Tremors From Virginia Quake Felt Around Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A moderate earthquake hit Virginia Tuesday afternoon and the tremors were felt hundreds of miles away.

The epicenter of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake was about 87 miles outside of Washington, D.C. around 1:51 p.m.

The tremors were felt as far north as Massachusetts and as far west as Cincinnati.

Dozens of viewers called into the KDKA-TV newsroom minutes after the ground shook in the Pittsburgh area.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Point Park University and PPG Place were briefly evacuated. The quake also affected Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s campus.

Ryan Penrose, a junior who was working in Sutton Hall, said it felt like he was on a boat.

“I was sitting at my desk in payroll and the ground started to shake,” he said. “I thought maybe I was just getting dizzy or something.”

For most of the people who left their buildings, it was their first experience with an earthquake.

“I felt a small tremor at first. It was kind of an up and down motion and then the next one was much stronger. It started going side to side, and I knew that wasn’t normal. I could hear the blinds shaking in the other room, and I said, ‘This is an earthquake. We have to get out of here.’ I was actually starting to get dizzy,” Dawn Owen said.

“We felt the building start to sway, and my blinds started to sway back and forth – just could feel everything shaking. We’re on the 24th floor of the Lawyers Building, so it was very evident that something was going on and we all yelled out to each other in the office and decided to evacuate,” Alicia Slade said.

The quake broke up the bingo game at the Dormont Municipal Building. Everyone evacuated from the senior center.

A week before her 90th birthday, Martha Dawson felt her first earthquake.

“I just felt it shake and I really didn’t think much of it and my friend here, she said, ‘Did you feel that?’

“And I said, ‘Yeah – I felt something shake!'”

Across town, David Gillingham felt it on a Port Authority bus.

“I actually thought it was the bus shaking a little bit, but it ended up being an earthquake and I started getting messages on my phone,” he said.

His brother, Tim, felt it in a bookstore.

“It was, you know, creepy, because I never had a earthquake or anything like that experience,” he said.

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  • Heather

    We felt it in Coraopolis!

    • Debra

      Claysville , Pa. all shook up too!

    • Susannah

      Felt in in Venitia, PA!

    • Sharon

      We felt it here in Oakland, 7th floor FBTR bldg. I saw the building moving outstide my window, and the water was sloshing around in my fishbowl!!!

    • Luke R

      Sure it wasn’t that fat dude from down the street, trip and fell.

      • Liz

        You are a jerk!!!

    • Susan Owens Lape

      We felt it in Donora and Washington Township, Fayette County

    • Annamarie Lorenz

      My kids and I felt it here in Arlington and the South Side area. I was sitting at the kitchen table on my laptop and the chair I was sitting in moved and slide on the floor about an inch.

  • JJO

    Felt in Pennsybury Village — shook my office chair pretty good!! Holy Batquake!!

    • Sue Pillock

      Felt here in Ebensburgh, PA. We are about 75 miles east of Pittsburgh.

  • Shala Marie

    I called for information since I have no cable and a newborn and was yelled at and hung up on before even stating my reason for calling. Absolutely outraged!

    • ALM

      You called the news station and expected them to recite the news to you over the phone? And you’re outraged that they were too busy to talk to you?

      Turn on a radio with headphones. You are not the center of the universe just because you have no cable and a baby.

      • ally


    • MaryHobbes

      You have no cable but you DO have the phone number for the news on speed dial. Think about that.

    • Think before you type

      no cable, but you have Internet and didn’t think to look it up elsewhere so you called a news station?

      • Joanne Glubish Pierwsza

        Thats how I found out , on the internet while filling out a job app.

  • Melissa R.

    Felt in Butler, PA.

    • Ellen J.

      I felt it in Butler, PA too! ! I thought I was crazy until I saw the news!

  • RObert Marshall

    Felt in Whitehall also. Wobbled chair and table I was sitting at.

  • Sherri

    We felt it here in Washington, PA in the Courthouse Square building. I thought someone was shaking my chair and my cubicle walls. Many of us just left the building after we felt it even though we were not officically evacuated. We are back in now but I really do not feel too safe here on the 5th floor of a 7 story building.

    • genebene

      yes, you should not feel safe in that building CAUSE IT WAS BUILT BY THE LOWEST BIDDER!

  • Terry Lash

    Living in Greene County, Dilliner, PA., 11 mil North of Morgantown, WV…very much felt the tremor! Lived in Calif. 21 years so am shocked to have felt it.

  • Jaime

    at st. margarets hospital we all felt it.

  • Kasey

    i felt it in level green!

  • shawnchuga

    We felt it in Franklin Park. Kids playing xbox in their bedroom, bed actually shook!

  • Alyson Marcus


  • jennifer lookhart

    i felt it in apollo

  • Dave

    I think it’s pretty ironic that it happened in DC – LOL

    • Sigh

      That’s not irony.

      • Dave

        What is it then?????

    • Phyllis Gallagher

      More coming. Mother Nature can’t stop laughing at us these days…
      Seriously, this activity has been escellating. Guess who doesn’t want U.S. to know….

  • Maryann D.

    We all felt it here in Bloomfield at West Penn Hospital! Movin’ and a shakin’!

  • Deborah

    Felt it here in Pittsburgh Mexican War Streets

  • Bridget

    Felt it at the Armstrong County Courthouse, Kittanning, PA

  • Jean

    Felt in Kittanning, Pa

  • Kendra

    Felt it in Mt. Pleasant

  • Shari Quinn

    felt it in Warrendale

    • Jeff

      Where in Warrendale, I am on Northgate Drive and did not feel anything ? !!!!

  • Shelley

    I was feeding my baby and felt my chair move! It really scared me! My father felt it too. We live in Pleasant Hills, PA, south of Pittsburgh.

  • Cecelia

    Most of my neighbors and I felt it in Bentleyville!!!

  • Karen Blystone

    Felt it in Imperial, PA

  • Crystal

    felt it in plum, pa

  • Jamie

    Felt in downtown Pittsburgh. I work in Lawyers Building and felt movement and asked if were moving or if I was getting dizzy. The building swayed

    • Jennifer

      LOL! I felt it too in Law and Finance Building and thought the same thing!

  • Kat

    We felt it in Kingwood, WV

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