14-Year-Old City’s Latest Homicide Victim

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A 14-year-old boy is the latest victim in a rash of homicides that have gripped the City of Pittsburgh.

Two people have been questioned in this case, but no arrests.

Stephon Smith, of Larimer, was the youngest of seven siblings. Social workers met with his family Thursday afternoon.

“I feel for the family because I have young boys too and their mom is sickly … For somebody to call you and tell you your son got shot – I can just imagine how she feels,” Tina Banks, the victim’s neighbor, said. “He was going to be well-missed.”

Tia Malloy, Smith’s friend, said she cried when she heard the news.

“[We were] so close and before he died, I just saw him, we spoke, we [were] hanging out and everything, and then they told me and then it was a big shock,” she said.

Smith’s murder and the wounding of a 19-year-old is just the latest in a violent week and police have blitzed the neighborhoods where the violence has been the worst – particularly in the South Hills.

“We’re trying to put all these cases together and certainly when we get the right information, hopefully we’ll be able to identify some suspects in the latest homicides and hold those people responsible by putting them in jail,” Pittsburgh Police Commander Thomas Stangrecki said.

Smith’s mother spent the day dealing with a number of her medical conditions visiting doctors and now she has to arrange a funeral for her 14-year-old son.

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One Comment

  1. Harley says:

    How can a community be so desentitized to death and violence? So what happens now, more expensive T-Shirts whith the victims picture on it, or are you tired of being tired, this is absurd.
    That picture reminds me of when the National Guard came into Homewood back in the sixties.
    I wish Stephons family peace and quick closure to this.

  2. johnny69 says:

    Why isn’t the media asking the question: “What in the world is a 14 year old doing on the streets at 11:45 PM on a work night”? I mean, it is a work night for the adults in that town, isn’t it? My 18 year old is in the house by 11 PM and we live in SPRINGDALE where it would be safe to be out way later. Parents have to be responsable too…get your kids in the houes and to bed.

  3. nmarilyn says:

    This is very tragic. I wish there was an easy way to end this violence. So may families have been torn apart. Please anyone who knows something come forward. ‘Try to end this violence.

  4. Preventable Tragedy says:

    I agree with johnny — why is this CHILD outside at 11:45 p.m.?????????? Parents, family members, neighbors — TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY or you’re going to continue to bury your CHILDREN.

  5. Let's Think A Little says:

    Letting a child out late at night does not give someone the right to commit murder! There are many issues to consider here, the health of the mother for one, the disregard teens often have for following parental rules, for another. The fault is with the murder, not the victim or his family. Murders happen inside of homes, shopping malls…everywhere. Have some common sense and a little sensitivity. The focus should be on ending violence, not shifting blame.

  6. Mayor of GBD says:

    I’ll do my share….where can I drop off more bullets!

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