Mayor Plans To Reverse Controversial Parking Plan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says he plans on rescinding a controversial plan that expanded parking meter hours at night.

He says if he gets his way, there will be no tickets written in the city after 6 p.m. and the meter rates will drop.

“People are upset. They can’t park downtown. They can’t park in some of our neighborhoods after six without getting significant tickets,” Ravenstahl said. “That concerns us because I’m not real sure what the benefit is at this point.”

The plan went into effect on June 1. Ticket enforcement expanded from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and increased rates citywide.

The mayor says initial reports show little, if any, gain in revenue and a lot of complaints from people everywhere he goes.

“Well there’s frustration. In some cases, anger – especially business owners that are saying, ‘Hey, my patrons getting tickets outside of my establishment. They can’t put more than four quarters in and it’s backed up.’

“So it’s become in a lot of areas a nuisance,” he explained.

City council would have to approve any changes; however, the mayor says there may be ways to make the changes without council approval.

Pittsburgh Parking Authority
Mayor Luke Ravenstahl


One Comment

  1. Marty's Outsider says:

    How will the city pay the pensions of all the retired police and firemen without all those quarters?

  2. Boring says:

    Why is Marty bothering Luke on the golf course? whata putz

  3. j gants says:

    the city is nothing more than a cash cow

  4. Kathleen Forsythe says:

    I complained before this all happened about how the city will spend more in enforcing the meters until 10PM and the extra money needed to hire more staff. I also complained that Oakland (where I work) rates for their meters tripled. Most of Oakland has students and working people at the Hospitals and Universities. So how was this to help the working class and bail out pensions????? Not a plan that was thought through. Why do we elect officials that cannot see the results of such a poor plan? Mayor Luke before you spend any more money on updating the meters to take ATM cards, just raise the rates a little and make everyone happy. A small raise would have been acceptable but what happened was a nightmare.

  5. STUSH says:

    Batman warned the boy mayor that the Joker would start robbing the parking meters if they had more quarters in them. Luke was only looking out for the citizens of Gotham.

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