Ravenstahl Under Fire

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Even as victims of last week’s flash flooding were laid to rest Wednesday in Murrysville, critics of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl were growing increasingly vocal about their dissatisfaction with the Mayor’s performance.

KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek speaks with former Republican mayoral candidate Mark DeSantis about how he believes Ravenstahl has failed the city of Pittsburgh.  DeSantis points to Mayor’s response to the fatal floods and claims that Ravenstahl has been repeatedly absent during moments of crisis. 

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  • Lou Grant

    These bone heads at KD only ever report when the mayor Isn’t doing something….follow him around all day and report about all the boring local meetings he has to attend, every senior citizens gathering he has to sit through….every ribbon cutting and rubber chicken dinner.Marty MIke and Mangino are the reason KDKA is 8th in the ratings when will they be held accountable?

  • dirtysanchez

    This silly population will just put another loser Democrat in his place, it doesn’t matter.

  • Baker7

    Vote for democrats. you are voting for more entitlements to the lazy.

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  • southsider

    Vote for republicans, and you will have you hard-earned money stolen away and given to the richest Americans.

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