The Man Who Brought Us The Batman Movies

(Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

(Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

Larry-Richert Larry Richert
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PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — Before Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton donned the famous cape and cowl, most people saw Batman as the cheesy, “POW,” “BOOM,” “CRASH” Adam West-style “Batman.”

One man, however, knew Batman as the dark, vigiliante he was meant to be from the comic books.

Michael Uslan, a true comic geek and the first person to teach a comic book class at an accredited university, bought the rights to a future Batman movie, and through his efforts, the “Dark Knight” we know today was born.

Michael tells KDKA AM’s Larry Richert about the trials and hurdles he faced to get Batman to the silver screen, and how Hollywood wouldn’t touch the concept he believed in.

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