Man Hit By Train In Hazelwood

HAZELWOOD (KDKA) – A man was injured after being hit by a train in Hazelwood Wednesday morning.

The accident happened near the intersection of Tecumseh Street and Second Avenue.

Several witnesses reported seeing the man standing near the tracks before the accident.

“I was crossing the train tracks and as I was crossing, I said hello to him, but I did not have any idea he didn’t have [any] coherence and he stopped in the middle of the tracks,” Donald Kirschmann said.

“He looked at the train. It smacked him, he bounced under it, he went right under it, he bounced under it. His body was all twisted up. I called the paramedics. I took my shirt off, wrapped it around his head. He was gushing blood,” another witness said.

Emergency crews said the man suffered head, back and leg injuries, but his condition is unknown.


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  1. critter says:


  2. Hank says:

    This happened because mayor Luke wasn’t there to put down the crossing signal……every train crossing has to be rebuilt so this never happens again

  3. paul6 says:

    Tax the minorities

    1. Clark Sevens says:

      They are the ones being taxed , fool. Your minor to me , I make over 250,000 from my bar and yet I’m taxed the same as your poor ass. Sad – read a book and get a job , losers like you make our country horrible. Get a hobby, go help your community.

      1. John Little says:

        Your a loser and a troll CLARK SEVENS

  4. musclecar61 says:

    It amazes me how many accidents involving trains and people and vehicles happen each year. The train is never at fault and it’s not like you cant see it or hear it. Most are from ignorance and drunks. You can’t win with a train.

  5. Bob Dylan says:

    It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry

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