been greatly dimished since my accident.

    So that being said, those of you nay sayers who think he’s just a “whiner” or being “lazy”, I hope that you never experience the suffering of Post Concussion syndrome. I “work” 8 hours a day doing various therapies to retrain my brain how to work in my environment without symptoms. I have countless appointments weekly that I have to find family to take me to, because at 6 months out, I still can’t drive.

    I used to work 40+ hours a week in an extremely stressful environment, and then spent my evenings at the University of Pittsburgh working towards my Master’s degree, at a full time status with a 4.0 average. I was in no way “lazy” or a “whiner” before my accident. Neither was Syd. As I crave the day when I can go back to my “normal” busy, meaningful, life, (which per my appointment this morning will be AT LEAST another 6 months), I’m sure that Syd is doing the same.

    May you never experience how traumatizing a concussion can be and how it can completely turn your world upside down for months at a time. Recovery is possible, but must be in the hands of a medical treatment team who has a great deal of experience with post concussion syndrome, AND NOT naysayer fans who think you can just push through, or your a “lazy whiner.”

  11. john says:

    his injury is serious and its real and sadly i think i think his career is over …. hes too young to take a chance on losing the rest of his life …its over and hockey fans need to wish him well and cheer when he shows up to watch the games that would be best for him

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just let him sit until he’s ready. He can come back from this if they don’t rush him. If Malkin and the others start strong then this will take some of the pain away of Sid not being there. He’s not going anywhere and the Pens will resign him so if he misses another half a year or another year what’s the big deal. I think that is what Shero was getting at.

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