School District Offering Drug Testing Kits To Parents

HEMPFIELD (KDKA) — A local school district is offering take home drug tests to parents.

The test kids will be available to parents of middle school students in the Hempfield School District.

“We would rather be proactive,” Andy Leopold, superintendent, said. “We have 6,300 students in this district and if we can affect even one family or one child then we’re doing our job.”

The test will be offered to parents and will be voluntary. The results will never be given to the school district. The student cannot be punished in any way by the school system.

“It gives my kids a way out to say, ‘Hey. I could be tested for drugs at any time. No thank you. I can’t,’” Randy Stoner, a school board member, said.

Terry Ewing, a former teacher and a mother, says it’s about time.

“I think this is idea has some merit,” she said. “Parents can know for sure what’s going on with their children. The school district doesn’t want to know the results. This is just for the parents. If they want it, they can request it? Not a bad idea.”

The drug testing kits will be offered as part of a comprehensive plan in Hempfield that includes an in-your-face look at the justice system and the danger of drugs.

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One Comment

  1. Jack says:

    I’m sorry but it’s hilarious that the school is Hempfield and the school board member they interviewed is named Stoner.

    1. Bill says:

      Why are tax dollars being used for this? Parents’ can buy their own kits. What business of this involves our government, schools and our tax dollars? Is there something in the constitution I missed that gives our government permission to use my money in this manner?

      1. joeKing says:

        My thoughts exactly! The tax payers should be outraged.

      2. KC says:

        Agree completely, School should offer information as to how parents can possibly get a group discount on the kits, but buying them and offering them to parents is outside their “duty description.” So instead of teaching (USA trailing many countries), they oversee food, drugs, weight, sex, clothing, hair color, hair length, religion,…and on it goes. Maybe if they stick to school subjects, kids would then make it in life.

      3. Justin Case says:

        Follow the money and I think that with enough digging you will find that the school board and or school personnel benefit from this directly or someone they know is benefiting from this. These drug tests do not cost that much at the stores and besides, how is this drug test suppose to make it home? Will the questionable students take it to mom? Will the parent have to pick it up and if so why not just stop by the store? Perhaps the best answer is that the school needs to spend the rest of their unallocated money for the year or face loosing out on the same amount of money next year. Something does not smell right here and I doubt that the smell is drugs.

        Remember, say no to the war on drugs.

      4. Ccpony says:

        Typical liberal BULLSH!T. “Hey, it’s not MY money. So if this $1000000 that I spend of YOUR money can help just ONE person … Well then, aren’t I wonderful?”

      5. Jeffrey A Douglass Sr. says:

        When tax payers began paying for abortions and other group oriented controls we started down that slippery slope.

      6. FreudianSlip says:

        Another misuse of tax money. Everyone needs to vote out all the politicians that got us here. We put ourselves here and we can vote our way back out of this mess. We need to AUDIT where every dollar is going in our government budgets. A full accounting from every government agency should be posted online every month. This includes the school districts which have become a huge boondoggle for siphoning money out of the tax system. They spend more in their budgets for repair and maintenance of buildings than if they rebuilt new. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

      7. barrybeech says:

        This is government out of control.
        Stop funding the Borg.

      8. Jason says:

        I’ve been told that the school will hand them out, but the school didn’t purchase them. They are being donated to the school at no cost. So no tax dollars. From what I’ve been told…

    2. Dennis says:

      I’m skeptical. This story may be a plant.

    3. Doug says:

      I was also rolling on the floor LMAO when I read this. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.
      But seriously, it’s not “the school districts job” to send a drug test kid home with the kids. It must be terrifying to be student at the Hempfield (LMAO) school district. Whoever came up with that plan should be fired.

    4. Pat M says:

      Dave? Dave’s not here.

    5. Sully says:

      That was my first thought, too.

    6. t paine says: Words from the man who first said the words “United States of America”

    7. Deb says:

      I thought the same thing as I read the story!

  2. James P says:

    Is this satire? The town is Hempfield with a school supervisor named “Randy Stoner”?

    1. Dennis says:

      Yeah, “Randy”; I didn’t catch that the first time; an amorous pothead principal. This one just gets better and better.

  3. DogDontHunt says:

    Odd confluence of names there. Also a sad sign of the times that they are doing this at a middle school. What is the age range here? Mabye 11-14?

  4. M.T. says: gave out free home test kits several years ago at our Jr. High. I thought it was a great idea. It gave me an excuse and an out in several situations.

    1. KC says:

      Nothing is “Free”…they took money from text books, supplies, etc to give you test kits with tax money. I hope your “Out” was worth another kid’s school lunch or field trip.

    2. mkultra says:

      Pretty pathetic if you need an excuse not to do something you apparently don’t want to do anyway. Grow a backbone.

  5. Crosscut says:

    Drug test the faculties and staff with zero tolerance. Let’s see how that works out.

    1. Ed says:

      I think the kids should check the parents.

      1. RandyC says:

        It’s like none of you have read 1984. It’s scary what most of you so called Americans will tolerate.

  6. Mannie says:

    A year or two ago, we were debating the legalization of pot. I asked my then 12 year old grandson how long it would take him to score pot at school. His answer,

    “I don’t know any of the druggie kids. … About twenty minutes.”

    So this doesn’t surprise me.

  7. john says:

    this is dumb. you say we live in a free society yet we have a drug war and the enemy is our own kids. alcohol and tobacco kill millions a year and your kids will get it from you. stop the ignorance about drugs because your all addicts with your pills and alcohol. great message to send the kids, get drunk and pop pills because that’s what mommy and daddy do. idiots!!!

    1. Uncle Sam says:

      Excellent Point – Deaths from Gov’t Approved Drugs per year:
      Cigarettes – 450,000
      Alcohol – 50,000
      Other – 20,000
      Marijuana Deaths – 0

      1. Joe in Missouri says:

        You forgot pharmaceuticals

      2. SandyLester says:

        There are some studies that say 120 people a day die do to doctor error, maybe we should test doctors.

  8. annie says:

    I assume that all the school board members, principals, and teachers have been tested? I know what my children are doing, but not what goes on among the union faithful. Parents who don’t know with whom their children are associating, or what they are doing when you are not around need to rethink if they should be parents. It is not the place of government to raise our children — and make no mistake, the government run schools ARE part of the government, and teacher/ babysitters, school board members, and administrators are not being paid by private industry — they are all on the government dole.

  9. Home Invasion says:

    “Mommy, Daddy! My school wants you to give me your urine samples!”
    I bet whoever thought this was a good idea tests positive for STUPID!
    Schools should teach and leave parenting to parents!

  10. Steve says:

    How about we drug test all the parents first?

    1. Lee Ann says:

      Here! Here!
      And include alcohol and pills in that drug test!

  11. Matt says:

    In an economy suffering like we are and the ever constant cuts in educational funding, why the hell is the school funding test kits parents can go pick up at walgreens? A Schools job is to educate not become the local outreach program. This is just silly. Get back to teaching math, science and topics relevent to education and let parents take care of the rest.

  12. Tony says:

    Randy STONER said this, huh? How much will this cost? Who’s paying for it? Are they going to check for alcohol? I’d much rather a kid smoke weed than drink alcohol. Girls that smoke pot dont pass out and wake up raped the next day.

  13. Wendy says:

    If the parents are really interested in being proactive, why don’t they do the testing on their own. Why does it take a free test coming from the taxpayers for the parents to show interest?

  14. Ken says:

    Hemp was a major cash crop in the US prior to the 1930’s. Most canvas, rope, etc was made from hemp, George Washington grew hemp. However, the hemp plant grown at that time had very little THC, and few smoked it. Hemp with higher levels of THC were imported and smoked in the inner cities, and the gov’t cracked down on any hemp since they could not determine which was which. Also, the new plastics industry and the other fiber producers supported the destruction of their biggest competitor, hemp. So the growing of it was outlawed in the late 1930’s, relegalized due to WW2 due to the needs for rope & canvas, and outlawed again afterwards. One of the worst mistakes for our country, due to the loss of the cheap natural resource which still has not been replaced adequately.

    1. LoveYourEnemies says:

      Let’s legalize hemp and start a new green revolution. It is natural, bio-degradable, can be grown almost anywhere, and has thousands of uses. I bet some genius can figure out how to make water bottles out of it and thereby decrease the use of plastic bottles that are polluting our aceans.

      1. john s says:

        they already can make all plastics and bio-diesel from it but the oil companies are too powerful

  15. drpageiv says:

    I always knew when my kids got drunk or stoned. I had very strict rules and I enforced my will on them. I knew because I required them to be at home or the home of a trusted parent when they did these things. I had a communications link to my kids because I was heavily involved in their affairs.

  16. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken


  17. drpageiv says:

    My kids are all in their 30’s still married to their first loves with children (18 or so). All 5 work at professional endeavors from Corn Farmer to EMT. Only one Tokes or Drinks as an adult, none accepted the liberty very enthusiastically.

  18. Bob says:

    I have come to dislike trying to read anything on CBS News websites, they refresh too often, while reading, the screen refreshes and I have search where I was reading.

  19. Curious says:

    So they send a drug test kit home with the kids. Do they really expect that if a kid is using drugs they will give it to mom and dad? Or are they send ing them home for the kids to find out if the parents are on drugs? Could go either way these days.

    1. Mannie says:

      So they send a drug test kit home with the kids.


      They make them available.

  20. Chicago Nick says:

    This isn’t such a bad idea, I was first introduced to marijuana in the 5th grade back in 1978 in Charlottesville VA and then in the 6th when we moved to Chicago. I can’t even imagine the stuff these kids have to fight off nowadays. Its brutal and the leftists and MSM aren’t helping them one iota.

    1. troy says:

      It is a terrible idea. The school is wasting money buying drug tests rather than books, pens, pencils, and other supplies that will actually help the children be a little more productive.

  21. AFGSTSAM says:

    You assume the parents even care … can the results be sent to the moms welfare worker? I am assuming no dad of course.

  22. Joe in Missouri says:

    Wonderful use of tax money what will they think of next? Kids football teams? Oh yeah they have already done that.

  23. stjames888 says:

    As long as they drug test teachers and staff as well; I have no fight with the idea…

  24. Troy says:

    I want to know how much tax payer money this is costing. If a parent suspects their kids of drug use that can easily go buy a test kit at the local drug store. Another waste of taxpayer money being imposed by the nanny state. Hey to all you slacker parents out there raising vile little disrespectful rugrats; IT IS TIME TO START CONTROLLING AND DISCIPLINING YOUR KIDS.

  25. Mikert says:

    Parents are responsible for their children, not the government.

    1. Al Jay says:

      Going to test the parents?

  26. michaelp says:

    must be for whites. because if blacks are involved. it will be racism !

  27. Ed Perry says:

    Lovely bit of irony with that name of the school district: Hempfield. Maybe they should change it to Tokesburg.

  28. Gordon Wagner says:

    The very concept of “drug testing” is an invasion of privacy. It’s astonishing that so many US citizens appear to have no problems with the idea of “drug testing”.

    1. Sean Patriot says:

      i would drug test welfare recipients all day long

      1. MsCynic says:

        Oh if those on the welfare system had to pass, we could DRAMATICALLY reduce the national debt!!!

        I’m all for it, & regarding the section 8 nonsense out there, PLEASE consider testing these people I’m paying for!

      2. Joe in Missouri says:

        You morons. Would you also test every other welfare recipient such as all social security repaints? How about every farmer receiving corporate welfare?

    2. dr michael says:

      Drug testing is not an invasion of privacy, especially when the welfare of others depends on those being tested.

  29. Gunnhild says:

    Okay, so they send the test home. Then what? Are parents to report to the school board, administration, or teacher? Since many, if not most, districts have difficulty instructing children on how to read, write, and do arithmetic, maybe parents should send in with their children copies of How to Teach Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic in 30 Easy Lessons? You would hear screaming from the “educational establishment” that parents are overstepping their boundaries and infringing upon the educrats. The comments in Great Schools for the high school, written by students, are loaded with grammatical and semantic mistakes that are elementary. Maybe they should concentrate on that then on drug testing students. (Note: the comments were written in 2008 when their PSSA scores were 96%, it is now {2010} 86%, from a recent high of 97% in 2007-Writing)

  30. Kent says:

    Big brother enough for you? Vy don’t ve just test everyone and throw ze offenders in ze gulag? I don’t do drugs, I don’t like drugs, but I like government nannies even less.

  31. AussieReader says:

    Did not anyone else pick-up on “The test kids will be available to parents of middle school students in the Hempfield School District.”. You don’t have to test your own kids, just the ones they send you.

  32. karebear says:

    Sorry, but as a teacher, I can tell you that many districts DO drug test their staff. Plus, I have not known in my entire teaching career ONE teacher who would test postive for illegal drugs. While I agree that parenting should be left to the parents, the general public EXPECTS teachers/schools to parent because parenting is what makes a child successful and the parents are failing. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve sat down with a parent to discuss a kid who is failing a class because he has not done any of the work and the parent says “I just don’t know what to do. He just plays those video games or goes out when he gets home and doesn’t do any homework.” And, if I dare speak what really needs to be said, I’ll be out the door and out of a job!

  33. Anti-GOVT says:

    Ironic this is taking place in Hempfield!
    Schools need to get back to what they are for:
    Reading, Writing, and Math.
    Leave the rest to the parents!
    and if they arent good parents, tough!
    thats life.

    1. Joe in Missouri says:

      Hmmm Anti-GOVT you need reported to homeland security. Actually disagreeing with your owners.

  34. John Sweet says:

    They are supposed to test their parents I’ll bet and return the test back to the school district

  35. Harlowe Thrombey says:

    The current education bureaucrats of Hempfield need a good education on the history of their very own town.

  36. WilliamPenn says:

    It’s the teachers who need to be drug-tested — especially in Wisconsin.

  37. Joe says:

    My idiot uptight parent woulda’ made me pee…..I can hear it now…”Joey !…C’mere Joey ! Fill it up !”……..Oh, I’m 49 years old and although I no longer do it ,I smoked enough weed to prolly at least buy a nwe Camaro….Maybe two….. Haa ! Haa !….All the Best,Joe

    1. Casper says:

      Only one parent, huh? She obviously had no concern for your ‘education’.

      1. Joe says:

        It was a typo,Einstein

  38. Joe in Missouri says:

    What a fitting place ….Pittsburgh. Host to the globalist G20’s meeting.

  39. Casper says:

    No excuse (including “saving children”) is valid when shredding the 4th Amendment

  40. Entropy. says:

    Oh look. Once again a government agency is giving something to someone for “free”. While I applaud the idea of the means of proactive parenting being available for parents, I once again have cause to sigh at such fundamental misconceptions of economic realities.

  41. golfer says:

    “The test kids will be available to parents of middle school students in the Hempfield School District.”

    Test KIDS? I think the writer of the story needs a test kit

  42. Kerry says:

    Little by little they find a way to enter into our family and private lives. It’s almost as though we’re being conditioned to accept personal intrusion as normal.

  43. LindaB says:

    It’s the PARENTS and the TEACHERS that need to be drug tested!!

  44. Jeffrey A Douglass Sr. says:

    How many of those tax payer bought kits get home? Those kids are not morons, although the school administrators may qualify. My guess is the school board had some left over tax dollars that need to be spent to get more next year.

  45. Always On Watch says:

    Better test the parents while they’re at it.

  46. Rex says:

    Apparently they’re providing test kids for the parents to practice on? (See second paragraph.)

  47. mike brown says:

    This is just more proof of the satanic government propaganda camps. Parents if you care one thing about your children you will Repent of your wickedness, and Receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour before you loose your children to the devil. If you believe you evolved from a monkey and there is no God stay the course and see how you and they turn out. Romans 10:9-13, Acts 20:21

  48. USArtguy says:

    A quick search on Google Shopping shows 10 “drug test kits” that run from $4-$45. Toss out the lowest price, because it’s so limited and the highest price because its far higher than the rest. The average price for the 8 others is $14.50. Multiply that by “6,300” as stated by the superintendent for a total of $91,350 of taxpayer money.

    Even if the 6,300 aren’t all middle-schoolers or they get a better price on the kits, it seems to me they could serve the public better and hire another teacher for that kind of money.

  49. Rev Martin in the North says:

    So, tell me again why the test kits are needed? For the parents to be sure they know what is going on with their children … Any parent that is active and involved in their children’s lives will not have a need for this kit. Perhaps resources should be funneled into equipping us all to be better parents instead of technology.

  50. Sean Patriot says:


  51. John says:

    If this becomes the norm, then what will come next?

  52. RM says:

    Is the teachers union allowing the teachers and the administration to be tested as well?

  53. Hank Warren says:

    Drug tests for kids, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. dr michael says:

      And you sir, violate me with your stupid absurd remarks. Its people like you that have made our society the way it is. We need good moral compass to guide the country into the future, not someone micromanaging what the government does. The government is by the people and for the people.Quit your belly aching and do something to make a positive change.

  54. Pammie says:

    If anyone needs a drug test its the teachers. They are the ones bringing in the dope to have sex with the kids.

    1. dr michael says:

      I concur, good post

  55. Alan says:

    They should drug test the teachers too…

    1. Joe in Missouri says:

      Well the teachers are welfare (paid with stolen money from tax payers) recipients.

      Why not test them like all welfare recipients?

  56. dr michael says:

    Your kidding me………right?? This is not the purpose or function of the school district. Teach the studnets to be proficient in English, Algebra and Science. Let the parents police their children.

    1. Try again says:

      “studnets ” good one “doc”….

  57. Ron says:

    As a former teacher, I can tell you that I knew of five students who were doing drugs before they were 13! When I made an attempt to tell the parents (who had NO clue), four of the five told me that they would sue me and that I should “stick to states and capitals” and “how dare you” comments. Four of those five are DEAD after overdosing. These were not welfare type families either! WAKE UP PEOPLE. I was so sad and disgusted after all of this that I simply left the profession. Good for Hempfield.

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