Crash Leads To Major Drug Bust On North Side

NORTH SIDE (KDKA) – Pittsburgh Police responded to an accident on the North Side Monday night, which resulted in a major drug bust.

According to police, Zone 1 officers were dispatched to an accident near the intersection of West North Avenue and James Street around 5:08 p.m.

While on the scene, police found over $30,000 worth of drugs under the hood of a car being driven by James Christiansen Jr. of Matthews, N.C.

Police confiscated over 200 ecstasy pills, 11,000 hits of LSD, liquid LSD, crystal meth, brownies and mushrooms.

Christiansen is now facing numerous drug charges.


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  • Harley

    What a dumb arse. Pittsburgh police just might be the finest, stay tuned.

  • Anonymous

    They were caucasian (Crystal Meth) idiot…grow up and get a life Bill Burns or Tim Stevens

    • bill burns

      Anonymous is a card carrying member of the NAACP. (National Association for the Advancement of COLORED People). His name is really MOSES.

  • Anonymous

    They were caucasian(Crystal Meth…idiot…Get a life dumb ass

  • Seeking balance

    WHO CARES what color they were??? Just take the trashy drug dealers off the streets!!! Please bring a bigger police presence to Mt Washington too!!! Residents would be grateful to be able to take a walk at night!!

    • sheed

      No take the real criminals off the streets; murderers, rapists, burglars, con-artists, etc. What does this have to do with crime? Drug usage is a victimless crime, the consumers look for them, they don’t search for their consumers. If you were taking a walk down your street at night, and this guy drove by you, 99% chance you wouldn’t even know who this guy was or what he did, as he’d pay no attention to you either. SO HOW IN THE WORLD IS HE RESTRICTING YOU “TO BE ABLE TO TAKE A WALK AT NIGHT” !! ??

      I’d appreciate an actual logical answer. thanks

  • Anonymous

    Just glad they dint get the fire bags that are all over the city!!!

  • snookies 1st smush

    I’m just glad they did uncover all them fire bags, that PITT is flooded with!! Thats a relief.

  • Anonymous

    Cleaning up the burgh’ one small timer at a time!! weed and reseed PIT


    I hate all you dopers, I’m going to overspend government fund to catch you all for tax purposes .

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